Finally, Yan became frivolous. "Let’s all sit down!" When she said this, everyone was stunned. "Uncle Zhong arranged for everyone to sit down!"

"Yes!" Cai Zhong’s first two steps: "Everyone has heard the big lady give you a seat!" The main manager stopped talking, and the servants all found their places and sat behind them independently.
"You are all like the Shenyang family grew up in Shenyang! Although the master and servant have different surnames, I believe that you, like the Shen family, have regarded Shenfu as your own home for many years. There have been changes in Shenfu and changes in your home. I still feel that you should not hide it! " Everyone reacted differently to Yan’s frivolous remarks, but there was the same question: What happened to Shen Fu?
"You heard what I said just now! Before we left the house, we didn’t go sightseeing, but we were arrested for offending the king Mu. "Yan frivolous tone calmly shocked people, but because of Shen Fu’s strict family rules, we didn’t dare to answer the words."
Fortunately, the emperor was worried about the flood in Jiangbei, so he allowed Shenyang to donate some property to increase the disaster, and Shenyang just escaped. Yan frivolous said calmly.
But when people smell it, they still can’t help but draw a breath and donate the property of the Ministry. What’s the difference between that and property? If it weren’t for the strict family rules of Shenfu, I’m afraid everyone would have been whispering to each other by now. Although everyone has panic doubts, they are still sitting still.
"In a few days, Taidian will bring people to liquidate Shenyang’s property! At that time, Shenyang will become another appearance. "Yan frivolous said vaguely and finally someone couldn’t help it.
"Miss Da will also be taken away by then?" The question is silent. Wen Qing, a servant around him, looks honest in his early twenties. They have been serving Wen Qing for three generations, and most of them are working hard for generations.
At Wen Qing, Yan frivolous didn’t answer, "Shenyang has treated you well for many years, and I believe that everyone has some savings that should be enough for you to make a living." I’m afraid that people who go out from Shenyang are well-off outside because of their annual net income of 100 taels of silver.
Everyone is stunned. Does this big lady mean to drive them away? !
"Big miss! They are all born and signed the indenture to Shenyang. "Cai Zhong leaned down and wrote a novel in her ear.
Yan frivolous raise my hand, which she has learned from the family precepts, which is exactly what she wants to rectify. No one is born to be a slave, so it is a serious violation of the pedestrian! They also have generations of Yan family loyalty, but before that, they were willing to rely on a paper contract to keep people, not all of them sincerely.
"How much silver does Uncle Zhong need to redeem the deed of sale?" Yan frivolous asked if you have something, you will lose it. If you want to redeem the deed of sale, you have to pay something.
"This ….." Uncle Zhong hesitated Shenyang over the years, and it was not without resignation. Most of the students gave up "one thousand two hundred pieces of silver according to the rules of their ancestors" because the price of the deed of sale was too high.
One thousand two hundred is equivalent to Shen Jiabai working for ten years. It can’t be said that it is unreasonable. If it is not determined, people will not insist on paying this money. "Has anyone ever redeemed it?" If there is a precedent, it can be changed. If there is a precedent, then she can’t just break the rules based on fairness.
All eyes looked at Cai Zhong Cai Zhong hesitated and nodded.
Yan frivolous surprised "is it a person?"
Cai Zhong swallowed, "Miss Hui is a little girl."
Yan frivolous silence must have another story in this story. "In that case, the young lady can’t break the rules. Now the future of the Shenyang family is uncertain. If someone asks to leave, they can redeem the deed of sale at half price. For many years, the Shenyang family has tried their best. Shen Menglu’s ability is limited. Do you think that Menglu is unfair to you?"
Cai Zhong wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes. "Little people thank you, Miss Da. I feel that there is nothing wrong with Miss Da doing this." He can consider his mood and he is already very satisfied. Besides, it was his daughter who insisted on leaving that year, and the 1,200 yuan was also paid willingly.
"Father, do you think Meng Lu’s decision is appropriate?" Silence was suddenly leng yan frivolous question.
Father? This is the first time that she woke up and told his father to be silent. She was a little surprised. "Of course, you are a big miss. You decide your father … My father feels very good." This silence has never cared about these things. There is no concept at all.
"Father agrees with the dream, which is reassuring." Yan frivolous smiled and let the silent mouth consolidate her prestige in front of the dignitaries. "So everyone will think about it and discuss with their families separately after it is dispersed. If someone wants to redeem the indenture, they can register and redeem it at that time."
Everyone, look at me. I don’t think you know what to do.
"If Miss Da redeems the deed of sale, can she still stay in Shenfu?" This question is to serve Xie Wanzhen and Liu’s mother.
Yan frivolous gave her a look and Wen Qing a look. "After the redemption of the indenture, you are free men. You can go wherever you want. Even if Shen Fu changes hands, you want to stay here, which will not hinder the new owner from still needing someone to serve you." Everyone was silent.
"But what questions do you want to ask?" See everyone didn’t respond Yan frivolous gave a "there is no doubt that all dispersed! Let’s serve the Lord and rest! " Yan frivolous knows that everyone thinks when they need it, and the event comes suddenly and shocked, except that people even digest when they need it.
It’s too hard for the Shen family to have a grievance against Yan frivolous! Less than a day after they returned home, they were forced to face the cruel reality by this big lady before they came to feel safe at home. Can’t they just pretend to forget about the property for a while?
Everyone recognized the Lord and was ready to go back, but it was difficult to serve Liu Ruyun’s servant girl.
"What about Aunt Liu, Miss Big?" Cai Zhong carefully asked about this willow Ruyun and sat down to look pale.
"Didn’t I say that before?" Yan frivolous without mercy.
"Big miss, forgive me!" Liu Ruyun couldn’t help crying when she saw that Yan was frivolous and had not changed her mind. "Sir, look at my body serving you for so many years. Look at Gonger’s help!"
Silent face be reluctant, he now dare not provoke the eldest daughter, Shenyang, whose fate is in her hands.
"Aunt Liu is wrong, please give her a chance!" Mouth intercession is whether Shen Gongqing is his own mother. He can’t watch her end up in such a miserable situation.
"Gonger, you are going to join the army in a few days. Do you remember?" Yan frivolous facial expression
"Listen, remember! Kyoko will behave well when he knows that there is a mistake and punishes it! Please have mercy on Gonger and let Aunt Liu stay in Shenfu! " Shen Gongqing knelt down in front of Yan’s frivolous eyes.
Yan frivolous touched his head "It’s hard for you to be filial". Is it true that a 12-year-old child can improve his attitude towards Shen Gongqing? Yan frivolous is still satisfied. "I can forgive Aunt Liu once for seeing Gonger’s face, but you can’t recognize Aunt Liu when you return from the army. Do you have any opinions?"
Shen Gongqing was stunned. "Big sister means that there will be no mother after Gonger?" Although my mouth is called aunt, my heart is my mother after all.