Everyone on the other side has already practiced exactly where to go, throwing grenades and flash bombs and smoke bombs are all practiced very accurately during training, unlike when they walk, everyone doesn’t have their own fixed position every time, so it is difficult for the players to find their own position and form a strong fighting capacity. They also throw grenades and flash bombs with their feelings, and it is difficult to get results.

If the super teams such as the ag team are regular troops, then the I club is a Ukrainian team that has not formed its own routine. They are very amateur in many ways, unlike others who are well trained. They have to rely on Ye Qing to turn the tide. If they can also train as if they were instructed by Ye Qing, it will definitely be much easier.
What Ye Qing has to do now is to change the team’s style of play, so that everyone in the team can become an elite, let them know where to defend when they attack, and let them know where to throw the flash, etc. It takes a lot of time to train.
Everyone needs Ye Qing to arrange these things as a whole, which is very complicated. Fortunately, Ye Qing is a patient person. Everyone feels that they have gained a lot from this day’s training, and Ye Qing has arranged a specific position for each person’s characteristics, and the offensive and defensive positions are fixed
By the end of the training, everyone knew that their position was slightly deviated, which could not be achieved in one day. It took a long time to train to walk very accurately. Everyone could find the defensive position accurately and felt that it was very suitable for him as a sniper. Thomas’ position was special. According to the sniper criterion, an excellent sniper would not stay in the same place for three seconds, so his position was not fixed. He had to switch at several points.
An elite army needs very strict training, and it will take a very long time to build a super team, and so does Ye Ye. Ye Ye learned a lot in this Qilele Cup, which is the advantage of these super teams. Now it is better to make up for the team’s shortcomings.
Ye Qing took off his headphones and said to them, "Today’s training is quite effective. When you go back, you should remember your offensive and defensive positions. Don’t forget them again in the day! There are more than ten kinds of tactical numbers, and I hope everyone can remember this is very important. Now everyone can go home! "
The team members nodded and agreed when they heard the words, and then they got up and left Pearl Krabs and went to the door of the training room. They looked back at Ye Qing and hesitated a little. They went out. She really wanted to go with Ye Qing, but she had to go alone when she thought that Ye Qing had a big honey to accompany her. Her feelings were expressed in her heart. This friend was afraid that Ye Qing would not accept her and that she would not be able to stay in the team.
He has no scruples. Zhao Xiayang and others are gone. She is still sitting in the position without moving her leaves. "Why don’t you go?"
"I have been away from you for too long and haven’t learned your real thing. I feel too far behind. I want you to give me some advice on marksmanship. I want to improve my strength quickly so that I can help you!" He upturned face smile happily tunnel
When she was away from the I club, she forgot how to laugh. Now when she comes back to the I club and sees Ye Qing, she feels in a very good mood. She can’t help laughing. When Ye Qing saw her smile, she also remembered the days when she got along with her. He also smiled and said, "In fact, you have made great progress since you left, and you must have made a lot of efforts. Now the gap between you and me lies in your posture and the accuracy of some shots."
"Do you know why I have made such great progress since I left?" He looked at the leaf tilting a face of serious tunnel
"Isn’t it because of your hard work?" Leaf tilt curious tunnel
"efforts? I have been working hard, but I need a motivation and a goal to work so hard. Do you know what my goal is? "
"Get the championship?"
"No … I’m not so persistent about the champion. My goal is to beat you!"
"Beat me?" Ye Qing was a little surprised when he nodded solemnly. "Yes, that’s it. I want you to know that I have changed a lot since I left you, but I want you to regret not choosing me! Is it naive? "
Ye Qing could not help but be silent when he heard this. He knew very well how he felt about himself, but he promised her that in all fairness, he had a good impression on him, but he really took him as his apprentice and cared for her very much.
Seeing Ye Qing didn’t speak, he smiled wryly and laughed. "Maybe I’m not mature enough to choose it at the beginning. After I think about it, I’ll be satisfied if I can stay by your side. Like a person is to see his happiness instead of having to get him. Is my realm very high? Ye Qing, you are my hit in evil influence, which makes it impossible for me to like other people, so I can compromise and wish I could be by your side. "
Ye Qing still didn’t speak, but he was deeply moved to have a girl like this. It’s really rare for him. He went on, "I’ve always wanted to beat you and prove myself in front of you, so I’ll train my marksmanship desperately. I really can’t find any good way to make my posture irregular as much as possible, but it still seems not good enough."
After listening to this, Ye finally said, "If you want to practice your posture well, you must improve your hand speed. The flexibility of your posture is closely related to your hand speed. If your hand speed is fast enough, you can reach other people’s point one, and then you can point to two realms. Then your posture will become very fast and there is no need to make your posture irregular at that point, because it is difficult for the other party to make a prediction as soon as it reaches a certain level. Also, you should move your posture in a small range, so that it is more difficult for the other party to make a prediction!"
"It makes sense. How high is the accuracy of some shots?" He seemed to consult modestly, and they seemed to have returned to that mentoring time.
"It’s really difficult to improve the accuracy of some shots. I remember I told you when I taught you, the trajectory control must be very accurate and there can be no deviation, but even I may have deviation in actual combat. It’s difficult to control the trajectory and avoid deviation as much as possible in a moment’s reaction. This still needs more practice," Ye Qing explained
Nalan naughtily spat out his tongue and said, "Why do I feel that what you said is the same as what you didn’t say … After all, you still have to practice more yourself!"
"There is no shortcut to becoming a master, but you can rely on your own efforts. When K pointed me out, I also said some skills and things to pay attention to. I also learned it myself and then practiced hard to get where I am today." Ye Qing is very serious and tunnel.
"Well, I’ll practice my hand speed first!" Nalan said that he was going to continue the game, but Ye got up and said, "This is not in a hurry. Today’s training is also very hard. Practice again in the future, so you will forget today’s tactical number!"
Nalan hesitated for a moment and then smiled. "Listen, why don’t you have dinner with us later?"
Ye Qing waved his hand and said, "No, I have work to do!"
"Cut an excuse! I know you’re going to have dinner with Dami. She’s your girlfriend. I don’t mind if I don’t talk when the light bulb is a big deal. I’ll just pretend I didn’t see it when you make out casually! " Nalan avenue
Ye Qing was embarrassed and hurriedly explained, "It’s not that I have other things. I’ll go and tell Honey."
"Oh, it’s disgusting to call honey honey … well, I’ll go first!" He said some sour tunnel, then she got up and walked outside the training room. Ye Qing shook his head and went out, too.
Big honey is still in the office at this time. She is sitting in front of her brain chatting and playing qq games to fight landlords. Now when the team finishes training, Ye Qing has the final say. She doesn’t need to take care of these things. She knows that Ye Qing will definitely come to her after the training. She just needs to wait in the office.
Chapter 792 A lie
Ye Qing went to the outside of Da Mi’s office and knocked on the door. Da Mi called in, then Ye Qing pushed the door and went in. Da Mi looked up at the door and Zhan Yan laughed. "Is the training over?"
"Well, it’s time for you to go to work. What are you still busy with?" Ye Qing went to his desk and asked Dami, "Are you busy playing games? Are you chatting with landlords?"
"It’s really a chat, but now the team seems to have no big deal. You can also play games to pass the time, but there is no need to fight the landlord. You can play F!" Ye Qing Dao
Honey shook her head and said, "I like F very much, but I prefer to watch F games. It’s a little hard for me to play for a long time, and I feel impetuous."
"I have something to do tonight, so I won’t have dinner with you. You can drive home by yourself later. Be careful on the road." Ye Qing’s tone is gentle and tunnel.
Big honey smell speech frowned and then looked at Ye Qing way "what is it? Can’t I go with you? "
Ye Qing suddenly felt a little difficult. He wanted to see Su Yanbing, but he really couldn’t go with Dami. He thought a little about the sidewalk. "I want to go to the second child to eat some food. There are some things to talk about. It may be really inconvenient for you to go, and we don’t know when it will be late. It will delay you!"
"Don’t delay when you chat, it’s a big deal that I sit away. What do you talk about that I can’t hear conveniently? It’s really suspicious! " Big honey felt very wrong. Looking at Ye Qing suspiciously in her eyes, she asked
Ye Qing suddenly felt guilty, but his nature was calm and he immediately stabilized his mind. "Let’s talk about the past. One of our classmates has a situation. We need to discuss whether we can help him. Besides, men have some topics, and women had better not participate."
Big honey a listen to these words more feel ghosts, she sneer at a "what’s the matter with your classmates can’t let me know? Maybe I can help? Tell me honestly if you want to do something bad behind my back? "
Ye Qing heard the news and panicked. He didn’t expect Big Honey to be so sensitive and to get to the bottom of it. At that time, he couldn’t think of any good excuse to see Big Honey with a skeptical expression. He knew that if he answered slowly, it would make her more suspicious.
Light Shi Huo he thought of the reason, "our friend got a kind of don’t want people to know the disease, you know? It’s called a hidden disease, and I can’t say it. You have to force me to say that he used to like fooling around outside and got that disease. We are trying to help him, and we can’t let his wife know, or we will definitely get a divorce! "
"Is there such a thing? Is your classmate married? " Big honey or asked suspiciously.
"Yes, when they were in college, they fell in love at first sight and got married as soon as they graduated. Is it any wonder? Can you not get involved in men’s affairs? Sometimes it’s too much to manage, so you have to leave some for each other! " Leaf tilt is very serious tunnel
Big honey smell speech left the pie mouth, "okay, okay, you go. I don’t care about your man!" " She installed magnanimously with the wave, Yuzryha dumped quickly, and Ye dumped like an amnesty. She nodded and walked out of the big honey office, and then he ran away.
At the back of the building, Ye Qing got a car and went straight to Su Yanbing coffee shop. While in the car, he took out his cell phone and wanted to call Dong Laoer to help him lie. But when he thought that the two had been together for so long, there should still be a tacit understanding. Dong Laoer should also know how to say that guy, although sometimes he is stupid, but he is still very clever in this respect!
Big honey sat in the chair and thought for a while, but still felt something was wrong. She picked up the desk phone and made a message to Dong Laoer. On her first day back to the company class today, Dong Laoer seriously insisted on going to class, but when she got to class, he made a message to Zhao Junzhu and asked her to have dinner with her later.
As soon as he walked out of the company, he got a call from Dami. Because it was a landline number, he didn’t know who was the company, so he picked it up.
"Hello Dong Tiancheng? I am big honey! " Big honey directly expressed her identity, and Dong Laoer quickly laughed. "Big boss. Oh, no … I can’t call you big boss now. After all, I’m not your employee. I should call my sister-in-law haha!"
"What eldest sister-in-law … I’m not married yet. Don’t talk nonsense. Let me ask you something. Don’t ambush me. You must tell the truth, okay?"
"What do you say I must know? You are my eldest sister-in-law. How dare I hide something? The boss will definitely not let me go!" Dong second is very frank tunnel
"Do you have any plans for the evening?" Big honey is very clever and asks her if she wants to have dinner with Ye Qing later, but asks him if he has any plans. If Ye Qing doesn’t have an agreement with Dong Laoer, Dong Laoer may tell the truth, so that Yuzryha will finish the plan.
Dong Laoer suddenly realized that something was wrong. Why would he ask him about his plans for the evening because of the abrupt question of Big Honey? He thought about it quickly in his mind and felt that most of the boss had it. Otherwise, Dami couldn’t have called him and worried about his private life.
Such a Lenovo he smiled and said to Big Honey, "I have an appointment with the boss for dinner tonight. What’s the matter? Do you want to come? "
Big honey’s doubts vanished after hearing what he said. "I’d like to come, but your boss won’t let me talk about men. It’s best for women not to ask."
"What do you mean by calling me now? Are you doubting the boss? No, what if a couple doesn’t even have this basic letter? " Dong Laoer’s tone is very saddened. It seems that Da Mi Hang is very heinous.
Big honey smell speech also has some guilt that she would not believe that Ye Qing Ye Qing just went out from the office and she called Dong Laoer. She believes that Ye Qing’s roots are not consistent with Dong Laoer’s string, and it is impossible for Ye Qing to lie so wisely. It is very likely that this matter is true.
Where did she know that Dong Laoer Ye Qing had been inseparable for a long time, and they could guess each other if they didn’t say what was going on in each other’s hearts, and the word big honey was too sudden and asking questions was so abrupt? How could Dong Laoer not guess the meaning of big honey?
"I’m not doubting him. I’m sure whether he went to see you or not. He’s gone like those who lost contact on the road. I don’t know where he went yet. Now I know if he’s gone, I’ll look for you!" Big honey thought of a very far-fetched reason.
"ok, please find me someone as soon as possible!" Dong second is very frank tunnel
"Come on, let’s eat. I’m going home from work!" With that, honey hung up, picked up her bag and walked out of the office, then locked the door.