He still wants more and more feelings wrapped in this pheromone.

He took off his coat anxiously … but it wasn’t enough, so he took off his clothes one by one. His head seemed to be drunk by this gentle pheromone, and his reason disintegrated inch by inch, so he could do these things by virtue of it.
I can’t even hear the milk in front of the bedside table crunching.
Shen Anguang/slipped/slipped/buried himself in the quilt.
He didn’t feel better until the ebony pheromone quilt cover could actually wrap his body.
But his body became hotter and hotter. He squinted blankly at the ceiling, and soon the ceiling appeared. That night, Fu Fengning came from the end of the alley.
Then he crouched close to himself …
He held himself …
Shen An felt that the glands became strange, as if several ants were biting him.
"Not comfortable …" Shen An eyes red and wet.
His body is getting more and more strange, and he wants to escape from this big bed again, because his body/sheets and body/being touched by his skin are like a fire …
Have a bad fever.
But he found that he didn’t have much strength left. He whispered for help, "Fu Fengning … I’m not comfortable …"
I can’t even hear myself clearly.
Fu Fengning opened the meeting for an hour and sent a WeChat to Shen An, "Will you feel chatting?"
They haven’t contacted WeChat since Shen An told him on WeChat that he would return his clothes.
Fu Fengning opened Shen An’s head and reflected in the lazy and soft silver layer.
I waited for a moment without waiting for Shen An to reply.
Ten minutes later, there is still no.
Fu Fengning is not a person who needs others to respond, but at the moment his brow is wrinkled in a subtle way.
Are you asleep?
Should not be
Fu Fengning knows and judges Shen An. When he leaves, he will honestly talk and play with his mobile phone in his lounge.
The second time was in the hotel. It’s not surprising that he was ill and slept.
This is the lounge of his company’s office. He looks very afraid that he is on the alert. I don’t think he is asleep.
Fu Fengning was a little uneasy.
He couldn’t resist turning on the monitoring equipment in his mobile phone.
One person in the office remains the same as when he left.
Switch the perspective to the lounge again.
In the lounge …
The clothes are in a mess, and the bed is everywhere …
Fu Fengning rubbed his eyebrows.
I was about to quit and felt wrong.
Then I took a closer look at the quilt, which was bulging and moved from time to time. It seems that Shen An slept restlessly.
Fu Fengning’s heart
It seems that the child doesn’t sleep honestly and it’s not a good habit to throw clothes around.
But it’s cute
But when I saw the broken cup and spilled milk all over the floor, Fu Fengning frowned almost consciously and immediately. "I have something urgent to excuse me, and then my assistant will preside over the meeting. I will look back at the meeting minutes after you continue."
With that, he took a rest in the conference room, and everyone got up and pushed open the seat and strode out.
You have something to say.
Do you want to be a double watch?
Chapter, chapter
Fu Fengning pushed open the outer layer of the office, and a strong/strong gardenia fragrance came to my face.
It’s heavier/heavier than he’s ever smelled it.
It’s not like blooming, it’s like bursting its banks and giving everything it has.
Fu Fengning’s face sank and he opened the door in three steps and two steps. Its gardenia pheromone was more like a collapse.
Shen An!’
Fu Fengning knelt on one knee beside the bed and propped up on one leg, and fished him into his arms together to release the soothing pheromone.
Shen An’s face was flushed with illness, and he consciously absorbed it with his mouth open like lack of oxygen. Suddenly, the ebony pheromone showed a little pink tongue tip.
"Shen An Shen An?"
Fu Fengning stretched out his hand to touch his forehead, body/body very hot.
Fu Fengning, who has always been emotionally stable, showed panic. His throat was dry, and he took out his mobile phone with one hand and dialed a message: "Lin Yu, my ega is sick, and the gland problem pheromone keeps leaking out. I can’t accept it. I am at the headquarters. Come here at once!"
He threw his mobile phone aside and felt his arms moving. He bowed his head and was stabbed tightly by the tears in the corner of Shen An’s eye. "Is Shen An very uncomfortable?"