"Well, I’ll contact you then." Smoke said and left.

After seeing the smoke leaving, Feng looked at the shimmering city and said, "I’m sorry, I’ve been very busy recently. Have you come to me for help?"
After hearing this, the shimmering city shook its head and smiled, "Not yet."
"Well, what can I do for you?" Maple nods.
"Well, my tutor asked me to get some fish oil shops. I have to go fishing, but I heard from my tutor that the fishing place is dangerous, so I came to ask Brother Yan for you." The shimmering city replied.
"Fishing? Do you have a fishing rod? " Feng asked.
"Not yet. I went to the store to see the fishing rod. It’s quite expensive. I didn’t buy it, but I’m rich now," said Twilight City happily.
"Well, let’s buy a fishing rod road first. You tell me where to go fishing." Feng nods.
But before he walked out of a few steps, the system suddenly rang.
"Someone is looking for you outside the game cabin."
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Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Surprise
After listening to the instructions, Feng said to the shimmering city, "Wait a minute. Someone is looking for me outside the game."
"Good" shimmer city nods
With that, Feng chose the line.
After opening her eyes, Feng saw that it was Ye Yulan and other outsiders in the game cabin. After the hatch was hit, Feng asked, "What’s the matter?"
"If you don’t pick up the words for a long time, you will come directly." Ye Yulan said after sitting on the bed, shaking his legs.
"After the game, you didn’t go out to surf for a few days? It’s not your character, "said Feng, sitting up.
"What’s the wave? Come back and play the game quickly, okay? My character has been established. Is it very literary that the ID is a melody?"
"Well, it sounds good. I’ll add your friends later. Wait … did you choose to be a big shot in that respect?" Feng asked.
"The mage! I have long wanted to experience the feeling of rubbing a fireball by myself, "said Ye Yulan excitedly.
"You really know how to choose … I forgot to wake you up before. If you choose a mage, you don’t want to see me for half a month." Maple laughed.
"ah! ? What? " Ye Yulan inexplicable way
So Feng gave Ye Yulan a lecture on the status quo of being a man. Ye Yulan pursed her lips after listening to it. "Well, I’ll study slowly alone. You must be better than you when I come out."
Feng laughed after hearing this. "I believe it. Although I think I should treat you to a meal now, congratulations on winning the championship, there is still a friend waiting for me in the game. I will replenish you after this meal."
"Ok, then I’m going to eat in Langman." Ye Yulan smiled and said.
"Hey eat big ah you …"
Langman is regarded as the most advanced western-style restaurant in Fiona Fang, the decoration and dishes are first-class, but the same price is also first-class!
"Yes" leaves orchid a serious nods.
"Okay, post tendril post tendril deal" maple nods.
"Hey, you agreed? Shouldn’t you have said that you would take me there after you sold your 100 Jin of meat? " Ye Yulan was very surprised and said
"It’s a rare luxury. My wallet is still affected. Don’t say you’re just talking casually at the moment. That’s it. Lang Man, I’m advanced in the game. I’ll add your friends later." Maple then lay back and re-entered the game cabin.
See the game cabin door after Ye Yulan smiled a "ah ~ this time it’s really quite sincere" and left the maple room with cheerful little steps.
After reconnecting, Feng found that the shimmering city was practicing shaking the bottle again and said, "You are really hardworking."
After hearing this, the shimmering city smiled and said, "Because it’s fun."
"Fun …? Your hobbies are really unique. Let’s go to the store, "said Feng.
"Well" shimmering city nodded and put the bottle back in the backpack.
Lu Feng learned that the place where the shimmering city is going to go fishing is called Moonlight Lake, which is not far from Mitte City, but I don’t know what the so-called danger is.
When I got to the store, Feng went to the counter and looked at the price of fishing rods. It’s only 5 silver each. It’s really not expensive, but it’s because Feng didn’t make any money before the shimmering city that she thought 5 silver was too expensive.
After watching it for half a day, Feng thought that if she went fishing with the shimmering city, she couldn’t just sit around, so she decided to buy one.
In addition to ordinary fishing rods, there are of course high-grade fishing rods in the shop, among which a blue bamboo fishing rod has aroused Feng’s interest.
Wote bamboo pole (fishing gear)
Excellent quality
Special effects The chance of catching rare fish is 5% higher.
Note: This bamboo pole smells wonderful.
Although I don’t know what rare fish are like, the concept that rarity equals good things is definitely unchanging.
After looking at other fishing rods and merchants for a while, Feng suddenly finished this store. When he first came here, he felt that the best merchants in the counter were also excellent, but they didn’t even shine.
"Alas, I blame myself for being too young and knowledgeable to treat this place as a treasure house." Maple said with a little sigh.
In the end, Feng finally chose this Walter bamboo pole, and its price was 1 gold. Although Feng thought it was dark, he bought it. After all, what can he equip to get this kind of life props by doing and fighting monsters? He really doesn’t know what other ways to get it at present.
Then the twilight city persuaded Feng to buy this fishing rod, an essential prop, which didn’t save money.
Just as the two men were preparing to leave with fishing rods, a pair of big hands suddenly patted Feng Shoulder and looked back and saw a familiar face.
"President Tim?" Maple surprised and asked
It was the right time to give him a "flash" photo of others, which surprised Feng.
"I saw you from afar. Why didn’t you let me know before you came to buy something? I can give you a discount." Tim laughed
Discount …? Huh? It’s been a long time, so this black shop is you! ?
I was surprised again, and suddenly I felt a little puzzled. He really never linked the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce with this store. He also said that the Chamber of Commerce is just as small as the Silver Sword Chamber of Commerce. I mean, it’s too hard for a big official like you to personally escort the goods.
Looking at Feng Bi, Sam smiled and said, "What are you here to buy?"