The dark shock wave was easily dissolved by the holy light of Tiancongyun, but the shock wave still had a strong impact. At this time, the stars and the sky slammed into the pirate ship.

"How are you? Stars! " The dragon soul asked on the deck and kicked a pirate Xuanyuan Excalibur who wanted to stab him from behind and stabbed the pirate in the chest.
"It’s okay." Wu Tianyin, the star, is a little sullen. Twist a head and see that the shock wave of the kid didn’t end. It’s a good opportunity for this attack. Xuanyuan Excalibur waved a frost wyrm towards the little girl’s ghost.
Frost wyrm’s instantaneous explosion made the little girl’s ghost hit hard before she dodged, and the little girl’s ghost was frozen for a short time, but it was enough for the star Wu Tian to sprint forward quickly, and then the body suddenly leaned forward and turned into a huge circle, hitting the little girl’s ghost at a very fast speed.
"The magic wheel star burst! 」
The stars and the sky are spinning rapidly, and the body and the sky are just right. It hits the little girl’s ghost body, and the speed of rotation becomes more and more out of control. The little girl’s ghost blood volume is flying down.
At this time, the Muppet Bear, who had been at war with the Blood Winged Dragon for a long time, saw that his master had been so strongly impacted. How could he sit back and watch the horse lose his sight and the Blood Winged Dragon rushed to the stars and the sky?
"Bear cake boxing! 」
The huge bear fist rushed from the side to the star Wu Tianxing Chen Wutian, which was still spinning rapidly. It was never expected that a Cheng Yaojin would be killed halfway, and this amazing blood-winged dragon with such high attack power in Cheng Yaojin looked at the star Wu Tian, and the situation was not good. First, a beautiful dragon tail slammed the Muppet bear to the ground, and then the ultimate treatment released the star Wu Tian, and the blood volume rose rapidly.
The flying dragon with blood wings can solve the problem of looking back, and the Muppet Bear can fight again. Although the Muppet Bear succeeded in saving the savior, it has been completely taken over by the flying dragon with blood wings.
The little girl ghost obviously doesn’t want her pet to lose like this. Suddenly, a huge doll-catching machine appeared behind her. The little girl ghost was very skilled in fuck. Although Wu Tian didn’t know what she wanted to do, she still had to stop her body from rushing to the little girl ghost, but she bumped into an invisible retaining wall.
"Big brother, you are so impatient. I really want to have fun with you." The little girl’s ghost voice suddenly came from the top of the head of the star Wu Tian. The star Wu Tian was dumbfounded and looked around in astonishment. I didn’t know where I was. There were dozens of plush dolls much bigger than the star Wu Tian in the glass cover. A shiny steel claw on the top of the head of the star Wu Tian was hovering, and the little girl’s ghost was manipulating and looking for the right doll.
"Big brother, you’d better not be caught by me. If I catch you, I’ll throw you into the shredder." The little girl’s ghost voice trembled above the head of the star Wu Tian, and the star Wu Tian could see that there was a square hole in the distance and a buzz. From the inside, it seems that the shredder is really there.
Star Wu Tian secretly swallowed saliva and carefully looked at the head steel claw’s every move for fear of catching himself. But the first time the steel claw fell, it didn’t seem to be aimed at the star Wu Tian, but a big white rabbit steel claw trembled and raised the white rabbit to the half head. The ghost of the little girl sighed, "Alas, it’s a pity that I didn’t catch the big brother, but it’s just my favorite fighting rabbit. Now go and help the bear fight!"
As soon as the little girl’s ghost made the stars fly, she saw a huge white rabbit jumping and rushing to the blood-winged dragon, and it was a beautiful spin kick that hit the head of the blood-winged dragon
"Shame!" Stars Wu Tian looked at the blood wing dragon embarrassment sample secretly scold a way.
"Big brother, do you still care about others?" The little girl’s ghost sounded in her head, and the stars, Wu Tianma, and the huge steel claws had changed their goals and rushed towards him.
It’s a shame that the star Wu Tian was caught like a doll for the first time. Seeing that the star Wu Tian has been forced into a dead corner by the steel claw, the star Wu Tian struggled to wave the sky and cut it into the steel claw. The two collided with each other, and generate sparked violently. The star Wu Tian took advantage of the steel claw to pause for a short time, and a hunched body quickly passed through the steel claw to intercept it.
The steel claw trembled again and grabbed a monkey-like doll. Then the star Wu Tian saw a huge monkey rushing to the blood-winged dragon outside the glass cover, and then the steel claw had stretched out again towards himself.
The dragon soul still can’t successfully master how to firmly establish the trick on the deck. He can swing around the deck by his own body and can’t find a support point.
In an instant, the dragon soul found that the star Wu Tian had disappeared into his sight alive. The dragon soul was sure to tell himself that the star Wu Tian was still in his sight one second ago until he heard the ghost words of the little girl.
At this moment, Rose-Purple suddenly shouted at the Dragon Soul, "Watch your back". Dragon Soul sharingan looked back. The pirate captain took out a musket from his waist and the muzzle was aimed at the dragon soul.
The dragon soul is in trouble, the rose-purple is still tied to the mast, and the sky has turned into a doll, and now it is still facing danger at any time in the doll catching machine. Crysal is still on the roller coaster. Can she successfully survive this robbery? How childlike and powerful the little girl ghost is, please continue to pay attention.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Knight Road or King Dark Bone Dragon Knight ()
"then what is our reward?" Coke with ice is still not at ease. Their reward is indeed. I’m looking forward to this reward when I’m done. Can you be at ease when I know it?
"If you defeat me, you will get" The dark-boned dragon knight’s black eye socket glows with a burning light, and the knight spear keeps pointing at them "Forget it, I’d better end your little wish. If I kill you, it is estimated that you will not die. It’s a blessing to resurrect in the same place without a priest after death!"
Everyone was shocked. I didn’t expect this guy to be willing to give up such a good reward. This ups and downs are worthwhile, but it is necessary to kill him to get it. This makes everyone more eager to fight.
"Are you Brother Chun?" Coke with ice suddenly brought a look full of worship on his face. It was only when Christians saw Jesus that he appeared. "Brother Xinchun was resurrected in the same place after his death. Are you Brother Chunge? No wonder you are such a man. "Say that finish with coke and ice, and suddenly a few heavy objects hit the ground."
"Brother Chun, your head!" Dark bone dragon knight’s eye socket lit a spark of anger, and the knight spear was ready to stab at coke with ice.
Although coke with ice was foolishly added, I never let my guard down. The knight spear stabbed me and took no time to release a frost toward the dark bone dragon knight.
How can a little frost limit the dark bone dragon knight, but it is enough to give the battle to the spokesman of death and the immortal sword forever, and to attack the dark bone dragon knight from both sides. The love affair helped several people to bless and jump back with coke and ice, and put their skills far away.
"Do you know the chivalrous spirit? How do you fight more and less? " Dark bone dragon knight shouted some uncomfortable, but the attack in his hand didn’t slow down a little. The knight spear was like a dragon coming out of a hole, so he pushed the spokesman of death into a corner. At this time, the immortal sword was always ignored. He released a sword tactic against the dark bone dragon knight
"Hum, you didn’t say that you attacked the ice first. Is this a chivalrous way?" The spokesman of death saw that the dark bone dragon knight was delayed by the immortal sword forever, and a horse launched the legs of Fengshen-catching the wind and catching the shadows turned into a sinister wind, and Hood escaped the attack of the knight spear.
However, at this moment, the immortal sword was in trouble. Although the sword tactic saved the spokesman of death, I didn’t expect the bone dragon to go. I turned my target to him. The bone dragon opened his mouth and released a black awn to attack the immortal sword forever.
Fairy sword is always killed, but I never thought that a bone frame could still send out shock waves and it was so powerful that I was shot up high.
Suddenly, a black shadow appeared on the right side of the Dark Bone Dragon Knight. Although no one was seen yet, a huge sickle was even unveiled.
"In order to gain strength, you even gave up your lifelong belief in chivalry," said the spokesman of death coldly. A cold light flashed across the blade of the sickle of death
"Death ten ghost chop! 」
On both sides of the sickle of death, two wings suddenly jumped out of the sky and screamed at the dark bone dragon knight. In the past, when encountering such a terrorist attack, almost all bosses would give in, but the dark bone dragon knight did not give in or make a statement, and everything was still in a strange atmosphere. The dark bone dragon knight has been motionless. "Is he going to take this move?" The spokesman of death took a mouthful of air conditioning, and no one dared to take the ten-style move of death with such confidence. This guy is killing himself.
"Don’t you want to see my chivalry? So that you can see how the knight treats you! " Suddenly in the dark bone dragon knight’s right hand, a piece of black crystal shield condensed, and the death spokesman ghost beheaded unexpectedly and abruptly hit the black crystal shield.
"Black Crystal Knight Shield can block all attacks." Dark Bone Dragon Knight is not proud and said that the spokesman of death looked at the cruel injury and was particularly dazzling.
"Now that you have appreciated my chivalry, it’s time for me to experience your chivalry!" Dark bone dragon knight seems to just remember that he still has such a chivalry to declare war on everyone, saying that his body bone dragon is also aware of his master’s fighting spirit and sends out a loud dragon song.
"Then let’s end the warm-up exercise and officially fight!" The dark bone dragon knight turned out to be a muscle, but the spokesman of death has even released the ten forms of death
"Drunk fairy Mochizuki Ayumu! 」
"Fairy Fengyun vitality! 」
Forever Fairy Sword instantly launched a busy place. Twelve Forever Fairy Sword tightly surrounded the Dark Bone Dragon Knight, trying to block his sight by sea tactics, and then everyone concentrated on dealing with his body bone dragon first.
Twelve busy people have a tacit understanding to tightly surround the Dark Bone Dragon Knight, and they have achieved the perfect fit. Although the Dark Bone Dragon Knight is trying to get rid of these hateful body double, these body double have received instructions to cover him. How can he be so easily dumped by him?
At this time, everyone can finally concentrate on dealing with his mount, the bone keel dragon, which is extremely fast. Although he is carrying a tall dark bone dragon knight Dahl, he does not hide his speed advantage at all. Many times, people can attack the ghosting image.
"Can you find out the law of his actions?" Coke with ice suddenly flashed to Cheng Lian’s side and said to her seriously that Cheng Lian nodded. "Although I can feel it clearly, I can’t keep up with it."
At this time, a dragon’s breath rushed towards the two men, and the ice wall was erected in front of the two men with coke and ice. The dragon’s breath attack persisted in the ice wall for one second and the ice wall melted away.
"Then I’ll slow him down as much as possible. It’s up to you whether I can seal him off or not." Coke with ice said this sentence and quickly rushed to Bone Dragon.
"Ice thorns! 」
This time, the ice thorns, coke and ice were deliberately adjusted to a wide range, and it was also a struggle for the bone dragon to avoid it. When the ghost of the bone dragon appeared out of the range smoothly, the bone dragon had successfully avoided the coke and ice attack, but I didn’t think that coke and ice actually appeared behind it.
"Frozen thousands of miles! 」
It’s not surprising that the Bone Dragon was caught in an accident at such a close distance, but it’s unexpected that the freezing thousands of miles actually slowed him down and didn’t seal its body like it did, but it’s enough time for tilting love to tie the Bone Dragon and its dark bone dragon knight firmly to the aperture.
And body double, the immortal sword forever, has successfully completed such a good opportunity, so let’s give it to everyone to launch mass destruction skills.
"So you want to limit me?" Dark bone dragon knight’s voice is full of ridicule. Although his body is now firmly tied in the aperture, he can’t move. "Hey, hey, although this is not in line with the dignity of chivalry, it is king that I can actually win after death!"
Chapter one hundred and sixty Knight Road or King Dark Bone Dragon Knight ()
Suddenly a burst of armor fell to the ground and brutally told everyone that Daryl, the Dark Bone Dragon Knight, had managed to escape in a strange way, and then a powerful force came behind him. Everyone’s back was heavily hurt. He never gave himself a blessing to protect himself, and his blood volume fell directly by more than half.
The horses looked back, but there was no trace of the dark dragon knight. At this time, even the original was still wrapped around the inclined aperture, and now the bone dragon disappeared. The people entered a blank state.
"In order to win by hook or by crook, this is called kingly chivalry. If it weren’t for the damn chivalry, I wouldn’t have died." Dark bone dragon knight sounds have appeared behind the crowd. Just now, the armor has miraculously returned to his body, and the bone dragon has become more ferocious in his body.
"After listening to what you told me, I have now firmly established a belief that if I want to win, then what else is the so-called success or failure? Before the rules, I was so stupid and silly to follow the chivalry. Now there is no spiritual limit of chivalry. I want you to have a good time." Dark-boned dragon knight’s eyes are like flames, and now everyone has swallowed their mouths secretly. This guy has become quite difficult. Now he has become desperate.