Unless it is the same ten emperors, the root method will break through here.

What’s more, is it true that the Great Emperor will be subjected to extreme repression if outsiders enter here?
That’s why I’m suppressed here, because my father helped me get rid of it. "
Listen to Xuanjin Shenlong, Pang Xia looked at this piece thoughtfully.
Then he turned to look at Xuanjin Shenlong and said, "I can help you play these chains."
But there’s one thing you can’t do with me and the natives of this world.
Then you must help us deal with the eternal emperor. If we lose in the end, you can leave here at once.
Of course, if you don’t work hard, it is absolutely impossible.
If you can sign a contract with me in the name of Pangu the Great, then I will let you out now.
But if you don’t agree, there’s nothing I can do. I’ll leave here now
Want to come with four kinds of great source power, I can get rid of your entanglement and get away from here. "
Listen to Pang Xia’s words, Xuanjin Shenlong’s expression is dignified.
Pang Xia’s offer is really harsh, but Xuanjin Shenlong knows that he has no choice.
Once the world is broken and fallen by the eternal emperor, he doesn’t know how long he will be trapped here.
But if you promise Pang Xia to face the danger of the eternal emperor, Xuanjin Shenlong doesn’t want to face it
But after all, do you want to choose one of them to face the mysterious golden dragon or choose to help Pang Xia against the eternal emperor
Yu said to pretend to promise to go out before going back on our word.
Since the name of Pangu Emperor is to be witnessed, the mysterious golden dragon is still in the world created by Pangu Emperor.
Then it is impossible to go back on our word. We should have a slight idea of going back on our word.
It will be immediately suppressed again by the power left by Pangu the Great in the world.
And I’m afraid there will never be the possibility of turning over.
Thinking of this, Xuanjin Shenlong is better than regretting that he had nothing to do to provoke Pangu the Great.
But also a woman who casually broke into the world of Pangu the Great and suppressed herself for thousands of years.
Sighed again XuanJin dragon looked at PangXia nodded and said, "I agreed to what you said.
It’s no problem to witness our deal by the name of Pangu Emperor, but you can’t let me die on purpose.
If you let me die on purpose, then I might as well stay here, even if I don’t go out, it’s better than death. "
Hear XuanJin dragon say so Bai Pangxia nodded immediately.
Then he said, "I understand. Don’t worry, I won’t let you die.
Later, when signing the contract, I will add a clause asking you to die on purpose. You can leave at once!
I want to sign a contract in the name of Pangu the Great, and its fairness is not emphasized with you. "
Nodded Xuanjin Shenlong and said, "So let’s conclude a contract."
Since XuanJin Shenlong promised Pang Xia, he held out his hand and the surging black data quickly turned into a piece of Dan Jin Juan!
Then Pang Xia raised his finger and there was a trace of white data flow.
Then Pang Xia’s finger painted in the Dan Jin Juan and concluded a witness contract for the name of Pangu the Great.
See just now PangXia concluded Dan Jin Juan technique XuanJin dragon pupil shrinks slightly.
Because he knows very well how difficult it is to move the great source power as easily as just now.
And how powerful it would be to be able to do so. No one speaks more than he who is the source of the Zulong Emperor.
Chapter 17 From the Temple of War
Xuanjin Shenlong guided himself a little bit of source data and injected it into the contract.
Suddenly Xuan Jin Shenlong felt as if there were a pair of eyes watching him.
And those eyes seem to be able to see through themselves, even the thoughts in my heart will be seen through.
Take a deep breath, Xuanjin Shenlong, and ignore that feeling.
Looking at Pang Xiaxuan’s golden god Longkou, he said, "I wonder if I should be chained?"
Pang Xia nodded with a smile and said, "Of course, since you promised, you will do it, won’t you?"
Pang Xia’s voice falls, and four kinds of emperor source data flow at his fingertips.
Then Pang Xia’s right index finger went straight to the central connection point of Xuanjin Shenlong’s heart chain.
At this time, Xuanjin Shenlong felt a more dangerous qi activity, which made his hair stand on end.
However, Xuanjin Shenlong still forced patience to wait for Pangxia to get his own body chain.
Pang Xia’s right index finger points at the connection point of Xuanjin Shenlong’s chest chain and then quickly stops.
I heard the sound of "click" and the chain of Xuanjin Shenlong broke and fell to the ground.
Looking at the chain Xuanjin Shenlong that fell on his side, it seems that I can’t believe it. It’s a bit stunned
Seeing this, Pang Xia raised his eyebrows and said, "Why can’t you believe that these chains are so simple?"