At this time, he was at least 30 feet away from the ground, but soon the footsteps of Donglai continued because he felt that there was a mysterious and familiar voice calling him to go back to his world. "If you are willing to wait for me, when I walk through the end of the world, it will be my return time …"

Chapter one hundred and thirteen End
Chapter one hundred and thirteen End
Seven years later
Two figures appeared in the wind and sand.
"Old postscript, are you here?"
"Aren’t you here, Ling?"
These two men are Xu Ling and postscript Feng Han.
Xu Ling sighed, "I didn’t expect this place to be our gathering place."
L ‘envoi Feng Han sneered. "Zhong Shao is now an emperor, but it’s no longer the case that Zhong Shao forgot such a day. It seems that it’s really a matter of state."
Xu Ling didn’t answer but looked at the distant cliff.
At this time, there is a graceful figure in white and barefoot on the cliff of Canyon Mountain.
"She’s here, too."
Xu Ling’s eyes are a little blurred, sighing and remembering.
Postscript Feng Han said, "She didn’t come here, but she has always been here, but others didn’t find it. But the most bitter thing is not her, but the woman who has been waiting here with her children."
"ShangXiuXun ah …"
Xu Ling seems very sentimental today.
Just then Wan slowly flew to Lin Shangxiu-xun’s side.
A pretty little girl saw the bearer and realized that she had never known a horse and woke up to her mother.
Shang Xiuxun rubbed her daughters’ beautiful hair and said, "Sisi, this is your aunt."
"Hey, good!"
Make Sisi respectfully give a gift.
Wan Wan seems to make Sisi see the figure of a sad person, and her inability to speak will make Sisi hold her arms and her mind full of thoughts.
At this time, the sandstorm has long stopped, and I don’t know when it will sweep again.
When a sandstorm passed, Shang Xiuxun, Ling Sisi and Wan Wan suddenly had another person around them, a person they were worried about.
ShangXiuXun body if touch suddenly turned into the eye nature is the familiar figure.
Wan Wan was unusually calm and asked coldly, "Are you finally willing to come back?"
Let Donglai slowly walk out of the sandstorm without any dust, but his eyes are full of sadness. Looking at Shang Xiuxun and Wan Wan’s gaunt beauty, Donglai did not hesitate to open his arms and embrace them together.
At this moment, Shang Xiuxun and Wan Wan feel that it is worthwhile to wait for these seven years.