Xia looked in the direction of the gentleman and saw that he was covered in injuries. He nodded and said, "Then hurry up" and then turned to chase after the light thoughts.

Although Dannian is not in the ranking list, he doesn’t know what kung fu he has practiced, and his whereabouts are strange and his direction is uncertain. How can it be that the three heads are all too big to act well? Where can they still be seen when summer chases them?
The map of Huashan Mountain is very large, which almost restores the whole mountain and summer. She has been looking for it. This time, her good luck seems to have failed. After a long time, she didn’t meet anyone. She found blood in one place, searched for it for a while, and found traces of fighting and more blood in another place.
"Damn, who is that?" Xia clenched his fist and gritted his teeth to keep looking.
Summer is calling uncle. How could he be so angry that he was in a bad mood? Suddenly, these uninvited guests made him feel worse. A good pk turned into a chase, and he always let him want to swear.
They all don’t know that the first pool of blood that Xia saw belongs to the little Chinese family. Unfortunately, he was found by Dannian and cut his throat with a flying knife before he could react.
The difference between the afterlife online and other games is that if a master’s hands and feet are trapped and motionless, even a player who has just reached level 6 can kill him by attacking the key parts. The equipment such as goggles and neck rings in the afterlife supermarket has been selling well.
A chef in charge of a small family in China has long been overweight and too lazy to wear any neck protectors, so he was taken away by a knife that I don’t know how many levels of ignorance.
"Huh?" Light read frowned after killing Huaxia little take charge.
"What’s the matter …" His arms were pale and wheatgrass asked weakly. The flying knife almost hit her heart. She didn’t die for the time being, but she lost a lot of blood and kept feeding her blood medicine.
"Familiar" theory
When you hit it, you immediately left the scene, and you didn’t see the true appearance of the Chinese family. When you kill an inch of wood in the same way, you see a white light, which is a map sign that the player was killed.
"Teacher Yu …" Green grass wheatgrass weakly called a.
Light read suddenly a frozen staring at the bosom beauty but still expression "who are you? How do you know? "
Green grass wheatgrass smiled. "Teacher Yu, this is a game, not a reality. Please let me go quickly and don’t save me … you will affect your play."
Read silence for two seconds, and suddenly make moves to push the flying knife in the chest with the grass and wheatgrass all the time.
"eh!" Green grass wheatgrass pain hum a "teacher you …"
Say that finish the Imai Philippines appearance and then disappear into a white light.
"So it’s you". It’s faster to turn around in your arms and rush to the top of Huashan Mountain than before.
When Xia was still searching in the mountains, I thought about how Uncle Frost and Snow in Wu Gou could meet at the top of the mountain. How could Grandpa change into a silencer after encountering the enemy just now? Three people killed each other at the top of the mountain, but Xia was still in a hurry.
"Which school are you from?" Sudden thoughts come out.
Wu Gou frost and snow noodles don’t change color. How could the uncle say impatiently, "pk, pk, what do you check?" !”
"Are you classmates with those two boys just now?" I miss flying knives as dense as meteors, but I still have the spare capacity to talk to them.
How could the uncle’s eyes stare angrily and say, "Did you kill them?"
The face is silent. "pk is a pk casualty. If you are classmates, I advise you to commit suicide and quit unloading the game."
"Are you crazy?" Uncle how could a burst of shooting "we play games you what matter? Is your home? "
Do you want the school to inform your family to ban the internet in the final exam of the horse?
"You are the education bureau tube so wide? !”
How can the big ye contain the frost and snow in Wu Gou, and successfully approach the light mind? The two men cooperated tacitly to see that the wounds on the body were getting more and more pale. I didn’t expect him to sneer at a black pocket from his pocket and throw it out at the two men.
Black smoke billowed from Wu Gou frost and snow and how could it come out in front of the big ye? It quickly condensed into a tall monster. The monster roared, and the remaining black smoke in the pocket was condensed into a group of bats and attacked the two.
The light thought is that the figure flashes and I don’t know which tree to hide in for healing.
"The devil summons the bag!" How could the big ye exclaimed
"Devil’s Call Bag" has a small chance of falling from boss, which will randomly summon one or two kinds of demons. It is also the first time to see someone endow this bat with blood-sucking skills. His hp will soon reach the bottom, and the monster hatred is locked in his melee body. How can Wu Gou Frost and Snow shout, "I’ll take care of it here!"
Uncle, how could you unceremoniously turn the spear around and shoot at the surrounding trees? Suddenly, a shadow flashed and a raptor swooped down from the sky at him.
"There is no end!" How could the uncle shoot with his gun? Suddenly, when his chest ached, he bowed his head and saw a swinging small flying knife stuck in his heart.
At the same time, the direction of the raptor changed, and the beast bat converging attack overturned the frost and snow in Wu Gou. hp instantly cleared the white light almost at the same time and was sent out.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Destiny opponent
The biggest difference between the map of "Huashan Peak" and other pk venues is that players will not enter the waiting area after being killed, but will go directly to the club lounge.
Another point is that the death of team pk field will not "show its true colors", but "Huashan Peak" will kill Bicao Fangfei because it is different.
It’s really a despicable means to see each other by killing people, but it’s not a psychological burden to think about it, because he received her private conversation voice as early as Beegrass Fangfei begged him not to kill her.
After the maintenance of the afterlife online, the tone of "private chat" will not be heard by the third person, and I can see the mouth, but I don’t know that the green grass and wheatgrass are still very short.
Green grass wheatgrass said, "Do Jianghu people call Chu Shuai Teacher Chu?"
Green grass wheatgrass is very clever or despicable. She didn’t tell the party that "Jianghu people call her Chu Shuai", but told Dannian that because she was only six or seven, Jianghu people called her Chu Shuai root careless.
Later, the green grass wheatgrass accurately called out the name and occupation of Dannian, but it still didn’t introduce itself. Therefore, the mystery made Dannian feel disgusted, and I saw the green grass wheatgrass.
I can refresh the list of school flowers in the middle school affiliated to Dashun University as soon as I enter the school. Imai Fei can be said that everyone knows everything, and the original speculation about Huaxia’s small family and inch wood has also been narrowed to Class 5, Grade 1.
Actually, he wanted to keep her and ask more questions.
Miss Imai Feikou’s "Teacher Yu" Dashun High School Instructor is famous for his "cold feelings". Yu Wenxi deliberately suppressed his level and didn’t show up in the master list, but a flying knife made him superb and hit the nail on the head.
When the uncle was killed by him, there was a clear look in his eyes, but when he saw the frost and snow in Wu Gou again, he was really taken aback and frowned.
Just then, the branches behind him were "flapping". Before he came back, he felt a pain behind him. He saw something different in his left chest and looked down at it as a cold steel needle.
He doesn’t feel much about his "death" because his clothes are black and his blood flows away.
He stared at Tong Shi and remembered the name "Summer Xia Xia Rose". The other party didn’t seem to have much curiosity. When he saw him dead, he didn’t come to see him. He really wanted to turn back but he couldn’t.
Xia rushed to the top of the mountain as quickly as possible after hearing the monster roar. When approaching the top of the mountain, she saw two white lights but didn’t know who was killed. When she approached the battlefield carefully, she saw the man in black in the tree-Dannian.
Summer quietly touched the past and didn’t know what kind of skill was a big needle pointing at the back of the weak mind. At this moment, she suddenly found that there was an extra circle and a red dot behind the weak mind, just like a sniper rifle scope.
Summer mind moves, tries to move the red dot to the faint heart, hits the energy, and gently pushes the right hand …
The silver light flashed, and the needle of the "angel of the afterlife" flew out like a bullet and instantly penetrated the heart of Dannian.
If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I couldn’t believe that I still had a crossbow in my big syringe. When the white light disappeared, a one-minute countdown suddenly appeared in the center of my summer vision, saying that if I found the box lost in the world thousands of years ago before that, I would get unexpected gains.
Xia didn’t know that her good luck didn’t fail. Everyone was out, so she picked up a leak by mistake.
Since there is a leak to pick up, Xia will not be polite. She will take a closer look at the box, which is in a tree in the opposite forest, but if she wants to get it, she will definitely enter the monster’s hatred range.
Although Dannian was killed by Xia, he summoned the devil, but he didn’t disappear. Xia saw that there was a small part of the blood strip of the behemoth, but it was almost full, and several bats flew around them.
Xia feels that she can’t defeat two demons by herself, and she can find a way to rely on her speed. Fortunately, this box needs to be taken outside the game, so Xia doesn’t worry about being attacked on the way.
She silently glanced at the countdown in the field of vision and glanced at the opposite box and suddenly saw something familiar.
Is that-mushrooms?
By the way, fucking beast!