"Don’t worry, where are you waiting for me?" Han Chen smiled and said

"Are Han Li, Han Chen and Han Feng ready?" Han Xiao day looked at only three people in the field and said
"Ready" three people together replied.
"Good after the judges decided that the order of the three of you in the three competitions was freely combined by you." Han Xiaotian said slowly and sat back to his position and quietly waited for the three people to decide.
"Uncle, I have a question to ask Han Chenke?" At this time, Han Feng suddenly said
"Ask" Han Xiaotian smiled and nodded.
Seeing Han Xiaotian nodding, Han Feng turned to look at Han Chen and said softly, "Cousin Han Chen, can you tell me if you can beat Han Li?"
Hearing Han Feng’s question, Han Chen was slightly stunned and immediately seemed to think of something and asked, "Han Fang cousin him?"
"Well, he was badly injured and needed to be nursed back for a long time to recover." Nodded slightly, Han Feng’s thin face flashed with a ferocious look and then looked at that face and grinned at Han Li.
Hearing Han Feng’s words, Han Chen was very angry in his heart. This is all a family. Han Li actually put a hand on Han Fang. He can’t bear to slowly suppress his feelings. Han Chen looked at Han Feng and said, "Don’t worry, I will beat him and give him some lessons."
"That’s good." Han Feng smiled after hearing Han Chen’s answer, then turned around and looked at Han Xiaotian and said, "Uncle, I give up." After that, they ignored Han Xiaotian’s reaction, which was that the high platform slowly left.
Looking at Han Fengyuan’s figure Han Chen said softly, "Don’t worry, I will give this brain a good beating by the door."
Han Xiaotian was also made a little uncomfortable by this sudden appearance, and then he quickly sorted out the mess and said, "Since Han Feng abandoned the words, it is now the third place for Han Li to win against Han Chen."
Han Li laughed coldly. Although he didn’t know that the Korean summit was suddenly abandoned, it was a good thing for him, and it wouldn’t be a waste of energy. Moreover, it was also an achievement for him to beat Han Chen with such high-profile eyes, and he also wanted Ziling to know that he was stronger than Han Chen.
See Han Li that biting appearance judge XiZiLing eyes also flashed with a cold light.
"If you dare to hand Han Chen’s brother, I don’t care who you are, I will kill you." Whispered Ziling, quietly waiting for this last showdown.
"Finally, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time!" Han Chen licked his lips and then appeared in a flash. Chapter 37 Crazy World War I.
See Han Li that forced don’t stay like Han Chen face is flashing with a ponder sneer at immediately is tiptoe gently jump is appeared in front of Han Li.
"Han Chen, you are still throwing in the towel. Although I still don’t know what method you have used, the strength of one year has risen to practice, but you and I still don’t like it." coldly looking at Han Chen, Han Li said leisurely.
"You talk nonsense so much" Han Chen touched the nose before looking at Han Li carefree said.
"Love your breath and look down on me. I won’t tear your mouth later." Han Li smiled coldly and immediately swelled up.
"Afraid of you, idiot," Han Chen said coldly, and then his whole body gathered instantly, but although he said this verbally, Han Li had to be careful in the face of this nine-fold peak of practice, or he would suffer a lot if he was not careful.
"Since you don’t give up, I’ll teach you a little lesson." Han Li smiled coldly and suddenly rushed away at Han Chen.
In the face of Han Li Han Chen, who rushed to himself, slowly frowned. This world war I can let go.
Bang …
Han Li’s body flashing is accompanied by Han Chen and his fist.
Han Chen yuan gas constantly gathering hands and then is severely Han Li this punch bump together.
Two people to bomb the earth and fierce strength let Han Chen stuffy hum a then suddenly falls back.
"Competitive" steady Han Chen coldly looking at the nearby Han Li, although this guy is usually very arrogant, his strength is really not underestimated. The nine-fold peak strength is not a cover
See a little bit of a small loss Han Chen Han Xiao Tian mood is also quite nervous, this Han Li strength is quite strong, although not Han Lin and purple spirit, but it is the first among the rest of the family.
"If you can’t do it, just throw in the towel. This Han Li is no better than others." Han Xiao murmured in heavenly heart.
Bang …
Han Li rushed towards Han Chen again and then suddenly kicked a sharp arc at Han Chen’s waist.
Han Chen is also quite familiar with this foot. This is Han Li’s mastery of a kind of advanced Wushu called whirlwind kick, which is very powerful.
"Youlong palm" in the heart a drink Han Chen is to quickly cast out Wushu in an attempt to resist Han Li’s violent blow, but it backfired. Han Li’s foot was too earth. Although Han Chen resisted the blow, the fierce horizontal strength was directly to his arm, and a sour and numb feeling filled his arms instantly.
With a gentle growl, Han Chen tiptoes lightly touched the ground and moved back with the strength handed from Han Lishen, which didn’t hurt him.
"Han Chen, it seems that you don’t play lip service, but I despise you." Han Li saw that his earth blow did not cause any substantial damage to the black boy in front of him, but he was also slightly surprised, but he was also called the so-called blow just now. He moved seven points of strength.
"Noisy" Han Chen lifted a sneer at the corner of his mouth and then smiled and lived in the abdomen. Suddenly, he poured his energy towards his legs and then he rushed towards Han Lichong.
Push, push, push …
Toe ground gently, and then the ground keeps making a dull noise.
"It’s that trick again" laughed coldly. Han Li also knew that Han Chen was going to cast out the converging martial arts again, but he was also ready to jump gently and stopped at another place.
"Hum" Han Chen cold hum at the sight of his idea was found tiptoe slowly ground is coldly looking at Han Li.
"It seems that your head has not been squeezed by the door." Han Chen smiled and said.
When this statement came out, Han Li’s face turned green instantly, but it seemed that he had thought of something and then sneered, "I’ll put your head on my foot later."
"That depends on whether you have that thing." Han Chen shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes.
"You … die" Korea facade dew malicious color immediately rushed toward Han Chen again sharp palm wind mixed with light cyan vitality suddenly rushed forward.