"I wipe! Robbery! " Sure enough, there is no shortage of robbery anywhere, but Li She is also unambiguous. Hurry and observe the attributes of this group of mountain thieves, the most powerful of which belongs to Korea. Others are wannabe, who is worth six or seven points.

Ming Ming Han sa
Small boss of professional shanzhai.
Force 1
Intelligence 4
This Korean sprinkling is also very arrogant with a meteor hammer in hand. Looking at Li She said, "Hand over the money and food and you can go. By the way, the two wolves and the wild boar also left the dog." This Korean sprinkling actually wanted to eat the big black, which angered Li Zhuang. Since the death of Fobo, it has left a big black to accompany himself. This Korean sprinkling actually wanted to eat the big black.
Dragons have scales, and they will be angry when touched!
Li Zhuang shot the wild boar with a treasure bow and three arrows in a row into the group of mountain thieves. The roots of the mountain thieves were targeted and died without even reacting. Han Sa was so scared that he quickly hid in the crowd and dared not show his face. Other mountain thieves also retreated.
Han Sa waited for a while, but nothing happened, so he walked out of the crowd and took a look. It was a great surprise and shouted, "He doesn’t have an arrow. Come on!"
Originally, there were three arrows just shot out in Li Zhuang’s quiver. At this time, as well as of course, Li Zhuang is not afraid of this group of mountain thieves. He is afraid that this group of mountain thieves will hurt Li She and dare not leave Li She’s side. At this time, the mountain thieves rushed over. Li Zhuang waved his bow and guarded Li She’s surroundings, but it would not kill the mountain thieves.
Li involved in Li Zhuang’s protection was unscathed, but he also knew that going to Li Zhuang in this way would definitely fail to see that the situation was very wrong. Li Zhuang roared, "Brother, let me handle it. I can handle it myself."
Li Zhuang turned his head and saw Li She’s confident eyes. He hesitated for a moment and said, "That’s a good little brother, be careful yourself!" So instead of taking care of Li, he rushed into the group of mountain thieves and waved the bow wildly as a stick. If the tiger mountain thief blocked it, he would be hurt and die. Mountain thieves avoided its edge
On the other hand, Li She is very difficult to resist. Now Li She is miserable. Just now, Li Zhuang hunted together. Although Li Zhuang killed her, Li She also scored 1 point. The experience value has just risen by two levels. At this time, it is already a strong little man with a force value of 5. However, Li She is still not enough to see everywhere in front of this group of fierce (relatively more than Li She) mountain thieves.
At this time, a mountain thief desperately stabbed Li She with a long sword, but Li She used the wolf corpse in her hand as a shield to resist this inferior long sword. How can she pierce and explain the wolf skin? At that time, the gas mountain thief’s nose and mouth smoked more crazily and attacked Li She.
Li Shegang is just fine, but the back is really unbearable. Either this wolf is a little heavy, and Li Shegang’s shoulders are getting sore. The mountain thief finally found a chance to look ferocious and stabbed Li Shegang in the abdomen. Li Shegang is not the wolf in his hand. If he is stabbed, it is definitely a hole and he will definitely die.
Moreover, the death cost of the village head involved in Li is very serious, which means that the village where Li is located will drop a grade, for example, the intermediate village will become a lower-level village, but the Tianmen village involved in Li is a lower-level village. What will happen?
Then there will be a result that the village will be delisted!
Li She can’t afford this price. All her hopes lie in this village. If the village name is real, Li She doesn’t know if she will jump off a building.
Li She seems to have seen herself down and out after the village was removed from the list, and the robber’s executioner’s face became more and more ferocious. Suddenly, the robber’s ferocious face solidified, and the pupil in his eyes slowly slackened and looked at his chest and fell to the ground and died.
It turns out that although Li Zhuang entered the group of mountain thieves, he always paid attention to the danger of Li’s involvement. Seeing that Li was in crisis, he was hurt by two swords and one knife. He pulled up the previously dead mountain thief and finally rescued Li.
Li She was sitting on the ground panting at this time, which was both tiring and frightening. Just when Li She felt that God would not let Han Sa, the small leader of Li She’s wishful cottage, wave a meteor hammer to kill himself, Li Zhuang’s hands and arrows failed to save him. Seeing that the barbed hammer was about to smash Li She, Li She also gave up her resistance and sat down to die.
However, Li She didn’t feel pain, but heard Han Sa, the small leader of the cottage, whine.
"Let go, you wild dog!" Actually, Li She has always had a grudge, and Da Hei saved Li She’s life by biting Han Sa and screaming angrily, "I’ll kill you!" Swing a hammer at the big black
"Big black!" In times of crisis, Li’s potential body seems to be full of strength. Throw away the wolf’s corpse in his hand, pick up the sword of the mountain thief who just died, and poke it at Korea.
Roaring skill was successfully launched. The small leader of the cottage, Han Sa, experienced a brief dizziness, which made Han Sa lose or have an opportunity. Li She’s sword pierced Han Sa’s heart and saved the crisis. The big black Han Sa’s blood was sprayed on Li She’s face like money. This feeling is too real. Looking at Han Sa’s unwilling resentment eyes when he fell to the ground, Li She felt deep fear from her heart.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You successfully killed Han Sa, the leader of the cottage, and gained 3 experience points. "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You are the first player to kill boss, and you will be rewarded with a drawing of the special building "Shennong Ancestral Temple", including one force plus one intelligence plus one hope and one experience.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You hope that the attribute has been unlocked, please check! "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You successfully upgraded to level 6 and got 1 point to allocate points freely. "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You successfully upgraded to level 7 and got 1 point to allocate points freely. "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You have successfully upgraded to get 1 point for free allocation of points. "
"ah! The leader is dead, run! " "Run!"
A group of mountain thieves have long been killed by Li Zhuang. At this time, seven people have run away.
"Little brother, are you all right?" Li Zhuang didn’t go after the mountain thief, but ran to Li She’s side and asked that his back and arm were still bleeding. This was just to save Li She and was injured.
At this time, wait for a while sat on the ground and didn’t reply. Li never killed anyone. This game felt too real. When Han Sa died, his eyes had been in Li’s heart for a long time.
Big black ran around Li She seemed very anxious and whined, and then licked Li She’s back.
Li she looked at the big black and her eyes suddenly became firm. Isn’t this the world I want? What am I afraid of? What am I afraid of? Thinking about it, I stood up and held my head high and said, "I can’t let my heart get hurt a little!" "