Li Cheng left, and the reporters looked at each other in the same place. This group of "crown kings" who have been walking across the country have run into a wall here. You know, in China, people who want to be interviewed by them can line up for several blocks, but they can’t line up without "meaning"

Especially a player like Wang He who wants him to do an exclusive interview can really squeeze his head. Has he been so angry?
"This small this small … sooner or later will pay with the price! ! !”
Chapter 14 intensified
Things are getting worse in China, Sung Jae Lee. Actually, it’s not just that the media is speculating on Jiang Xinghan and retaliating.
After the San Antonio Spurs game in Indiana Pacers, this situation seems to have become a bit out of control.
At the moment, Junasz is receiving a middle-aged man with a huge beer belly in his office.
"Why can’t Chairman Zhang Li play for the national team?" Junasz looked depressed and felt very humbled that the head coach of the national team could not freely choose the players he wanted.
The middle-aged man called Chairman Zhang looked at his shirt with a beer belly and worried about his shirt button. Without thinking, he said in a commanding tone, "This man has brought us no value and his arrogant personality is not suitable for the national team."
"Some geniuses have weird personalities, but that’s why they can be called geniuses. Besides, Li hasn’t heard of any discord in their dressing room in Indiana." Junasz felt a little sweaty after listening to the translation.
"He and Deng Liwei is not a contradiction? We absolutely can’t accept this. The player should know that his contract was determined to be handed over to the nba instead of our General Administration of Sports. At that time, we decided not to recruit him into the national team when we discussed it. "
"He is such a good player …" Junasz still wants to make a final struggle. Since he paid attention to Li Cheng, Li Cheng’s performance has been getting better and better. He has become more and more fond of this player, but … now there is no way to call him up to the national team. This really makes Junasz have something to say, and it is deeply felt.
Junasz himself didn’t say anything. He sat in his chair and shook his head and sighed, "Chairman Zhang, I will inform you first that I won’t renew the contract after the contract is fulfilled."
Chairman Zhang’s face became very gloomy. "Are you sure?"
Junasz’s eyes flashed a hint of disdain, which seemed to say, "What’s the matter with your face?" But he didn’t say it. He said "OK" in a more polite tone.
"all right! Then I hope we can have a good time in the coming period. "
"Happy together"
Disgust eyes stare at that middle-aged man with a slight resemblance to Jiang Xinghan left his office, and Junasz bowed his head to sort out the papers at hand as if nothing had happened.
After a long time, Junasz seems to have made some decision. He picked up the words and broadcast a call out "Lee? I’m Junasz. You should know who I am. I’m really sorry to call you at this time, but please forgive me for not saying something. "
Li Cheng naturally knew that it was Junasz who called himself. He replied, "Nothing, just say what you want!"
"You are a very good player, but I have some troubles here. I hope you can choose to enter the national team if you have an organic conversation," Junasz almost pleaded.
"No problem, I will. I can fight for my country."
The call soon ended. Li Cheng looked outside and fell asleep in the dark night.
After returning from San Antonio, the Pacers have a day off. After a day off, they will go to Cleveland to challenge the Cavaliers.
Li Cheng got up at 9 o’clock, although he had a rest today.
Granger went out last night, and I don’t know when he will come back. Now his door is still closed, so Li Cheng ignored Granger and ate something at will, and then went to the training hall for training.
The situation in Sung Jae Lee is really getting more and more difficult. His performance in front of the media was edited and revised, and he appeared in front of Chinese fans, who thought they had never seen such a shameless person as Li Cheng.
On the other hand, the famous reporter of Star Planning Society severely criticized Li Chengxing and wrote in his article that "Li Cheng threatened’ I will never join the low-level China men’s basketball national team, which is not worthy of my effectiveness’".
In later articles, he also pointed out that the reason behind Li Cheng’s refusal to play for the national team may be that he is seeking to join the American national team.
Wang He sent such an excellent assist here, and Jiang Xinghan turned it into a score there.
This article was widely publicized by Jiang Xinghan gunmen on the Internet.
"This force also want to join the American national team? Can he make the American national team? "
"I’ll tell you a joke-‘Li Cheng!’ "
There are all kinds of words such as treason that have been covered in Li Chengtou. It is notorious that all kinds of characters tacitly agree or deliberately agree with Sung Jae Lee.
Of course, such things will be known to American fans, but they have not expressed any opinions on such things. They just look at it with joy.
Yao made a serious phone call when China madly discredited Li Cheng.
"Manager Xu, didn’t I ask you to clarify Li Cheng at a press conference as soon as possible?"
Manager Xu is the general manager of Yao’s agent group-Yao Team. When he received Yao’s words, he knew what it was. He replied naively, "Yao! It’s not that I don’t want to clarify Li Cheng, but that President Zhang called me and asked me not to express my views on Li Cheng on your behalf. It’s really difficult for us! "
"This … how to disturb him?" Yao was so surprised.
"I don’t know about that, but I think we’d better keep silent about it!" A businessman naturally wants to maximize his own interests.
"…" Yao has a thousand words and finally turned into a sigh.
Hang up the manager Xu, Yao still dialed Li Cheng’s words.
"Li Cheng, are you … ok now!"
"Nothing, I’m fine", but his voice really doesn’t sound very good.
"Someone must be aiming at you in this matter. You’d better stop stirring up recently," Yao said worriedly
Li Cheng’s cold voice entered Yao’s ear through the telephone receiver. "I know this shit in the end, so don’t worry about it."
"alas!" Yao knows that Li Cheng’s character Li Cheng must have to tackle it head on, and he no longer advises him, "Be careful with it yourself!"
Chapter 15 Miracles
A group of reporters are gathering at the gate of the Pacers Training Hall. There will be a temporary press conference here today.
Li Cheng asked Miller to help organize this conference. He was not in the direction of Cheren in China, and he can’t tolerate it in the United States, which will make those people even more rampant. It’s hard for Li Cheng to tolerate his personality before. Now let him tolerate it? He can’t do it.
Just like on the court, Li Cheng never knew what retreat meant. Even if there was a high mountain in front of him, it would set him off extremely small, but he would not hesitate to hit it again and again until it hit through.
Li Cheng was like this when he faced the little emperor in Cleveland. He knew the gap between himself and LeBron, but he still hesitated to score against LeBron and finally he won.