Obviously, the development of ZG team was limited in the suppression of the top three countries, but they planned to find new ideas to find a new world in North America.

It is very doubtful about ZG team’s decision to land exhibition. Not everyone can adapt to leaving their hometown to fight, and there will definitely be some problems there.
However, Lu Zhan believes that with Meng Changjun in the ZG team, these problems will be solved. When ZG returns in half a year, it will become a brand-new team and a gold-plated team.
At that time, it was just the time when Lu Zhan entered the lpl League and made his mark.
The single player is very obvious, and Meng Changjun and Lu Zhan will have a battle sooner or later
I am very much looking forward to this team Lu Zhanyi. Although he is not a professional player yet, he will join in soon. He is looking forward to Meng Changjun bringing new ideas and tactics to the national competition circle.
"I don’t know if you want to join a professional team in a few days?" Guo Xinghua, captain of Huaxing team, brought back Lu Zhan’s thoughts for questioning.
Lu Zhan looked up and found that not the captain of Guo Xinghua’s enemy team was also looking at him.
Now Lu Zhan already knows that the captain of the enemy team is named Li Xin, and he is also a veteran candidate.
In fact, the professional competition circle is actually very short of powerful backup players. Teams like Huaxing and Bing Lin will try their best to ask if they can get a good seedling. Although it may not be able to supplement the first team, it will make the backup or second team more powerful.
"I’m sorry, I have a team to join now." Lu Zhan smiled and said that he can go to Huaxing Team whether RG or Ghost. He can’t see it yet.
"Oh," Guo Xinghua was somewhat disappointed. He asked again and looked at Xiao Chengjiang.
"Don’t look at me, I have a team!" Xiao Chengjiang put a prawn peeling with the wave and said
Guo Xinghua one leng, he looked at a win team with three people left. Since Xiao Chengjiang is so strong, his teammates should not be much weaker, but he doesn’t believe that everyone has an invitation from a professional team.
However, the fact is that the three men ignored him. Ayang bowed his head and sent a text message to his girlfriend. Bloom seemed to understand what he was saying every time, while Su Yueran looked up and smiled, bowed his head and grabbed prawns with Xiao Chengjiang. There was only one left in the plate.
Guo Xinghua is embarrassed. At least he is also the captain of the top league team in China. It makes no sense that these people can’t see it!
"Xinghua!" At this time, Li Xin quietly whispered to Guo Xinghua’s ear, "Do you know that Su Huanjen has a baby sister …"
"You mean?" Guo Xinghua’s eyes just opened and Su Yueran reported his name. Su Yuezhen, the name of Su Huanjen, now that I think about it, it turns out to be the way it is!
No wonder Su Huanjen’s sister thinks that his family has such a big backer as the ghost. He really can’t compare with it.
"What about the people left?" Guo Xing Hua Xiao Wen
"Don’t you think that Lu Zhan looks a bit like Liu Hong?" Li Xin went on to say
After he said this, Guo Xinghua realized that Lu Zhan and Lu Hong had made great achievements. It’s a bit like saying that. Is this person also the younger brother of the captain of the top three teams?
Guo Xinghua wiped his sweat. No wonder this team has such strength. It turns out that they are all captains of the top three countries with backgrounds. His younger brother and sister are much worse than the captain of the top three teams. Such a thought immediately made his actions low-key
By the time win team returned to the training base of Ghost Team, it was already past seven o’clock.
As soon as I entered the door, I saw that the team members of the Ghost Team were still training a few people around, each holding his own brain and playing very nervous.
"Come back! Where have you been playing? " Xia Lingyao seems to have been waiting for the landing exhibition, such as Lu Zhan’s heartbeat when he enters the door.
"Er … go out and have a casual turn" means to let Lu Zhan touch his head to the ghost team. As a result, several people played the game for a day and two professional team members made Lu Zhan laugh and cry.
When he finished, he caught a bad look in the corner of his eye. He turned to look, and Lin Wankuo had come back to sit in the single position.
The contradiction between the first two people has not been solved yet. Lin Wankuo stared at Lu Zhan with a little hatred, but Lu Zhan didn’t seem to see it easily and turned to talk to Xia Lingyao again.
Lin Wankuo wanted Lu Zhan to talk and then retorted, which made him even more resentful, especially watching Lu Zhan and Xia Lingyao talking and laughing, and his heart was full of anger.
"Why the undead medicine? The team battle is going to lose! " At this time, Su Huanjen couldn’t stand the sound.
Lin Wankuo immediately turned his mind and returned to the game, but he still kept on thinking about Lu Zhan.
Yesterday, he didn’t come back to the team today, and he found that Xia Lingyao was different. To say where it is different, it seems that everything is full of energy and not as tired as before.
He was still like this because Xia Lingyao was about to compete, but now he sees Lu Zhan and he suddenly realizes.
He has been chasing girls for so long that Xia Lingyao’s heart didn’t melt, but someone else beat him to it and made his teeth itch.
However, Lu Zhan is still looking at him. Lu Zhan has already included Lin Wankuo in the ranks of those who must be defeated in the post-career road.
Not to mention that Lin Wankuo is a ghost in the team. Single Lin Wankuo is his rival in love and has been harassing Xia Lingyao, which has made him very concerned.
But if he wants to know that he and Lin Wankuo are not going to take part in the contest now, he is not taking advantage of the situation, and he will choose to compete with Lin Wankuo after wg.
At that time, when he was a novice, Lin Wankuo seemed to help him, but revealed his hero. Now that he has a strong strength, he doesn’t need to bicker with the villain. It is very simple to decide the winner, just need to really fight once.
And now, after another month, he has such confidence that he can fight against Lin Wankuo!
Chapter 227 Enter the finals
Lu Zhan returned to his room early this evening. He didn’t watch the training of the Ghost Team any more, and let his players leave early.
"Well, that’s all for today!" When Su Huanjen said the closing words every day, the final training of the Ghost Team before the wg was over, and all the Ghost Team members, Xia Lingyao, omefeng and omeyi, held their breath, and it was time for them to clear their names.
The next day in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, the highly anticipated wg League of Legends project group match finally came.
The Wg League of Legends project consists of four teams, and each team has five teams, and the top two teams enter the strong team in a single round robin system.
The first battle of the League of Legends project of the host team is the Ghost Team, and the opponent is the DPK team from Southeast Asia.
Win team members didn’t have tickets before the final. It is said that the tickets have been sold out, and they didn’t go to ask the five of them to watch the first battle of the Ghost Team in the training base of the Ghost Team.
All five people came to Su Yueran’s room and planned to watch the game together like watching a game.
Su Yueran shouted that she wanted to go to the scene to cheer for her brother, but there was no ticket here, but she bought a lot of melon and popcorn and ate it while watching it, which was more comfortable than the scene.
"Feeding also just beer is how to return a responsibility …" Lu Zhan hand forehead he Bai Su yue ran can’t buy beer so beer can be bought by Xiao Chengqiang.
This is really like watching a basketball and football match. Lu Zhan shook his head and really didn’t know what to say to these players.
However, it turns out that it is very heart-warming for five people to watch the game together, and it is also very meaningful for everyone to talk and laugh while watching.
It’s very exciting to watch the game with people who have a common language.
In the first game, the ghost team solved the opponent in 25 minutes. This is the first time that Lu Zhan noticed that the ghost team played wild omefeng. He played wild bears fiercely, which made people stunned. From 1 minute, he kept appearing in every corner of the game. gank was amazing in efficiency.
In the second round of the group stage, the ghost team won the game in more than 2 minutes, but it was Lin Wankuo who made a name for himself. I have to say that Lin Wankuo played very well, and it was the singles that brought the rhythm.
In the third game, ad made efforts, and in the fourth game, it actually assisted in playing the rhythm and killing arry field.
Lu Zhan suddenly became white. This is the tactic of the Ghost Team. All five people are the core. All five people have the strength of arry. Su Huanjen has already swept his opponent before playing the Ghost Team. Such a team is really strong and terrible.
RG strength, he also knows that if the ghost can score 1 point, then RG can score at most, which is very different.
In this way, he realized how difficult it was for Lu Hong to lead RG to win the nether world in the s3 finals. At that time, Lu Hong’s tactical analysis ability was probably very obvious.
In the actual group stage, the four teams of the ghost team obviously hide their strength, and the opponents have not revealed the situation in the city, and the ghost will certainly not exert its strength.