For Ziyan, the whole process is simple, just like listening to other people’s stories. There is no danger at all. In fact, she can be famous in the underworld and have great fighting ability with her.

Finally, it is impossible for Qing Ji to dig out any wind and waves. This charming woman with pink Se skin is really ferocious now. Her face is full of blood, and then she feels beautiful. In fact, she has accepted her fate, but she is still struggling to resist because she doesn’t know what else to do except resist.
Looking at the purple Yan face calmly attacked her again and again at a certain moment, she finally gave birth to some regrets.
Before and after the purple Yan fought side by side, she was very purple Yan. How could those people be purple Yan opponents? Throw everything away, don’t talk about combat power and wisdom in combat. It’s simply outrageous! She has always felt that being the enemy of Ziyan is actually a very sad thing, because everyone looks so weak in front of Ziyan’s strength.
But since then, I have become the enemy of Ziyan? This time in the face of purple Yan is no longer someone else but herself …
Before, she felt sad for her opponent, and now it’s her turn. Who came to feel sad for her?
Sad? !
No! Since the moment when she decided to betray Purple Yan after careful consideration, she never thought about sadness.
At that time, she thought that herself, Louis and Xiong were not much weaker than Zi Yan, and it was a piece of cake to kill Zi Yan. After killing Zi Yan, she could get many, many reading opportunities, such as the status of a volume of Twelve Volumes of Monty’s Work … The most important thing was that she sat on the biggest mountain after bringing down Zi Yan, and she was no longer comfortable.
At that time, all she thought about was stepping on the body of Ziyan.
Just before today, she was successful. Even if Zi Yan came back, even if Y and N died, Louis, she still felt that she could kill Zi Yan completely with her existing advantages. Her mentality had already changed unconsciously, and she could look down on Zi Yan from a commanding height.
And her greatest reliance is not on Lan Xuan, but on her real strength.
She is very confident that she can defeat Ziyan alone!
This confidence comes from reading the article "Twelve Volumes of Monty’s Skill", in which the practice of dragon wings and fierce fighting demons are all at a loss, but after initial confusion, she suddenly realized something, and then she will learn it without moving Se, making it the key for her to quickly improve her strength.
It’s the eye of heaven!
One-on-one, she beat ZiYan, but two-on-two she and Lan Xuan lost badly instead …
After all, her cooperation with Lan Xuan is not as tacit as that between Zi Yan and the small celestial body, and she and Lan Xuan didn’t expect that the small celestial body would have such amazing means.
"bang! ! !”
Qing Ji was hit again. Black at the moment almost fainted.
In a daze, watching ZiYan attack again, she suddenly remembered the current events that she just decided to join ZiYan camp many years ago.
At that time, Zi Yan, who had just saved her, sat side by side with her at the top of a mountain and looked at the horizon. "I don’t like men because I look down on their strength. They naturally dominate women in this world, so they should be their vassals … Even the least man in this world will pretend to be the pillar of his family in front of his woman. Everyone thinks this is a man’s world."
Qing Ji looked at Ziyan’s side face with great interest and asked, "Isn’t it?"
Purple Yan didn’t turn to look at Qing Ji, but looked at the distant world and smiled. "I know that from now on, I am stronger than a man I have ever contacted. I don’t know when I formed such a lattice, but I am afraid that this life will not change. I want this world to bind me no longer. I want to stand in my way. Previous people, both men and women, worship at my feet."
Qing Ji, who was struck by lightning, knew for the first time that Zi Yan had such a heart, and at that time she felt ashamed. "Sister’s ambition is so great."
Violet Yan immediately shook his head. "This is not an ambition, but it’s just a matter of heart. But don’t worry, Qing Mei, I will treat one of my own people, especially women with sincerity. You respect me a foot and I respect you less. If I have a good day, I will never let one of my own people suffer."
Purple Yan is a strange promise, but one thing is really important, that is, once you are with Purple Yan, Purple Yan will not be the first to abandon her hand, which means that she is not afraid of being betrayed by Purple Yan.
Qing Ji would have been tempted to continue to seriously look at the purple Yan, waiting for the purple Yan to personally attract it.
And Ziyan did not disappoint her, and soon she said again, "So, Qingmei, are you willing to fight for our own world in this man’s world with your sister?"
Yesterday, Ri’s words are still ringing in my ears, but now they have reached an irreversible step, and what will happen is that she took the lead in rebellion …
Qing Ji heard a soup and felt a huge force enter her cranial cavity through the skull, and she completely lost consciousness.
Purple Yan finally stopped. She shot Qing Ji, but left her body.
Then, without hesitation, she collected the ninety thousand bodies of Qing Ji and fled to the distance together.
During the flight, she directly praised 90,000 "90,000!"
"Hehe" At this time, 90,000 is a little embarrassed. "Where’s Sister Ziyan and my brother?"
"Wait, I’ll call him."
"Hey, how’s it going?" Purple Yan immediately asked Xiao, who was floating in the brain, to ask the soul.
"I still have no idea. Can you help me?"
"All right, you go to the soul mark now and let’s work together."
All this has been finished. Purple Yan is very easy for ninety thousand people to take flying places and put all J and jīng gods in their heads. Isn’t it a piece of cake that she wants to get Xiao Wen’s soul back?
Then a cup of tea passed without success …
A stick of incense has gone, but it hasn’t succeeded yet …
Two hours later, 90,000 people have stopped in a valley with them, and they still haven’t succeeded …
"I’ll go! Can you do it or not? " Xiao asked the first unbearable angry tunnel
"What does this have to do with the old niang? You can’t come back now and depend on me? !” In fact, purple Yan has long been guilty. At this time, she can roar back with folded arms.
Sure enough, Xiao asked. "Didn’t you call me first before I came to help? !”

"Leave him to me. Did he take a nap?" Zhang Ting looked at Princess Hong and asked.

Princess Hong shook her head. "No, this child has been clamoring for you to stay up all the time."
"I just want to sleep for a while. Let me take him to sleep together." Zhang Ting said and yawned again.
She was really sleepy after staying up so long last night, and even after sleeping for an afternoon, she still doesn’t feel enough.
Princess Hong nodded her head when she saw the horse. Please look at Zhang Ting. "Please jump in that line."
Princess Hong put her arms in the arms of her daughter-in-law, who was crying and crying.
Speaking of it, it also made Princess Hong a little angry. This smelly little girl was a very poor picture when she was in her arms just now.
When she put him in Zhang Ting’s mother’s arms, Sun Ma stopped crying. A pair of fat little hands clung to Zhang Ting’s neck.
"This stinky person really hurts him in vain at ordinary times." Princess Hong looked at the sun in distress situation and preached.
Zhang Ting heard she chuckled.
Because she knew that Princess Hong was just saying this.
Off the princess hong Zhang Ting turned to hold the door tightly around her neck and jumped into the room where she slept.
"Well, don’t hold your mother all the time. I’m strangled by you." Zhang Ting gently tugged at the two chubby hands.
As a result, when her hands just touched these two little hands, they grasped her neck more tightly.
See oneself is going to be this son to le can’t pant Zhang Ting ok!!!
"Mother won’t grab your hand and be obedient." Zhang Ting held him and walked to the bed.
Mother and son lay in bed together, jumping and blinking, staring at their mother lying in bed with him with round eyes.
Stared at it for a long time
The little guy made sure that his mother wouldn’t leave him again, and those two chubby hands that grabbed Zhang Ting’s neck slowly loosened.
Chapter 724 Wake up!
As soon as he relaxed, Zhang Ting touched himself, and he just grabbed Bosong with a sigh of relief.
"Niang" will now shout some simple words. If you really want to talk, the little love can’t say it.
Tiaotiao changed his hands and grabbed Zhang Ting’s skirt.
The sound of "Niang" appeared in Zhang Ting’s ear again.
Although it is a short word, it is the most beautiful sound in Zhang Ting’s heart as a mother.
"Niang is good!" Zhang Ting gently coaxed with a little jump.
She knew in her heart that she didn’t show up for a long time, which must have made her feel a little scared.
Thinking of the little guy’s dependence on himself, Zhang Ting bowed his head and kissed him on the forehead. Looking at him, he replied, "Mom is jumping here. Mom won’t leave us here because jumping is mom’s favorite."
I don’t know if the little guy understood her words or what.
It wasn’t long before the little guy called her a few more words of Niang and finally stopped.
After a while
Zhang Ting looked down and saw the little guy sleeping quietly while holding her skirts with a small hand.
"What a cute guy! How can he be so cute? He’s so cute that his mother can’t love him." Zhang Ting bowed his head and kissed the little guy on the forehead.
Smelling the smell of the little guy’s body milk, Zhang Ting gently held them together and continued to sleep.
The mother and son slept until noon (15: 17 in Beijing)
When the mother and son got up, they grinded in the bed for a while before leaving the room.
Princess Hong in the hall is discussing with Prince Hong about going back to Beijing soon.
The couple suddenly heard the outside, and their grandson giggled happily.
"Master, did you hear that it was our family jumping and laughing? The child cried for a long time today and now he finally smiled." Speaking of his baby Princess Sun Hong, she was all smiles.
Even though not long ago, she was unhappy because her baby grandson didn’t want her grandmother, now she hears this little guy laughing innocently and Princess Hong has forgotten all about the past.
Hong Wang Ye’s face is also a happy face.
"I heard it, too. It’s really our family jumping. This little guy seems to be coming to our side."
As soon as Lord Hong’s words fell, his wife, who was just sitting next to him, strode out.
After one leng, Lord Hong’s face showed remorse. Why didn’t he go out to meet their grandson before him?
Zhang Tinggang walked outside the courtyard and saw Princess Hong running out of the hall.
Stop. Zhang Ting said hello to Princess Hong, who came over.
Hong princess a face of don’t care about the hand "well"
Then when people looked at Xiao Tiao’s face, they looked like they were smiling. "Grandma Tiao came to hug you. Come here, grandma."
When Lord Hong came out, he saw his grandson. Finally, he let his wife hug him first.
At ordinary times fine eyes flashed a trace of disappointment.
"Dad" Zhang Ting saw Wang Hong coming slowly and greeted him with a smile.
Prince Hong gently "well" walked up to Princess Hong and Sun Xiaotiao, and first stretched out his hand and grabbed Xiaotiao’s little hand.
Then I looked at Zhang Ting and said, "Xiaoting, I was just discussing with your mother about going to Beijing after Xiaoren came back. Xiaoren should have told you about this."
Zhang Ting gently nodded at him. "Well," xianggong "told me about this matter." Xianggong "said that dad wanted to take Tiaotiao back to Beijing and add Tiaotiao’s name to the Hongjiazong Temple."
Lord Hong nodded. "That’s right. I just discussed with your mother when to start?"
Zhang Tingchao smiled at them. "You two have to decide this matter. My" xianggong "and I listen to my father and mother."
Prince Hong and Princess Hong heard Zhang Ting’s answer, and their faces crossed with a satisfied expression.
Although they are willing to discuss this matter with their daughter-in-law, they still don’t want their daughter-in-law to interfere too much.
Princess Hong asked Zhang Ting that it was better to take Sun Wang with her when she woke up. "The little court heard that Qing Xia said that the Jia family sent a carriage last night, was it that Mrs. Jia was going to have a baby?"
Zhang Ting said, "Yeah, my sister-in-law suddenly launched it last night. Because of the situation and I was a little urgent, michel platini sent someone to pick me up."
"Are you all right?" Princess Hong looked at Zhang Ting with a face of worry and asked.
She has grandchildren now, and she certainly hopes that all the children will come to this world safely.
"I was born. Although the situation was a little urgent, I finally gave birth to the baby safely and gave birth to a big fat baby."
"Great! You’re not happy to have a big fat baby, michel platini!" Princess Hong asked with a smile.
Zhang Ting wanted to see the old man Jia holding the baby and not letting it go. He couldn’t help but smile and gently nodded at Princess Hong. "Isn’t it? I’m so happy that michel platini took the child out and he grabbed it and still refused to let it go?"
Hao said things here.
At this time, Jia Jia has been in the delivery room since he entered the delivery room.
Nearly almost a day later, Liu, who had been sleeping, finally woke up.
"Did you feel uncomfortable when you woke up?" Jia Lin knew that she had been staring at Liu’s face when her eyelids moved.

"Talk, of course." Zhang Haonai looked at this ya and blocked his idea of pretending to be B. But then again, Zhang Hao is also looking forward to Chen Yi’s explanation of some theoretical knowledge today.

Now, sk is like a hungry man in the desert. Theoretical knowledge seems to be that sweet spring water can moisten sk when it is dry.
The two sides simply hit it off, feeling that this match should not be too good.
Chen Yi paused to get down to business and said, "Well, let’s talk about our physical computing ability. Playing sports is actually five humans playing five roles in front of the brain. People who play roles are human."
"It is very important for human practical competition to issue scientific and technological capabilities for human players themselves."
"Because the competitive game is that the human brain controls the exercise and then exercises the role to fight."
Erhong couldn’t help interrupting "What do you mean by that?"
"What do you mean? When we play competitive games, it is very important that our brains are lucky. As I said before, there is no difference between the gold players and the top professional players. We seem to have a big difference."
"The first thing is to prepare for the reaction. Everyone has been through it. Many of them have played S, so they must have heard the old saying that no matter how fast the marksmanship is, it is faster than the preview."
Hearing this sentence, Gao Chengfeng seemed to feel something, and there was a glimmer of light in his eyes. At the beginning, he dreamed of playing professional S, but in the end he failed, and S was lonely very quickly.
"In those days, there was a wonderful killing video in which the fox relied on a wave of soldiers’ residual blood to kill crocodiles. At the beginning, the explanation was so rubbish that I forgot who it was, but he actually said that it was quick to respond. I was really drunk."
Zhang Hao knew the story, but he didn’t puncture Chen Yi. Let him continue to tell it.
"In fact, this player has always remembered two things from the moment he chose the fox. The first is that everyone knows his passive level without looking at it."
"The second is that it is easy to know all the nearby units, numbers, positions and States that can be sucked by yourself at all times and then do this anti-killing action."
"Oh" Zhang Hao slightly one leng seems to be upgraded this time, and it seems to be higher and looks very high-end.
So the five sk people listened quietly, and they found that they liked listening to Chen Yi’s stories more and more.
"In League of Legends, it’s more important to deal with the details. Take Anne as an example of a hero who looks very simple."
"Golden Section Annie, they called the bear back when rq lit it."
"Or maybe it’s right-clicking the opponent and then fighting the conflict, which makes the bear hit less. I always feel that it takes a very high skill to get to the person."
"And the real Annie is such a set of R-dizzy R-control bears hitting aa, then go right ahead, wq lights A, and pull the screen behind the enemy at this time."
"R controls the bear to walk behind the enemy for a while. When the enemy wakes up, he returns to Anne’s body, just as Anne A takes the second right to go forward, and walks according to Anne’s ordinary attack D table."
"The final result is that the bear took more pictures of Anne A, and the bear burned the injury for more than a few seconds. The enemy died because one more yellow stick could not drop it."
"You see, even Annie can explode so many other so-called heroes."
I heard Chen Yi’s words, Zhang Haoyu, because he remembered one thing, yes, it was the scene at Caida Zhang Hao Jess vs Tang Qinling Anne.
Almost exactly as Chen Yi said, it is simply the first perspective of Tang Qinling.
Chen Yi’s analysis of Anne is so thorough and the mode of operation is exactly the same as that of Tang Qinling. Zhang Hao is also drunk. I don’t know if Tang Qinling is widely known or if they all belong to a plane guy.
But it is undeniable that Chen Yi said that it is very reasonable. Annie needs so many details and needs to complete it in an instant. After all, the opportunity is fleeting.
It can be seen that the details of League of Legends are indeed very important, and Chen Yi is not teaching them. If you play Annie, you can just give an example, so much is just the tip of the iceberg.
"Then let me ask you, what is the biggest difference between gold and diamonds when playing?"
"Fuck ability" is the first to say.
"rhythm control" Cai Liangyan said.
"It should be a grasp of the situation," Zhang Hao said uncertainly.
Chen Yi smiled. "I have emphasized many times that the ability to exercise is the same, but there is a big gap between energy consumption and brain transport."
"And when we achieve the same exercise, we eat too much and even don’t have time to look at the small map, right? And diamond exercises not only look at the small map at any time, but also can easily think about how to plot against the enemy."
"The king and the top king, the master can complete the harassment at the same time in a radical single hero while replenishing troops on the line. At the same time, he can not only plot against the enemy, but also be able to observe the double residual blood on the opposite road, and push the line to prepare for returning to the city and then plan a double kill around the eye position."
"It’s not difficult to think about it, but in practice, you will find that even if you have ten Einstein brains, you may be able to look at the small map without thinking about it, and it will be a piece of waste paper."
"This" erhong is a little speechless, but it sounds like a very powerful feeling. At the same time, Chen Yi’s mouth that once the line is aligned, he doesn’t look at the small map is a true portrayal of him.
"So how do they achieve it? Is the brain powerful?" Erhong asked curiously.
Chen Yi shook his head. "It’s not that it’s difficult for us to change the brain hardware, but we can change the thinking software relatively well."
"For example, those who spend two rounds of diamonds, they all let their bodies record conditioned reflex by limiting exercise. Your gold and silver recruitment is the basic work, but it is only conditioned reflex for them."
"So you may not even see the small map when you realize the exercise, but for them, the exercise doesn’t need to think much."
"And those who are the first in the five countries are even stronger in their professional teams, so that even psychological warfare on the line is a conditioned reflex."
"However, there are similar tricks in it, just like Annie’s detailed introduction, and the other party can use up the whole brain to realize just doing exercises and looking at the small map."
"And even if a person is mentally retarded, he can realize Zhuge Liang’s general stratagem by reading this strategy and spending 112 yuan after the meeting. This is called the gap between science and technology, that is, the cheat."
"What you said is very reasonable, and we are right." The sk style expresses the worship of Chen Yi.
It is this ya that refreshes its position in their hearts once again. Every time I tell such a tall theory, sk wonders where this ya came from. She doesn’t look like an ordinary person.
If you don’t understand, I’m afraid you have returned to senior analysts from abroad. It’s professional and domineering
But the fact that Chen Yi is made in China has no traces of transformation, which makes everyone feel unscientific.
"Fortunately, don’t worship me too much. In fact, the meaning of data division and team analyst is to help you improve your grades as much as possible. That’s all."
"Actually, I’m doing this to help you turn basic exercises into conditioned reflex, just like everyone can actually regard recruiting as conditioned reflex now, but those who have just contacted the league players are very powerful, right? This is the gap."
"Imagine that they are in a hurry to make up for the soldiers. Where else can they consider dealing with you?"
"It’s like now, once you are on the lpl level team, you will be in a hurry and make a basic response, but you will have no energy to care about higher-level things."
Hearing Chen Yi’s words, Zhang Hao and others are completely stunned. This is true and a true portrayal.
When the Tauren team met a strong team, it was like this. There was no extra energy to think about how to deal with the enemy. There was no other ability except basic reaction.
When "Chen Yi was mixed up with you", Sa sk thought about Chen Yi’s thigh, which was a hug.
Is it a little professional?
Chapter 333 Male commentary small mind
It’s another week in the blink of an eye. At this moment, sk is in the fourth place. Theoretically, it is possible to compete for the championship seat, and now sk is playing more and more professionally.
If you have to change your shape, it’s only a matter of time. sk progress is visible.
Chen Yi’s new knowledge made Shi Sa sk feel the theoretical importance and let them know that this is actually not a game.
"hit a crystal"
With a victory, Zhang Hao and Cai Liangyan took off their headphones and looked at the screen comfortably. They were very satisfied.
Zhang Hao had to sigh with emotion, "There are still reliable people who can be divided in double rows together."
"Ah, in fact, it’s just bad luck. If you hit your position more, you’ll go and climb quickly. It’s not a problem to be in gold all the time." Cai Liangyan and Zhang Hao said.

Tian Yang’s fame is not necessarily the highest, but it must be a prominent player. If you want this list, you must get the common recognition of Tian NPC. That is to say, the list can only be made after the evaluation of the Great God. Of course, the highest player can also be listed, but the previous one must reach the "Xuanzihao", and there must be no one on the list in the early stage.

This list of Chitan Dan’s names is so dazzling and enviable.
The "class list" has a high status and the fastest player list. Chi Tandan is now a rich man but still has no ranking. The highest status in this list is "Tianmensheng"; This is the identity of Confucianism, which is divided into schoolchildren, students, tribute students, Tianmensheng, officials, cabinet elders and royal families with different surnames.
The gate valve is a general name for the noble family, the rich family, the royal family with different surnames, the gate, the gang and so on. The highest goal of agriculture is to be a noble worker, the highest goal is a gang, and the highest goal of business is to be a rich family. Because there are other categories in agriculture, industry and commerce, such as ranks, the ultimate goal is to put the doorway in the doorway, and the ultimate goal is to be a Buddhist monk.
Players who have won the chivalrous title in the list of good and evil can list their means of doing things, killing players at random, looting NPC property, etc., and are listed as chivalrous heroes, weeding out the strong and helping the weak. At this time, no player on the list has won the chivalrous title.
The number of forces participating in the campaign list determines the ranking of the list.
The more times you kill the wild monster BOSS and the first deputy BOSS, the higher the ranking; Because the deputy BOSS is a fixed place, this is not disputed, but the wild monster BOSS is not fixed. After they wander around and are killed, this wild monster BOSS will not appear in the cruising list, also known as the guerrilla killing list.
Chitantan once killed BOSS of Liuying Lake for the first time, but there was no list or announcement. At that time, he was still wondering whether Shen Mi people later appeared and laughed at him, saying that if the list was announced, wouldn’t it tell the staff of the game company that you had a secret? It’s thoughtless that Chitantan was full of cold sweat after listening!
The ranking standard of influential players in the list of influential young Xia is revised. Here, influential players do not refer to influential players, but include some foreign players who enter this influential territory. For example, Chitantan belongs to Luzhou power. If Chitantan is highly cultivated in the later Zhou Dynasty, his name will appear in the list of "Young Xia of Power".
This list of powerful young Xia allows powerful players to know which tough foreign players have entered and take precautions. Now Chi Tandan has just been promoted to "C", but he can’t find his name on the front page, and he is not worried that someone will find him trouble.
From the beginning of the game, the "Tianbuwu" competition was held, and the last week of each month was the minimum time for the finalists to need a "T" repair; As the game hasn’t reached the last week, there is no one on this list. Naturally, Tandan has also signed up to participate in the finals. The opponent of this competition is random. If the player is free, he will show up and ask if he will enter the competition.
If you agree, you will be sent to the ring to fight your opponent; There are no rules in the competition to take medicine and replenish blood, and all kinds of props can be played as they want. If there are some tricks, players will play for a long time because both sides have blood-replenishing props, but Chitantan has been instructed by Shen Mi, and some of them have learned that the other side will not even have a chance to replenish blood in a short time.
The list is refreshed from time to time, and every Sunday, the top 1 in each list receives various lottery prizes; At the same time, there will be some game activities to invite the top 1 players in each list to participate, but some lists are empty or few people, and they all fail after the activities are held.
As the name suggests, the challenge competition is to watch this kind of competition in a platform where everyone is fighting; However, the number of players signing up for the competition is too large, and the previous knockout rounds were held in the ring; Chitan Dan is the last round of the Tianbuwu Challenge. There are three rounds in total. I don’t have time to sign up for the first round so that I can be a spectator.
Every round of the ring match is uncertain because there are players who are free or not, and the number of rounds played by the players is different; However, only players who hit the same round will play the game, regardless of the regional map. Players can participate in the group match after three rounds, followed by Wan Qiang, Qianqiang, Baiqiang, semi-finals and finals.
With the light flashing, Chitantan appeared in the first dozens of rounds of the ring, and there was no difference between one thing and another; Because the opponent didn’t appear, Chitan Dan was restricted from acting, and the whole person was stupid in the same place. This setting is to prevent the first player from laying some malicious tricks in the ring and let the later players suffer big losses.
Opponents appear
The battle began.
The opponent’s grief and indignation inexplicably withdrew from the ring, and Chi Tandan talked about withdrawing from the ring; Chi Tandan, who trained in Shen Mi, has now learned a variety of combat skills, which allows him to beat those players who don’t know the skills for the time being in a very short time.
I remember that I was beaten by the strong players in the late Jin Dynasty outside the Liuying Lake, and I wanted to go to the latter Jin Dynasty to find revenge, but Shen Mi told him that it was abusive to fight with his current skill mastery and lack of resources. Chitan Dan felt that there was something going on after listening to it, and the secret people didn’t say that they wouldn’t tell him, but that they could tell Chitan something when it was not time to wait for a while.
Some of Chitantan’s "timing" is not white, such as calculating Shen Mi’s repeated remarks that it was not the right time and refused to answer many questions, which made Chitantan feel sad at last.
When I quit the ring, I jumped out of a slot machine to show that Chitantan has successfully completed three rounds of challenges, and now I can draw lots for the "group competition". Nowadays, the number of registered players of this game is over 10 million, and the number of online players is over one million. There must be millions of Chitantan who have achieved the "B" course. The math is not so good. How many players will there be after the final three rounds?
However, the game is divided into seven groups: "Heaven, Earth, Mystery, A, B, C and D". It is not clear for the time being how many players in each group can enter the Wan Qiang tournament. Then there are 1 in the top 1000, 1 in the top 100, 6 in the semi-finals and 3 in the finals.
When the slot machine brushes Chitan Dan "stops", he is assigned to the "Day Group", which is a kind-hearted grin. Then I heard a rush of footsteps. Because of the war, too many enemies were everywhere, and I was most afraid of the impact of a large number of troops. At the first time, I evaded to the side of the road to find a way out.
The official road is located in the "Tongcheng" of the post-Zhou Dynasty. Tongcheng is an agricultural city. When it comes to agricultural cities, it needs a city attribute. It is a city with attributes, namely, there is usually no characteristic city, commerce and agriculture. This is a city with characteristics, and the city has great development potential in agriculture, commerce, politics and culture. The fortress is full of men, which is a good place to recruit.
Most of the natural farmers in the agricultural city ran from Chitantan’s left hand, and all the players’ hoes, poles, dustpans, buckets and other things rushed past Chitantan. Chitan Dan was curious and took out a broom from his belt and followed the team.
After running for about ten minutes, I continued running from the official road to the east. At this time, there was a big pond in the east. At this time, a group of thousands of players were blocking the ditch of the pond. Chi Tandan followed the group of players, and there were also thousands of people. Before running in front, the players shouted, "Damn, block our ditch and want us to collect particles?"
"The trough agreed that the two sides should be together. Why did you block the canal of our city?" The player shouted when the canal was blocked.
"If you don’t have too much water, we will block it."
"Say a ball and hit him."
So the two sides scuffled together, and some players fell into the pond and some players fell into the mud pile, and the scene was extremely chaotic; Chitan Dan was at a loss with a broom, and suddenly a brick flew towards him. He shouted, throw away the broom, take out the "weeding pole", sweep away the thrown brick, and then rushed to the place where people were carrying the pole to continue squatting at the theatre.
There is no competition for water sources, caravans and resources; When Chi Tandan was in Chuzhou, Luzhou, he also led villagers in Chijia village to compete with nearby villages for water and fields. Because every village has a player born, the battle base in every village is between two players. If one player loses, the other wins.
When more than 2,000 players were beaten to death, more players joined the fray. About 20 minutes later, the troops from both cities dispatched to separate the two players. Then several officials began to yell at each other, and the two players followed behind their respective city officials, and the scene of the two armies was quite funny.
Every player is a valuable asset of the city, because the player is the main force in the battle. Without the player, the city will be at a disadvantage when it is attacked, just like the human brain. Therefore, the castellans are extremely protective of players who are loyal to them, and they will be injured by other cities. The castellans will send troops to safeguard the interests of city players at any time.
It is precisely because the city owners always maintain that the loyalty of players to the city will be higher and higher, and the interests of both sides will be tied together to form a virtuous circle of the whole game; The two castellans of Tongcheng Zhicheng obviously belong to the same camp, otherwise the army will not maintain order but directly join the war circle.
Officials from both sides were wrangling when a plum blossom dart suddenly flew from Tongcheng, knowing that the city official was not a martial man and was directly hit in the throat by the plum blossom dart. The official couldn’t believe it and fell to the ground with his neck covered. As a wartime official, his ability to cope with emergencies is very strong. Before the official fell to the ground, officials from both sides quickly ran to their own camps.
"Your plum blossom dart makes it really smooth. Hey, hey, are you addicted to war peddlers in Sao years?" Shen Mi’s voice reappeared after a few hours.
Chi Tandan didn’t answer. He threw the plum blossom dart at the soldiers of both sides, and then he was not allowed to return to Tongcheng immediately. After he ran into the city, he went to the government office and entered the words "water source, war". Soon there was a war.
"Dirty trade in war, the great war peddler and bloody villain Chi Tandan once again found the opportunity of war. He took advantage of the chaos to kill the officials of Zhicheng and provoked the anger of both sides’ armies to successfully detonate the feud between the two sides in Hehuatang Reservoir. But this is a conflict, not a war. The great war peddler and bloody villain Chi Tandan decided to make a deal with the late Zhou Lord Guo Wei, and this nasty deal will go down in history. "
"Before the conflict, seven Tongcheng officials were assassinated successfully, and then they went to the Black Bear Forest to meet Guo Wei. They sent troops to Tongcheng when Tongcheng troops were exhausted. Note that Guo Wei has sent 20,000 players and 10,000 troops to participate in this campaign."

(End of volume)

The first dance academy
Chapter I Preface
Chapter I Preface
Looking up at the sky outside the window, I sighed for a long time. Although it was beautiful outside, it was so far away for me who had never been out of this big house.
"Leaning on the snow, you are thinking about things again."
When I look back, it’s my sister, Oriental Yiping. My sister is a super beauty. Her face is melon, her arms are slim, her waist is slim, and her sexy lips sound more beautiful than a symphony trio. The only drawback may be that she has a younger brother like me. If I hadn’t dragged her down, she wouldn’t have stayed in this’ Japan’ city. My sister’s career should be extended to the world.
"Look at you again. How many articles have I told you not to think about things? Don’t frown thicker than a thousand layers of cake!"
"Sister, I want to go out and see."
"No, don’t you know that you can’t touch the outside air when you are sick?"
"But I’ve been in this room since I was fifteen years old. I really don’t know what I can do. What happened to me? I …"
"Okay, okay, then I’ll find something you can make, okay?"
In a short time, my sister brought a silver helmet in.
"Although my parents don’t agree, will it hurt to see your bitter gourd face?"
My sister told me how to use this helmet step by step, and finally said to me, "This is a three-dimensional game of world scenery’ Wonderland’ which has just been launched for more than three months. I heard that there are many beautiful pictures and touching love stories in it, but don’t be addicted. I’ll come back to see you in three days. If you have anything, just call the housekeeper, okay?"
When my sister left, I put on my helmet and entered the game.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me myself. I didn’t remember anything before I was fifteen, but I’ve been living in this room since I was fifteen, and my feet can’t move. I can usually walk in a wheelchair this year. I’m twenty-two years old. Six months later, I’m going to enter the twenty-third year of my life. I can watch astronomy, geography, history, biology, military affairs, politics, genetics, manufacturing industry, mechanical technology, etc. When I talk, I have seen computers, but I don’t have any knowledge because of my
After entering the game, I felt that my soul seemed to be separated from my body. Soon I was in front of a strange white place with a beautiful girl, but now I feel not as beautiful as my sister.
A sweet voice came from the girl’s mouth. "Hello, welcome to fairyland. Please choose the name in your game!" "
So this is a brain NPC. Change the name? When I think that I can’t do many things at ordinary times, a name’ elegant’ pops up in my heart.
"Are you sure you want to change the name’ Elegant’?"
"Welcome to all the quality points and professional skills points. Please enter the game and watch it. Which city do you want to play in Wonderland?"
"How many cities are there?"
"Wonderland temporarily put Luen-Midgard Kingdom has
* * * * City-Prondra
Isrud i.
Mountain Capital-payon
Port capital-Alberta
Magic City-Ji Fen
The Border Capital-Dream Rock
Bell Tower-Elpalan
Fantasy City-Gingerbread City
Tianjin city
Which city do you choose to enter the game? "

Everyone on the other side has already practiced exactly where to go, throwing grenades and flash bombs and smoke bombs are all practiced very accurately during training, unlike when they walk, everyone doesn’t have their own fixed position every time, so it is difficult for the players to find their own position and form a strong fighting capacity. They also throw grenades and flash bombs with their feelings, and it is difficult to get results.

If the super teams such as the ag team are regular troops, then the I club is a Ukrainian team that has not formed its own routine. They are very amateur in many ways, unlike others who are well trained. They have to rely on Ye Qing to turn the tide. If they can also train as if they were instructed by Ye Qing, it will definitely be much easier.
What Ye Qing has to do now is to change the team’s style of play, so that everyone in the team can become an elite, let them know where to defend when they attack, and let them know where to throw the flash, etc. It takes a lot of time to train.
Everyone needs Ye Qing to arrange these things as a whole, which is very complicated. Fortunately, Ye Qing is a patient person. Everyone feels that they have gained a lot from this day’s training, and Ye Qing has arranged a specific position for each person’s characteristics, and the offensive and defensive positions are fixed
By the end of the training, everyone knew that their position was slightly deviated, which could not be achieved in one day. It took a long time to train to walk very accurately. Everyone could find the defensive position accurately and felt that it was very suitable for him as a sniper. Thomas’ position was special. According to the sniper criterion, an excellent sniper would not stay in the same place for three seconds, so his position was not fixed. He had to switch at several points.
An elite army needs very strict training, and it will take a very long time to build a super team, and so does Ye Ye. Ye Ye learned a lot in this Qilele Cup, which is the advantage of these super teams. Now it is better to make up for the team’s shortcomings.
Ye Qing took off his headphones and said to them, "Today’s training is quite effective. When you go back, you should remember your offensive and defensive positions. Don’t forget them again in the day! There are more than ten kinds of tactical numbers, and I hope everyone can remember this is very important. Now everyone can go home! "
The team members nodded and agreed when they heard the words, and then they got up and left Pearl Krabs and went to the door of the training room. They looked back at Ye Qing and hesitated a little. They went out. She really wanted to go with Ye Qing, but she had to go alone when she thought that Ye Qing had a big honey to accompany her. Her feelings were expressed in her heart. This friend was afraid that Ye Qing would not accept her and that she would not be able to stay in the team.
He has no scruples. Zhao Xiayang and others are gone. She is still sitting in the position without moving her leaves. "Why don’t you go?"
"I have been away from you for too long and haven’t learned your real thing. I feel too far behind. I want you to give me some advice on marksmanship. I want to improve my strength quickly so that I can help you!" He upturned face smile happily tunnel
When she was away from the I club, she forgot how to laugh. Now when she comes back to the I club and sees Ye Qing, she feels in a very good mood. She can’t help laughing. When Ye Qing saw her smile, she also remembered the days when she got along with her. He also smiled and said, "In fact, you have made great progress since you left, and you must have made a lot of efforts. Now the gap between you and me lies in your posture and the accuracy of some shots."
"Do you know why I have made such great progress since I left?" He looked at the leaf tilting a face of serious tunnel
"Isn’t it because of your hard work?" Leaf tilt curious tunnel
"efforts? I have been working hard, but I need a motivation and a goal to work so hard. Do you know what my goal is? "
"Get the championship?"
"No … I’m not so persistent about the champion. My goal is to beat you!"
"Beat me?" Ye Qing was a little surprised when he nodded solemnly. "Yes, that’s it. I want you to know that I have changed a lot since I left you, but I want you to regret not choosing me! Is it naive? "
Ye Qing could not help but be silent when he heard this. He knew very well how he felt about himself, but he promised her that in all fairness, he had a good impression on him, but he really took him as his apprentice and cared for her very much.
Seeing Ye Qing didn’t speak, he smiled wryly and laughed. "Maybe I’m not mature enough to choose it at the beginning. After I think about it, I’ll be satisfied if I can stay by your side. Like a person is to see his happiness instead of having to get him. Is my realm very high? Ye Qing, you are my hit in evil influence, which makes it impossible for me to like other people, so I can compromise and wish I could be by your side. "
Ye Qing still didn’t speak, but he was deeply moved to have a girl like this. It’s really rare for him. He went on, "I’ve always wanted to beat you and prove myself in front of you, so I’ll train my marksmanship desperately. I really can’t find any good way to make my posture irregular as much as possible, but it still seems not good enough."
After listening to this, Ye finally said, "If you want to practice your posture well, you must improve your hand speed. The flexibility of your posture is closely related to your hand speed. If your hand speed is fast enough, you can reach other people’s point one, and then you can point to two realms. Then your posture will become very fast and there is no need to make your posture irregular at that point, because it is difficult for the other party to make a prediction as soon as it reaches a certain level. Also, you should move your posture in a small range, so that it is more difficult for the other party to make a prediction!"
"It makes sense. How high is the accuracy of some shots?" He seemed to consult modestly, and they seemed to have returned to that mentoring time.
"It’s really difficult to improve the accuracy of some shots. I remember I told you when I taught you, the trajectory control must be very accurate and there can be no deviation, but even I may have deviation in actual combat. It’s difficult to control the trajectory and avoid deviation as much as possible in a moment’s reaction. This still needs more practice," Ye Qing explained
Nalan naughtily spat out his tongue and said, "Why do I feel that what you said is the same as what you didn’t say … After all, you still have to practice more yourself!"
"There is no shortcut to becoming a master, but you can rely on your own efforts. When K pointed me out, I also said some skills and things to pay attention to. I also learned it myself and then practiced hard to get where I am today." Ye Qing is very serious and tunnel.
"Well, I’ll practice my hand speed first!" Nalan said that he was going to continue the game, but Ye got up and said, "This is not in a hurry. Today’s training is also very hard. Practice again in the future, so you will forget today’s tactical number!"
Nalan hesitated for a moment and then smiled. "Listen, why don’t you have dinner with us later?"
Ye Qing waved his hand and said, "No, I have work to do!"
"Cut an excuse! I know you’re going to have dinner with Dami. She’s your girlfriend. I don’t mind if I don’t talk when the light bulb is a big deal. I’ll just pretend I didn’t see it when you make out casually! " Nalan avenue
Ye Qing was embarrassed and hurriedly explained, "It’s not that I have other things. I’ll go and tell Honey."
"Oh, it’s disgusting to call honey honey … well, I’ll go first!" He said some sour tunnel, then she got up and walked outside the training room. Ye Qing shook his head and went out, too.
Big honey is still in the office at this time. She is sitting in front of her brain chatting and playing qq games to fight landlords. Now when the team finishes training, Ye Qing has the final say. She doesn’t need to take care of these things. She knows that Ye Qing will definitely come to her after the training. She just needs to wait in the office.
Chapter 792 A lie
Ye Qing went to the outside of Da Mi’s office and knocked on the door. Da Mi called in, then Ye Qing pushed the door and went in. Da Mi looked up at the door and Zhan Yan laughed. "Is the training over?"
"Well, it’s time for you to go to work. What are you still busy with?" Ye Qing went to his desk and asked Dami, "Are you busy playing games? Are you chatting with landlords?"
"It’s really a chat, but now the team seems to have no big deal. You can also play games to pass the time, but there is no need to fight the landlord. You can play F!" Ye Qing Dao
Honey shook her head and said, "I like F very much, but I prefer to watch F games. It’s a little hard for me to play for a long time, and I feel impetuous."
"I have something to do tonight, so I won’t have dinner with you. You can drive home by yourself later. Be careful on the road." Ye Qing’s tone is gentle and tunnel.
Big honey smell speech frowned and then looked at Ye Qing way "what is it? Can’t I go with you? "
Ye Qing suddenly felt a little difficult. He wanted to see Su Yanbing, but he really couldn’t go with Dami. He thought a little about the sidewalk. "I want to go to the second child to eat some food. There are some things to talk about. It may be really inconvenient for you to go, and we don’t know when it will be late. It will delay you!"
"Don’t delay when you chat, it’s a big deal that I sit away. What do you talk about that I can’t hear conveniently? It’s really suspicious! " Big honey felt very wrong. Looking at Ye Qing suspiciously in her eyes, she asked
Ye Qing suddenly felt guilty, but his nature was calm and he immediately stabilized his mind. "Let’s talk about the past. One of our classmates has a situation. We need to discuss whether we can help him. Besides, men have some topics, and women had better not participate."
Big honey a listen to these words more feel ghosts, she sneer at a "what’s the matter with your classmates can’t let me know? Maybe I can help? Tell me honestly if you want to do something bad behind my back? "
Ye Qing heard the news and panicked. He didn’t expect Big Honey to be so sensitive and to get to the bottom of it. At that time, he couldn’t think of any good excuse to see Big Honey with a skeptical expression. He knew that if he answered slowly, it would make her more suspicious.
Light Shi Huo he thought of the reason, "our friend got a kind of don’t want people to know the disease, you know? It’s called a hidden disease, and I can’t say it. You have to force me to say that he used to like fooling around outside and got that disease. We are trying to help him, and we can’t let his wife know, or we will definitely get a divorce! "
"Is there such a thing? Is your classmate married? " Big honey or asked suspiciously.
"Yes, when they were in college, they fell in love at first sight and got married as soon as they graduated. Is it any wonder? Can you not get involved in men’s affairs? Sometimes it’s too much to manage, so you have to leave some for each other! " Leaf tilt is very serious tunnel
Big honey smell speech left the pie mouth, "okay, okay, you go. I don’t care about your man!" " She installed magnanimously with the wave, Yuzryha dumped quickly, and Ye dumped like an amnesty. She nodded and walked out of the big honey office, and then he ran away.
At the back of the building, Ye Qing got a car and went straight to Su Yanbing coffee shop. While in the car, he took out his cell phone and wanted to call Dong Laoer to help him lie. But when he thought that the two had been together for so long, there should still be a tacit understanding. Dong Laoer should also know how to say that guy, although sometimes he is stupid, but he is still very clever in this respect!
Big honey sat in the chair and thought for a while, but still felt something was wrong. She picked up the desk phone and made a message to Dong Laoer. On her first day back to the company class today, Dong Laoer seriously insisted on going to class, but when she got to class, he made a message to Zhao Junzhu and asked her to have dinner with her later.
As soon as he walked out of the company, he got a call from Dami. Because it was a landline number, he didn’t know who was the company, so he picked it up.
"Hello Dong Tiancheng? I am big honey! " Big honey directly expressed her identity, and Dong Laoer quickly laughed. "Big boss. Oh, no … I can’t call you big boss now. After all, I’m not your employee. I should call my sister-in-law haha!"
"What eldest sister-in-law … I’m not married yet. Don’t talk nonsense. Let me ask you something. Don’t ambush me. You must tell the truth, okay?"
"What do you say I must know? You are my eldest sister-in-law. How dare I hide something? The boss will definitely not let me go!" Dong second is very frank tunnel
"Do you have any plans for the evening?" Big honey is very clever and asks her if she wants to have dinner with Ye Qing later, but asks him if he has any plans. If Ye Qing doesn’t have an agreement with Dong Laoer, Dong Laoer may tell the truth, so that Yuzryha will finish the plan.
Dong Laoer suddenly realized that something was wrong. Why would he ask him about his plans for the evening because of the abrupt question of Big Honey? He thought about it quickly in his mind and felt that most of the boss had it. Otherwise, Dami couldn’t have called him and worried about his private life.
Such a Lenovo he smiled and said to Big Honey, "I have an appointment with the boss for dinner tonight. What’s the matter? Do you want to come? "
Big honey’s doubts vanished after hearing what he said. "I’d like to come, but your boss won’t let me talk about men. It’s best for women not to ask."
"What do you mean by calling me now? Are you doubting the boss? No, what if a couple doesn’t even have this basic letter? " Dong Laoer’s tone is very saddened. It seems that Da Mi Hang is very heinous.
Big honey smell speech also has some guilt that she would not believe that Ye Qing Ye Qing just went out from the office and she called Dong Laoer. She believes that Ye Qing’s roots are not consistent with Dong Laoer’s string, and it is impossible for Ye Qing to lie so wisely. It is very likely that this matter is true.
Where did she know that Dong Laoer Ye Qing had been inseparable for a long time, and they could guess each other if they didn’t say what was going on in each other’s hearts, and the word big honey was too sudden and asking questions was so abrupt? How could Dong Laoer not guess the meaning of big honey?
"I’m not doubting him. I’m sure whether he went to see you or not. He’s gone like those who lost contact on the road. I don’t know where he went yet. Now I know if he’s gone, I’ll look for you!" Big honey thought of a very far-fetched reason.
"ok, please find me someone as soon as possible!" Dong second is very frank tunnel
"Come on, let’s eat. I’m going home from work!" With that, honey hung up, picked up her bag and walked out of the office, then locked the door.

"Don’t worry, where are you waiting for me?" Han Chen smiled and said

"Are Han Li, Han Chen and Han Feng ready?" Han Xiao day looked at only three people in the field and said
"Ready" three people together replied.
"Good after the judges decided that the order of the three of you in the three competitions was freely combined by you." Han Xiaotian said slowly and sat back to his position and quietly waited for the three people to decide.
"Uncle, I have a question to ask Han Chenke?" At this time, Han Feng suddenly said
"Ask" Han Xiaotian smiled and nodded.
Seeing Han Xiaotian nodding, Han Feng turned to look at Han Chen and said softly, "Cousin Han Chen, can you tell me if you can beat Han Li?"
Hearing Han Feng’s question, Han Chen was slightly stunned and immediately seemed to think of something and asked, "Han Fang cousin him?"
"Well, he was badly injured and needed to be nursed back for a long time to recover." Nodded slightly, Han Feng’s thin face flashed with a ferocious look and then looked at that face and grinned at Han Li.
Hearing Han Feng’s words, Han Chen was very angry in his heart. This is all a family. Han Li actually put a hand on Han Fang. He can’t bear to slowly suppress his feelings. Han Chen looked at Han Feng and said, "Don’t worry, I will beat him and give him some lessons."
"That’s good." Han Feng smiled after hearing Han Chen’s answer, then turned around and looked at Han Xiaotian and said, "Uncle, I give up." After that, they ignored Han Xiaotian’s reaction, which was that the high platform slowly left.
Looking at Han Fengyuan’s figure Han Chen said softly, "Don’t worry, I will give this brain a good beating by the door."
Han Xiaotian was also made a little uncomfortable by this sudden appearance, and then he quickly sorted out the mess and said, "Since Han Feng abandoned the words, it is now the third place for Han Li to win against Han Chen."
Han Li laughed coldly. Although he didn’t know that the Korean summit was suddenly abandoned, it was a good thing for him, and it wouldn’t be a waste of energy. Moreover, it was also an achievement for him to beat Han Chen with such high-profile eyes, and he also wanted Ziling to know that he was stronger than Han Chen.
See Han Li that biting appearance judge XiZiLing eyes also flashed with a cold light.
"If you dare to hand Han Chen’s brother, I don’t care who you are, I will kill you." Whispered Ziling, quietly waiting for this last showdown.
"Finally, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time!" Han Chen licked his lips and then appeared in a flash. Chapter 37 Crazy World War I.
See Han Li that forced don’t stay like Han Chen face is flashing with a ponder sneer at immediately is tiptoe gently jump is appeared in front of Han Li.
"Han Chen, you are still throwing in the towel. Although I still don’t know what method you have used, the strength of one year has risen to practice, but you and I still don’t like it." coldly looking at Han Chen, Han Li said leisurely.
"You talk nonsense so much" Han Chen touched the nose before looking at Han Li carefree said.
"Love your breath and look down on me. I won’t tear your mouth later." Han Li smiled coldly and immediately swelled up.
"Afraid of you, idiot," Han Chen said coldly, and then his whole body gathered instantly, but although he said this verbally, Han Li had to be careful in the face of this nine-fold peak of practice, or he would suffer a lot if he was not careful.
"Since you don’t give up, I’ll teach you a little lesson." Han Li smiled coldly and suddenly rushed away at Han Chen.
In the face of Han Li Han Chen, who rushed to himself, slowly frowned. This world war I can let go.
Bang …
Han Li’s body flashing is accompanied by Han Chen and his fist.
Han Chen yuan gas constantly gathering hands and then is severely Han Li this punch bump together.
Two people to bomb the earth and fierce strength let Han Chen stuffy hum a then suddenly falls back.
"Competitive" steady Han Chen coldly looking at the nearby Han Li, although this guy is usually very arrogant, his strength is really not underestimated. The nine-fold peak strength is not a cover
See a little bit of a small loss Han Chen Han Xiao Tian mood is also quite nervous, this Han Li strength is quite strong, although not Han Lin and purple spirit, but it is the first among the rest of the family.
"If you can’t do it, just throw in the towel. This Han Li is no better than others." Han Xiao murmured in heavenly heart.
Bang …
Han Li rushed towards Han Chen again and then suddenly kicked a sharp arc at Han Chen’s waist.
Han Chen is also quite familiar with this foot. This is Han Li’s mastery of a kind of advanced Wushu called whirlwind kick, which is very powerful.
"Youlong palm" in the heart a drink Han Chen is to quickly cast out Wushu in an attempt to resist Han Li’s violent blow, but it backfired. Han Li’s foot was too earth. Although Han Chen resisted the blow, the fierce horizontal strength was directly to his arm, and a sour and numb feeling filled his arms instantly.
With a gentle growl, Han Chen tiptoes lightly touched the ground and moved back with the strength handed from Han Lishen, which didn’t hurt him.
"Han Chen, it seems that you don’t play lip service, but I despise you." Han Li saw that his earth blow did not cause any substantial damage to the black boy in front of him, but he was also slightly surprised, but he was also called the so-called blow just now. He moved seven points of strength.
"Noisy" Han Chen lifted a sneer at the corner of his mouth and then smiled and lived in the abdomen. Suddenly, he poured his energy towards his legs and then he rushed towards Han Lichong.
Push, push, push …
Toe ground gently, and then the ground keeps making a dull noise.
"It’s that trick again" laughed coldly. Han Li also knew that Han Chen was going to cast out the converging martial arts again, but he was also ready to jump gently and stopped at another place.
"Hum" Han Chen cold hum at the sight of his idea was found tiptoe slowly ground is coldly looking at Han Li.
"It seems that your head has not been squeezed by the door." Han Chen smiled and said.
When this statement came out, Han Li’s face turned green instantly, but it seemed that he had thought of something and then sneered, "I’ll put your head on my foot later."
"That depends on whether you have that thing." Han Chen shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes.
"You … die" Korea facade dew malicious color immediately rushed toward Han Chen again sharp palm wind mixed with light cyan vitality suddenly rushed forward.

There is a faint fragility in the arrogant tone, which makes Gu Yixin instantly soften into water.

She’s not going anywhere. Let her go, and she won’t leave.
Mo Anyan glanced at the two of them shaking hands and said nothing, just sitting and then talking.
"I’m going to keep the Mohist old house."
Mo Anyan waved to Mo Jun to listen to him at night.
"I’m a Mohist elder without my master. I should be guarding this place."
"What you need to do now is to hold the Mohs enterprise. This is a battle and you must win."
Mo Anyan looked at Mo Jun at night and his eyes were burning.
Mo Jun nodded solemnly at night "won’t let you down"
"But brother-in-law, do you really want to stay here?"
Mo Jun is a little worried about his brother-in-law. He has known it since he was a child.
Like freedom and restraint, don’t want to be bound by Mohist family business. With his brother’s inheritance, he is more liberated and will do what he likes.
When Mo Jun’s father passed away, the master knew that Mo Anyan’s mind was back in the rivers and lakes until Mo Jun’s night, and he could slowly support Mo’s enterprise.
Such a person let him keep the heavy old-fashioned Mohist house, Mojun, not worried, but felt that his brother-in-law had sacrificed too much.
Mo Anyan slightly raised her mouth. "Why don’t you believe me?"
"Of course not"
"That’s enough."
Mo Anyan also didn’t explain much that "someone has to sit in the Mohist house. Now it’s my turn, and it’s your turn to hold the Mohist century-old foundation."
Mo Anyan looked up. There is a sense of vicissitudes in the old house of Mohism. The master has been here for a generation, and now it’s his turn.
Since Mo Anyan has decided that Mo Jun has no other opinions.
Mo Anyan went back to the place where he had been living to pack his things.
"An Yan, can I take all these with me?"
Mei Yan ran is sorting things out in her room. There are her belongings and clothes in the suitcase.
There are still two suitcases on the ground that are full.
Mo Anyan walked in and looked into Mei Yanran. Mei Yanran straightened up and smiled weakly. "What’s the matter?"
"I have something to tell you."
Behind the door, Tsing Yi retreated gently, and she didn’t need or want to listen to the conversation between them.
Outside the door, Tsing Yi’s back leans against the wall, keeping alert to the surrounding situation.
Where is her duty?
Mei Yan ran in the room and was about to smile. One of her favorite silk pajamas had been pulled out of shape by her.
"What are you going to say?"
Mo Anyan looked at her for a while and slowly walked to one side before opening her mouth.
"You are twenty-three this year, aren’t you?"

He still wants more and more feelings wrapped in this pheromone.

He took off his coat anxiously … but it wasn’t enough, so he took off his clothes one by one. His head seemed to be drunk by this gentle pheromone, and his reason disintegrated inch by inch, so he could do these things by virtue of it.
I can’t even hear the milk in front of the bedside table crunching.
Shen Anguang/slipped/slipped/buried himself in the quilt.
He didn’t feel better until the ebony pheromone quilt cover could actually wrap his body.
But his body became hotter and hotter. He squinted blankly at the ceiling, and soon the ceiling appeared. That night, Fu Fengning came from the end of the alley.
Then he crouched close to himself …
He held himself …
Shen An felt that the glands became strange, as if several ants were biting him.
"Not comfortable …" Shen An eyes red and wet.
His body is getting more and more strange, and he wants to escape from this big bed again, because his body/sheets and body/being touched by his skin are like a fire …
Have a bad fever.
But he found that he didn’t have much strength left. He whispered for help, "Fu Fengning … I’m not comfortable …"
I can’t even hear myself clearly.
Fu Fengning opened the meeting for an hour and sent a WeChat to Shen An, "Will you feel chatting?"
They haven’t contacted WeChat since Shen An told him on WeChat that he would return his clothes.
Fu Fengning opened Shen An’s head and reflected in the lazy and soft silver layer.
I waited for a moment without waiting for Shen An to reply.
Ten minutes later, there is still no.
Fu Fengning is not a person who needs others to respond, but at the moment his brow is wrinkled in a subtle way.
Are you asleep?
Should not be
Fu Fengning knows and judges Shen An. When he leaves, he will honestly talk and play with his mobile phone in his lounge.
The second time was in the hotel. It’s not surprising that he was ill and slept.
This is the lounge of his company’s office. He looks very afraid that he is on the alert. I don’t think he is asleep.
Fu Fengning was a little uneasy.
He couldn’t resist turning on the monitoring equipment in his mobile phone.
One person in the office remains the same as when he left.
Switch the perspective to the lounge again.
In the lounge …
The clothes are in a mess, and the bed is everywhere …
Fu Fengning rubbed his eyebrows.
I was about to quit and felt wrong.
Then I took a closer look at the quilt, which was bulging and moved from time to time. It seems that Shen An slept restlessly.
Fu Fengning’s heart
It seems that the child doesn’t sleep honestly and it’s not a good habit to throw clothes around.
But it’s cute
But when I saw the broken cup and spilled milk all over the floor, Fu Fengning frowned almost consciously and immediately. "I have something urgent to excuse me, and then my assistant will preside over the meeting. I will look back at the meeting minutes after you continue."
With that, he took a rest in the conference room, and everyone got up and pushed open the seat and strode out.
You have something to say.
Do you want to be a double watch?
Chapter, chapter
Fu Fengning pushed open the outer layer of the office, and a strong/strong gardenia fragrance came to my face.
It’s heavier/heavier than he’s ever smelled it.
It’s not like blooming, it’s like bursting its banks and giving everything it has.
Fu Fengning’s face sank and he opened the door in three steps and two steps. Its gardenia pheromone was more like a collapse.
Shen An!’
Fu Fengning knelt on one knee beside the bed and propped up on one leg, and fished him into his arms together to release the soothing pheromone.
Shen An’s face was flushed with illness, and he consciously absorbed it with his mouth open like lack of oxygen. Suddenly, the ebony pheromone showed a little pink tongue tip.
"Shen An Shen An?"
Fu Fengning stretched out his hand to touch his forehead, body/body very hot.
Fu Fengning, who has always been emotionally stable, showed panic. His throat was dry, and he took out his mobile phone with one hand and dialed a message: "Lin Yu, my ega is sick, and the gland problem pheromone keeps leaking out. I can’t accept it. I am at the headquarters. Come here at once!"
He threw his mobile phone aside and felt his arms moving. He bowed his head and was stabbed tightly by the tears in the corner of Shen An’s eye. "Is Shen An very uncomfortable?"

"Well, I’ll contact you then." Smoke said and left.

After seeing the smoke leaving, Feng looked at the shimmering city and said, "I’m sorry, I’ve been very busy recently. Have you come to me for help?"
After hearing this, the shimmering city shook its head and smiled, "Not yet."
"Well, what can I do for you?" Maple nods.
"Well, my tutor asked me to get some fish oil shops. I have to go fishing, but I heard from my tutor that the fishing place is dangerous, so I came to ask Brother Yan for you." The shimmering city replied.
"Fishing? Do you have a fishing rod? " Feng asked.
"Not yet. I went to the store to see the fishing rod. It’s quite expensive. I didn’t buy it, but I’m rich now," said Twilight City happily.
"Well, let’s buy a fishing rod road first. You tell me where to go fishing." Feng nods.
But before he walked out of a few steps, the system suddenly rang.
"Someone is looking for you outside the game cabin."
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Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Surprise
After listening to the instructions, Feng said to the shimmering city, "Wait a minute. Someone is looking for me outside the game."
"Good" shimmer city nods
With that, Feng chose the line.
After opening her eyes, Feng saw that it was Ye Yulan and other outsiders in the game cabin. After the hatch was hit, Feng asked, "What’s the matter?"
"If you don’t pick up the words for a long time, you will come directly." Ye Yulan said after sitting on the bed, shaking his legs.
"After the game, you didn’t go out to surf for a few days? It’s not your character, "said Feng, sitting up.
"What’s the wave? Come back and play the game quickly, okay? My character has been established. Is it very literary that the ID is a melody?"
"Well, it sounds good. I’ll add your friends later. Wait … did you choose to be a big shot in that respect?" Feng asked.
"The mage! I have long wanted to experience the feeling of rubbing a fireball by myself, "said Ye Yulan excitedly.
"You really know how to choose … I forgot to wake you up before. If you choose a mage, you don’t want to see me for half a month." Maple laughed.
"ah! ? What? " Ye Yulan inexplicable way
So Feng gave Ye Yulan a lecture on the status quo of being a man. Ye Yulan pursed her lips after listening to it. "Well, I’ll study slowly alone. You must be better than you when I come out."
Feng laughed after hearing this. "I believe it. Although I think I should treat you to a meal now, congratulations on winning the championship, there is still a friend waiting for me in the game. I will replenish you after this meal."
"Ok, then I’m going to eat in Langman." Ye Yulan smiled and said.
"Hey eat big ah you …"
Langman is regarded as the most advanced western-style restaurant in Fiona Fang, the decoration and dishes are first-class, but the same price is also first-class!
"Yes" leaves orchid a serious nods.
"Okay, post tendril post tendril deal" maple nods.
"Hey, you agreed? Shouldn’t you have said that you would take me there after you sold your 100 Jin of meat? " Ye Yulan was very surprised and said
"It’s a rare luxury. My wallet is still affected. Don’t say you’re just talking casually at the moment. That’s it. Lang Man, I’m advanced in the game. I’ll add your friends later." Maple then lay back and re-entered the game cabin.
See the game cabin door after Ye Yulan smiled a "ah ~ this time it’s really quite sincere" and left the maple room with cheerful little steps.
After reconnecting, Feng found that the shimmering city was practicing shaking the bottle again and said, "You are really hardworking."
After hearing this, the shimmering city smiled and said, "Because it’s fun."
"Fun …? Your hobbies are really unique. Let’s go to the store, "said Feng.
"Well" shimmering city nodded and put the bottle back in the backpack.
Lu Feng learned that the place where the shimmering city is going to go fishing is called Moonlight Lake, which is not far from Mitte City, but I don’t know what the so-called danger is.
When I got to the store, Feng went to the counter and looked at the price of fishing rods. It’s only 5 silver each. It’s really not expensive, but it’s because Feng didn’t make any money before the shimmering city that she thought 5 silver was too expensive.
After watching it for half a day, Feng thought that if she went fishing with the shimmering city, she couldn’t just sit around, so she decided to buy one.
In addition to ordinary fishing rods, there are of course high-grade fishing rods in the shop, among which a blue bamboo fishing rod has aroused Feng’s interest.
Wote bamboo pole (fishing gear)
Excellent quality
Special effects The chance of catching rare fish is 5% higher.
Note: This bamboo pole smells wonderful.
Although I don’t know what rare fish are like, the concept that rarity equals good things is definitely unchanging.
After looking at other fishing rods and merchants for a while, Feng suddenly finished this store. When he first came here, he felt that the best merchants in the counter were also excellent, but they didn’t even shine.
"Alas, I blame myself for being too young and knowledgeable to treat this place as a treasure house." Maple said with a little sigh.
In the end, Feng finally chose this Walter bamboo pole, and its price was 1 gold. Although Feng thought it was dark, he bought it. After all, what can he equip to get this kind of life props by doing and fighting monsters? He really doesn’t know what other ways to get it at present.
Then the twilight city persuaded Feng to buy this fishing rod, an essential prop, which didn’t save money.
Just as the two men were preparing to leave with fishing rods, a pair of big hands suddenly patted Feng Shoulder and looked back and saw a familiar face.
"President Tim?" Maple surprised and asked
It was the right time to give him a "flash" photo of others, which surprised Feng.
"I saw you from afar. Why didn’t you let me know before you came to buy something? I can give you a discount." Tim laughed
Discount …? Huh? It’s been a long time, so this black shop is you! ?
I was surprised again, and suddenly I felt a little puzzled. He really never linked the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce with this store. He also said that the Chamber of Commerce is just as small as the Silver Sword Chamber of Commerce. I mean, it’s too hard for a big official like you to personally escort the goods.
Looking at Feng Bi, Sam smiled and said, "What are you here to buy?"