There is a faint fragility in the arrogant tone, which makes Gu Yixin instantly soften into water.

She’s not going anywhere. Let her go, and she won’t leave.
Mo Anyan glanced at the two of them shaking hands and said nothing, just sitting and then talking.
"I’m going to keep the Mohist old house."
Mo Anyan waved to Mo Jun to listen to him at night.
"I’m a Mohist elder without my master. I should be guarding this place."
"What you need to do now is to hold the Mohs enterprise. This is a battle and you must win."
Mo Anyan looked at Mo Jun at night and his eyes were burning.
Mo Jun nodded solemnly at night "won’t let you down"
"But brother-in-law, do you really want to stay here?"
Mo Jun is a little worried about his brother-in-law. He has known it since he was a child.
Like freedom and restraint, don’t want to be bound by Mohist family business. With his brother’s inheritance, he is more liberated and will do what he likes.
When Mo Jun’s father passed away, the master knew that Mo Anyan’s mind was back in the rivers and lakes until Mo Jun’s night, and he could slowly support Mo’s enterprise.
Such a person let him keep the heavy old-fashioned Mohist house, Mojun, not worried, but felt that his brother-in-law had sacrificed too much.
Mo Anyan slightly raised her mouth. "Why don’t you believe me?"
"Of course not"
"That’s enough."
Mo Anyan also didn’t explain much that "someone has to sit in the Mohist house. Now it’s my turn, and it’s your turn to hold the Mohist century-old foundation."
Mo Anyan looked up. There is a sense of vicissitudes in the old house of Mohism. The master has been here for a generation, and now it’s his turn.
Since Mo Anyan has decided that Mo Jun has no other opinions.
Mo Anyan went back to the place where he had been living to pack his things.
"An Yan, can I take all these with me?"
Mei Yan ran is sorting things out in her room. There are her belongings and clothes in the suitcase.
There are still two suitcases on the ground that are full.
Mo Anyan walked in and looked into Mei Yanran. Mei Yanran straightened up and smiled weakly. "What’s the matter?"
"I have something to tell you."
Behind the door, Tsing Yi retreated gently, and she didn’t need or want to listen to the conversation between them.
Outside the door, Tsing Yi’s back leans against the wall, keeping alert to the surrounding situation.
Where is her duty?
Mei Yan ran in the room and was about to smile. One of her favorite silk pajamas had been pulled out of shape by her.
"What are you going to say?"
Mo Anyan looked at her for a while and slowly walked to one side before opening her mouth.
"You are twenty-three this year, aren’t you?"