"Quick blunt past! Can be a target here. "

"Yes, those guards have already launched a charge. Follow them quickly."
After two rounds of arrows and rain, players died, at least thousands, and the white light of death simply couldn’t stop like a fireworks show.
The maple crystal shield is still strong after resisting the second wave of arrows and rain, but the color of a blue crystal in the glove is darker than that of the glove, and the crystal shield will disappear when the gem turns dark completely.
"It seems that we have to find a way to get some rechargeable advanced crystals." Looking at the gloves, the crystal can recover at a turtle speed, and the maple is slightly depressed.
But at this time, after two arrows and rain, Feng has sneaked to the side of the bandit troops. Here, he will definitely not be baptized by the arrows and rain.
The players who are still alive have followed the guards to the front of the bandit troops, but just as the players are sharpening their knives and preparing for revenge, the front troops of the bandit troops suddenly split into two sides, and then a bandit cavalry unit rushed out of it with a scream of horses and entered the player group like a sickle of death.
"soldier! Soldiers go to the top! "
"Run, run, run, this can’t be played!"
"Don’t panic don’t panic! Cut the horse’s foot! Poof … "
After the bandit troops cavalry entered the player group, it was simply a tiger in the flock. At this moment, the shortcomings of the player army were exposed, but the root of the organization was a random fight. If the soldiers could form a formation to block the front and the swordsmen and archers output again, they would not be beaten so badly.
But none of the players present are stupid in front. Is it possible to die and sacrifice yourself for others to pick up cheap? If a player can do this, he is not a player.
Sneaking aside, Feng couldn’t even take a bite when he saw this battle. He came with the idea of easily getting rewards, but it’s only been a few minutes, and he’s almost half dead! And there are still many players who have withdrawn their jokes. They are here to see if there is any cheap money to make. Now they don’t even know what the reward is, so they have to give their lives to do it. The death penalty is very heavy.
However, although the players’ army was beaten to pieces, the guards of Mitte City were still very fierce. They kept the shield soldiers in front and the marines in the back, and they kept killing the bandits like a bulldozer, which saved a little scene.
But Feng doesn’t intend to join this bulldozer. He has seen many players who are following the guards to steal some badges, killed by bandit cavalry or shot through by archers. If you want to emerge in this battlefield, there will be no more security.
So Feng stopped to think about it. Now, in the business of killing bandit troops and getting badges, the risks and benefits are out of proportion, and he will have to wait until a better opportunity.
Just as Feng was thinking about where to look for opportunities, a scream suddenly sounded around him, and then he saw a man lying on the ground with several sharp arrows in his chest.
Stealth is seen through!
What happened to Feng instantly? A series of "surprises" made him forget the tracking technique. Some colleagues passed by and didn’t find them, but those bandit archers found them and came to a round of shooting.
It seems that I didn’t get caught because of my high level of going forward.’ Feng silently thought that he was almost in the same position as this dead stalker now. He died but he didn’t die, so there was a reason for the high and low level of stealth.
Knowing that there were dangers everywhere, Feng Qi started tracking and found that there were quite a few colleagues around him, but they were afraid to go on after seeing one dead, and they all stopped in the same place and hesitated.
Feng took a breath after hiding in a tree and made a decision to sneak into Sandel town!
He believes that the elite of the bandit troops have definitely come out, so now they are still in Sandel town, and they are bound to be scum, but no matter whether they are elites or scum, they will have a medal. This kind of situation is of course to pick a soft persimmon and maybe even trigger something after entering the city. It is better than staying outside in this dangerous battlefield.
After the tracking technique determined the position of several bandit archers in the distance, Feng spared them and carefully touched them toward Sandel Town. Before the operation, it was found that these archers were Feng’s greatest advantage over other stalkers, whether they were hiding behind rocks in the grass or trees, they could not hide from Feng’s perception.
Finally, after two changes of breath, Feng finally approached Sandel town, and he bypassed countless archers. One of them seemed to have sensed that Feng had looked towards him, so that Feng did not dare to move. Finally, it was thrilling to hide in the past.
There was a burning flame at the entrance of Sandel town, but it didn’t stop the imported maple. After observing that there was no ambush nearby, it sneaked into the town.
The scene in the town is almost the same as that in Feng’s imagination. There are some old, weak, sick and disabled bandit troops, and many injured bandit troops are continuously sent in.
However, there are not these wounded soldiers in the town, and many strong bandit troops are going door to door to catch one by one and throw them into the town center square, laughing and discussing today’s harvest with each other.
"Come and help! There is a hard point here! "
Just when Feng was thinking about what he could do, he suddenly heard a sad cry for help not far away, so Feng turned to look and saw a wonderful scene.
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Chapter one hundred and fifty Smoke
Feng, who can beat girls, has seen a lot in the military camp, but it is the first time he has seen such a cruel girl!
Not far away, in the encirclement of the bandit troops stood a female player named Qingyan, who had exquisite short hair and wore a chain armor. A machete in her hand was covered with blood, and five bandit troops were lying quietly next to her.
After hearing for help, five bandit troops immediately rushed to Qingyan, only to see Qingyan rush directly to one of them without defending. He waved a machete and cut it at his bandit’s frightened broadsword to block it, but as soon as he blocked Qingyan’s left knee, he was severely kicked by Qingyan, and suddenly lost his balance and fell forward, but before landing, he was already headed by Qingyan Machete owl.
At this time, another robber had come behind Qingyan and raised his broadsword. Just as he was about to cut it, he saw Qingyan’s right elbow severely hit his abdomen, causing the robber to bend over. At this time, Qingyan simply turned around and cut off the robber’s head with a machete in his hand, and then Qingyan grabbed the head and smashed it to the left. After stopping his footsteps, she immediately turned and rushed towards the other two robbers.

Dong Fengling’s happy look gradually gained some meaning.

Of course, the actual performance is still the second time. Dong Yong’s inspiration interest is what to express behind these performances. Hehe, nine out of ten are for people who want to see it. Who said that ancient women never let go? Isn’t this straightforward?
The imperial concubine is just the opposite. This kind of thing has been experienced too much. She knows what everyone is good at. Chapter 44 is just like this.
And many times, the performance has always been the same, and it won’t change anything.
I don’t think there’s anything to see if I look at nature a few times.
After drinking a mouthful of tea, Guifei chuckled, "Do you really think it looks good?"
Dong Yuling picked his eyebrows. "Don’t you think that all your daughters and daughters are quite exquisite?"
Dong Yuling gestured with his forehead that a Chinese painting actually winked at a distant male guest from time to time. Is it really attentive?
The imperial concubine looked at it for a while and finally knew what Dong Yuling meant. She could not help laughing, "You are the most exquisite one."
So a look at the imperial concubine really feels interesting, especially some intentionality, and you can see more after seeing it.
For example, whose family is interested in combining with whose family is a bit tricky, and so on.
At that time, the imperial concubine didn’t feel that she was more interested in chatting.
Any imperial concubine who thinks that Queen Shu will naturally be unhappy becomes interested when she sees Jade Imperial concubine and Dong Wei whispering. She suddenly gets listless and gets up to watch the performances in the field, so she wants to stop and stop being an eyesore.
However, on so many occasions, the queen dare not call someone to come. It is because she inexplicably let people go, and she really embarrassed herself and suffered several complaints for no reason.
When I tried to hang hatred on Dong Yuling, the queen tried to reduce her hatred value by other means. Naturally, she asked people to invite her, and the effect was really good.
At the moment, everyone cares about the performance, including the elders, and they don’t want their daughters to give up a performance opportunity. Naturally, they don’t remember the sudden call of the queen. If they can get the ideal son-in-law, they will thank the queen for arranging it.
The imperial concubine and Dong Yuling naturally saw this, but we can’t stop the male guests from coming!
It is said that the queen still has a lot of means, that is, she often digs holes for herself before filling them, and I don’t know why she can play so happily alone.
"Sister Guifei and Shi Fei are very interested. What do you think of the performance of many daughters?" The queen endured and endured, but in the end she didn’t hold back her cynicism, but she had to be dignified.
Dong Yuling looked at the queen’s head and said something to this woman.
She called the imperial concubine three times, which is just the kind of jade imperial concubine, which simply shows her identity and makes me fair.
Then there is the imperial concubine, and naturally she is also dissatisfied and wants to dig a hole.
Now there’s another sentence: imperial concubine, sister, hehe, did you bring relatives and friends? How does this mood change?
Or the imperial concubine is the most calm. No matter how the queen’s address changes, she ignores it and takes it too seriously. That’s bitter for herself.
"Nature is good or Empress has a good eye. Knowing that everyone has a good talent, you should show it to everyone and see if it can’t be buried." The imperial concubine smiled and took the Queen into the ditch with an excuse.
Although the queen ordered the imperial concubine, it can be said that she came to the imperial concubine to answer the phone quickly, but she woke up again and pricked up her ears. Who is messing with everyone today?
Dong Fengling sniggered. This queen has been fighting and losing many times, and the Vietnam War has become more and more brave!
Even if she doesn’t care, why does she always poke it out and get caught?
Dong Fengling and Yu Guifei are all looking at it with enthusiasm. Where do you pay attention to the queen? Who will stab her if she doesn’t talk? It happened that I always jumped out to brush my feelings.
The queen’s face is stiff. Dong Fengling is more interested in watching her secretly grind her teeth. I guess I can’t wait to pull her out and behead her!
This queen is really worthy of the fact that some representatives of Secondary Two are not small!
"Where is it that every daughter’s family has grown up to be big? It’s not surprising that some talents are big. What about the princess? Palace is quite curious. I don’t know what surprises Shi Fei has made Qin Ruwang look so differently? " The queen’s spearhead was directed at Dong Yuling, which also attracted many people’s attention.
To be honest, they also want to know what is worthy of special attention in this world besides medical skills.
Smell speech Dong Fengling smiled from the bottom of my heart and waited for her? Is this the queen’s purpose today?
"Empress absurdly praised Lingxin where what talent? I don’t know in the world. Why don’t you ask the Empress for Lingxin? It’s better to understand the spirit. "Dong Yuling is not afraid of losing face. Anyway, her status as a peasant woman has been said to be no further.
Now if she broke any talent, wouldn’t she hit everyone in the face?
For the time being, Dong Yuling doesn’t want to pull the hatred situation like that. This is the queen’s proposal, so she must not do what the queen wants. Otherwise, will this time be over twice?
However, the second half of the sentence is wonderful. Others want to laugh but dare not. The queen’s face changes and looks very good.
Everyone never thought that Dong Fengling would say so, so calm, so … it’s not tangible.
It’s not somebody else’s topic to say that Dong Yong Ling is shameless, and they say that they are calm and don’t even have the slightest emotion, which makes them vomit? If you talk too much, it’s like they’re too ashamed to peep into the privacy of the world.
I want to say that being a princess is not reserved at all, but people have not said anything about answering the queen’s question seriously, okay?
Besides, aren’t these all recognized by everyone? That’s what it’s like to recognize her as a peasant girl …

After being untied by Ye Yu, everyone was saved, panting and staring at Ye Yu with some fear.

After seeing Gabriel and Azazeru arrive, they all realized that men are not enemies, but this does not prevent them from being afraid of Ye Yu.
"Hum! Who knows what tricks you’ve played? Lord Gabriel, it’s been a long time! "
When Fox suddenly saw Gabriel’s figure, he suddenly cried with joy and looked like he knew someone.
"Ha ha, long time no see. Xiao Jiuzhong was still coquetry in your mother’s arms."
"Boo-hoo … Lord Gabriel, my mother was taken away and this bad guy bullied me!"
After seeing Gabriel, Jiuzhong immediately cried and jumped into his arms.
"Don’t worry, Xiao Jiuzhong, we will help you find your mother." Gabriel, a girl crying in her arms, said this, and the expression on the face of the blazing angel’s adult also seemed dignified
"Will it be a disaster group?" Ye Yu picked his eyebrows and said a name.
"It seems that it may be them." Gabriel nodded.
"By the way, what is the identity of this bad guy?"
Looking at Ye Yu and Gabriel very well, the small nine-fold sample is not asked by some curiosity
"He’s the strongest soldier in the history of the underworld. Oh, don’t worry. With this guy here, you can save your mother quickly," Gabriel said comfortingly
"What is a soldier!" Fox left the pie mouth and obviously looked down on Ye Royal, but Gabriel smiled and didn’t care.
"I didn’t do anything to you, did I? I became a bad guy for no reason. Be reasonable."
"Hum, bad guys are bad guys!" Fox said coyly, hiding in Gabriel’s arms and turning away.
"Well, this is not a place to talk. Selafoul is here in hell. Let’s discuss it together."
Azazeru said so, and they nodded their heads and set off together in Gabriel’s lead to a completely different place from the outside world.
Like the street combination in the Jiang Dynasty, ancient houses were built side by side, and strange creatures emerged from doors, windows and passages.
"I didn’t expect to set up a memorial arch in an unpopular place in the Golden Pavilion Temple, and then I turned into another world."
Ye Yu wowed and looked around. All the little monsters were curious to see him because of the human and animal harm. But no one dared to lean over because of the fiery angel Gabriel and the degenerate angel governor Azazeru around him.
It’s a little dark here, and it’s not the same as the outside world, because it’s the birthplace of monsters after all
"Welcome Gabriel’s adult … and Azazeru’s adult." A girl who looks very mature is greeted by a fox demon.
"Lord Leviathan is already waiting for you inside."
So, led by the fox demon, he first passed through the place where houses were built side by side and entered the forest with a small river between them. From this place, he continued to deepen and a huge red archway appeared.
There is a super mansion in front of it, which gives people an ancient and majestic feeling. Wearing it in front of the archway and Seraful are already there!
"Oh, you’re finally here. Oh, I’m so anxious. Ye Yu, did you bully Xiao Jiuzhong?"
Seraph joked in a lovely tone.
"Only … I’m not bullied. I’m a little devil like Lord Fox Fairy, and I can easily control him!"
Be Serra fuer hit home nine heavy immediately blushed up some excuse in a flurry.
"I wish Xiao Jiuzhong was all right. At first, after knowing that even the little princess had been taken away by strange people, the monsters were in turmoil for a long time."
What did I do? I didn’t do anything well!
While Ye Yu upset turned supercilious look.
Walked into the house a line of people sitting in the hall to Ye Yu also find out what happened.
The nine-tailed fox, who is in charge of this monster in Kyoto, left the house a few days ago to talk with the emissary sent by Indra of Sumi Mountain.
However, Miss Sakamoto didn’t feel something strange at the meeting place with the Indra Angel. When the monster launched the investigation, it protected the crow-dog who was accompanied by Miss Sakamoto and seemed to be in a dying state.
On his deathbed, the crow dog told the monsters that Miss Sakamoto had been attacked by someone and was kidnapped.
So the monsters made a thorough search for suspicious people in Kyoto, fearing that mother Jiuzhong would call indiscriminately when she saw Ye Yu, a stranger.
"I said that this time, I asked the three families to help save my mother."
Sit position nine heavy took out the little princess should have momentum so said
"Alas, this kind of thing is easy to happen when all forces want to join hands. Odin came to Loki that time? This time bear the enemy role is a disaster group guys? "
Azazeru pie pie said at Ye Yu once, but this guy directly solved Loki and Fenrir Wolf together.
"There’s nothing surprising about the disaster group. After all, it’s already our old rival. I just don’t know what their purpose is in kidnapping the Kyoto monster commander."
Ye Yu some casually say so immediately let all the people present lost in thought.
Chapter 35 Finding the Target
"This one is …"
While Azazeru Gabriel and Seraph were thinking about Ye Yu’s words, another person spoke at the round table.
Sitting on both sides of Jiuchong are the fox who just led the way and an old man with a long nose who is a yogi.
This old man is the elder of the dog, and he has been in contact with Kyubi no Youko since ancient times. In this Kyoto, he also belongs to the venerable.
At the moment, the three people sitting here represent the angel of heaven, the devil of hell and the degenerate angel, which makes the old man wonder what kind of identity Ye Yu is talking with.
"Him? His name is Ye Yu. He is a freak. You can regard him as a representative."
Azazeru unconcerned smiled to say so and Gabriel and Seraph nodded slightly in agreement. Suddenly, it was to make someone’s face move in the place.
This representative is not as simple as an ordinary representative, but a representative of three families!
"The governor temple devil temple blazing angel temple and the leaf master can think of some way to save the sitting princess? No matter how hard we talk, we are willing to do it. "
The dog elder than sincere said so.
After saying this, I also took out a painting for everyone to see, with a beautiful blonde in witch dress!
"This is Princess Sakamoto."
"Not the kui is a small nine heavy mother? It’s really a rare beauty." Ye Yu narrowed her eyes and gently praised the vigilant eyes of the fox
"It’s certain that those guys who took Princess Sakamoto are still in Kyoto," Azazeru said.
"Oh, yes?" Ye Yu asked Azazeru replied.
"There is no chaos in the whole area of Kyoto. The nine-tailed fox keeps a balance by collecting all kinds of gases flowing in this land. This is a large-scale position in Kyoto. If the nine-tailed fox leaves this land or is killed, Kyoto will change, and even the omen will not happen. That is to say, Princess Sakamoto is still alive and it is very likely that those people will still be kidnapped here."
"To what extent have the members of the Seraph demon investigated?"
"Let them make a detailed investigation, and let members who know Kyoto better act."
Azazeru asked Seraph, and Seraph answered them one by one, but it seems that the other party is hiding very well and has not found any clues until now.
"Maybe … I know where General Sakamoto is."
When Azazeru and Seraph were talking, Ye Yu suddenly looked up and spoke slowly.

Father-in-law Jin took a cold look at the old woman and didn’t good the spirit asked

"How come? Where else in this palace can’t my father-in-law go?"
Liao Shanggong immediately smile apologetically a way
Father-in-law Jin doesn’t know if it’s true that Liao Shanggong waved his hand when he was wrong with each other. "Come on, your flattery is not good for our family. We’re here to tell the emperor who is Tang Luowan?"
Tang Luowan?
Grandpa Jin is actually looking for Tang Luowan?
Liao Shanggong was dazed for a moment, but he still didn’t dare to neglect his old man’s house. He quickly shouted at the hundreds of xiunv, "Tang Luowan came out to take the order!"
Tang Luowan was in the back and hurried out after hearing the call from the front. "I am Tang Luowan."
Aside the palace maid took her to the front of Jin Gonggong and then replied, "Jin Gonggong, this is the xiunv Tang Luowan 64. Chapter 64 Princess bit 3.
Father-in-law Jin took a look at the beauty of Tang Luowan. He has seen a lot, and he is no longer a man. Naturally, there is nothing to appreciate about beauty.
Business is business, and the dust in the hand is raised. "Tang Luowan took the order!"
Take orders?
Tang Luowan was dumbfounded. I didn’t expect Princess Changle to do things so fast. Is she really going to become Princess Zhao?
Gold father-in-law see before Tang Luowan stay there like a fool can’t help but full of anger and anger scolded, "why don’t you get down on your knees?" Who taught you palace rules! "
"My father-in-law calmed down because my daughter crossed the line. Please forgive my father-in-law. My daughter took the order and asked my father-in-law to declare the will."
Tang Luowan knelt on his knees and got a gentle gift, and made a prompt response.
Father-in-law Jin gave her a look. The little girl is a bit flexible.
Well, beauty’s life is ruined
"By the imperial edict, Princess Tang Luowan Xia will be carried into the apricot pear palace when the ritual department finds out that the moon is auspicious, and the summer king will get married!"
Father-in-law Jin’s words surprised everyone.
From the beginning, the girls knew that it was the imperial edict for Tang Luowan, and they were envious and jealous.
But at this moment, everyone gloats.
Xia Wang, however, was grounded in the deep palace, forbidden to be loved by the emperor, and blinded by his eyes. It was a mistake in his life.
The emperor will forget such a loser, but he didn’t expect to give Tang Luowan to Xia Wang at this time. Now, why don’t those xiunv please people?
A single flower alone will be attacked by other flowers.
"oh! Look at people who are beautiful. They are rich. They immediately sealed Princess Xia without even seeing the emperor’s face. "
"That’s right. It’s such a blessing that we sisters don’t flatter each other, right?"
"Xia Wang is very nice. Miss Tang is really blessed!"
They can’t hide their eyebrows and smiles when they finish these words.
Liao Shang palace gave them a cross "palace people do things you all forget? If you talk too much, you will lose your charm. De Fei is waiting for you to leave at the White Tiger Hall! "
Father-in-law Jin made such a scene that Liao Shanggong was really taken aback. This Tang Luowan is an important chess game of rhyme princess, but I didn’t expect that Tang Luowan would become Princess Xia at this time!
Things are simply unexpected.
If the worst mood now is not Liao Shanggong or Yun Deyi, but Tang Luowan.
She thoroughly experienced the feeling of falling from the peak to the bottom today.
Father-in-law Jin looked at the ground lazily, and there was a sneer at Tang Luowan’s mouth. "Miss Tang, you should thank me, and our family has to go back to the emperor to get back to me!"
"Long live the will of my daughter Xie Huang! Long live the will!"
Tang Luowan’s eyes stared straight at the ground, and his brain answered him mechanically like paste.
"Well, there’s nothing wrong with Miss Tang in the palace now. Miss Tang can go back to the house and rest. After the news of does come out, our family will personally go to Tang House to inform such a good news."
Say that finish before Tang Luowan reaction gold father-in-law has turned away.
One second Tang Luowan was short of breath and passed out directly.
"Miss 65 Chapter 65 Reverse Shengyi 1
Moho Biliu both rushed to her and went to the small waiter, who finally carried her out of the palace and sent her back to Tang Fu.
The family got together, and even Tang Jincheng didn’t go back to the princess’s house at night, but went back to the Tang House. Tang Hui will also talk about the shop for a while.
Other people in the Tang Hall have been dismissed.
There are several host families and two maids, Mohe and Biliu, who are staying behind.
Tang Jincheng’s elegant face was staring straight at Mohe and Biliu with a pair of dark eyes that were quiet before the storm. "You have carefully explained what happened today from beginning to end. If I find out which one of you lied, the young master will teach her that life is worse than death!"
Tang Luowan spent many years working hard, and today the chess is in place.
But chess went out, but it fell to someone else’s house, or there was no Xia Wang!
Who is Xia Wang?
His biological mother is a princess who has fallen out of favor, and Xia Wang is blind. If Tang Luowan really marries him, this life is absolutely ruined!
"Gentleman handmaiden said everything. Today, the handmaiden followed the big lady into the palace. After the big lady entered the palace, she kept quiet until Shi said that Princess Changle, King Zhao and Xianwang had all come. The big lady always remembered that the big and small words should attract the attention of King Zhao, so she performed before …"
Tang Hui has been silent since he heard Mohe’s answer, and he is not sure what went wrong.
Tang Jincheng is a Xu person, and if he can’t see it here, he’s a top scholar today!
He couldn’t help sighing when he asked Mohe to tell the story of seeing Zhao Wangdian again until Mohe repeated it again.
"I can’t believe that today’s fruit is actually the cause of my past."

Chu Fei closed the magic circle. Just now, he got the information sent by the Association of Job Changers. As Chu Fei expected, the demons of hell were creating demons in the defensive canyon of Long Ta. More precisely, they were liberated from the shackles of the law. Although these demons died and disappeared, they were resurrected, but they had an unbound intelligent body. Their strength also increased a lot.

Hum, you idiots always wake up, and now you’re so nervous when you don’t take it seriously! In fact, Long Ta’s construction and hell have long been known by Mu Chufei, but there is a former higher demon around him who has the title of Marquis of Hell. Although Maru Cosias is now out of hell, he knows all about some movements.
Hell is trying to unlock the seal. The first step is to get ordinary monsters out of the shackles of the law. Although this will weaken the hell in the human world, if you can get a lot of experience, you can naturally further study the method. According to Maru Cosias’s conjecture, first the ordinary monsters are released and then the war is immediately.
Well, let’s figure it out. It should have been speculated six months ago. Now it seems as expected as he speculated, but it’s not a war yet. In the face of those monsters who suddenly gain intelligence and increase their strength, the loss of job-changers’ association has increased, and the job-changers’ association is also afraid that the number of monsters will eventually be too large, which will lead to the danger of Harrogas being hit by people trying to break through Long Ta for the second time. This time, a considerable number of high-end forces in the job-changers’ association have failed.
Long Ta can help a frost dragon to exert its strength by 150%. What’s more, Long Ta has the theory of sending troops. Whether it’s the forces of hell or the dragon, it can always support the paradise to get the boat out of trouble and support it effectively. In the end, the strategy of pulling out the Long Ta failed this time. Now the dragon should know that the frost dragon is dead, but it’s heaven or hell at most. If you don’t show up, you should not have anything.
The plan of hell should be to first untie most monsters and let them attack Harrogas, the stronghold of human beings, to attract all human forces, and then to find a way to release those super-hidden monsters and devil-level demons. For example, Andariel and Duriel should be the three demons of hell next. This plan looks simple, but it should be a long time span. For example, it is difficult enough for these ordinary little monsters to get them out of the bondage of laws, otherwise hell will not ask the dragons to build Long Ta to defend there.
"What’s the matter? Is there any trouble? " The two-headed magic wolf paced out of the void. Recently, it tried to communicate and practice with the frost dragon in terms of energy. After all, Maru Cosias is also a higher demon with double cultivation of ice and fire. After all, the magic wolf growled and played in the two special opposing attributes of ice and fire to exert the greatest damage. This is very welcome to Chu Fei. Although the two-headed magic wolf got some inspiration from the frost dragon, the frost dragon benefited a lot. The ability to master the elements of this world has further improved.
"The association of job-changers is not going to let me go on like this. It gave me three months to rest and then I will be inspected. After all, there are not many holy wings among job-changers and many of them have died recently." Chu flew back and replied, "This time, the association of job-changers is completely afraid of hell. It is always necessary to dispatch job-changers with strong action ability to clear up the hell as much as possible. The specific actions will not be known until I return to Harrogas."
"It’s interesting that this time it’s really fun. The dragons didn’t participate in the first two times. This time it can be said that it’s a real three-world war." Malu Cosias was silent for a long time and suddenly sighed.
That’s right, this time it’s really the Three Realms War, and Chu Fei’s heart is also heavy. He stayed from the frozen plateau for about three months and then came to the Crystal Channel. It’s been five months, and the level has risen from 52 to 60 unconsciously. Although this speed is amazing, Chu Fei is still not satisfied. After 50, every level is a great progress, and the strength is steadily rising, but it takes at least 70 to be sure to save himself in this chaotic war of the Three Realms.
Squeeze another body double, and strive for another three-level promotion in the remaining three months, and then collect the experience value. In addition to the frost dragon, body double doesn’t have to let them rise. After leaving here, it is necessary to transfer the dragon soul curse in the spiritual world to body double. If only we could ambush a dragon with this dragon soul curse.
Get up and curse the dragon soul. In Chufei’s spirit, Chufei will operate the spirit to suppress this curse. I didn’t expect to pay much attention to the operation of the spirit at ordinary times, but later I found that the spirit turned far more handy and the growth rate increased a little. This is the so-called pressure and motivation, right
Chu Fei’s progress is remarkable. At the same time, Maru Cosias and the demon Elizabeth have made great progress. Although they are not as obvious as themselves, the foundation of these two demons is very strong, and their strength is not growing fast. However, they are still higher than themselves in the realm. He feels less about himself and has to reach level 70 before he can raise his strength to a realm.
"What are you talking about? I have found the way to the glaciers, and then we can understand the more powerful monsters, but it is not a crystal channel. Compared with just now, I found nine twilight souls. Once I enter their ambush, I will immediately form a network of nine flashes. If you don’t have my support, I’m afraid you will be supported by the law. "Elizabeth describes the monsters in the glaciers.
Chu Fei knows how many powerful monsters there are in the glacier path without the explanation of the magic spirit, such as the undead strongest monster with a sword mummy, There are a lot of ice-scarers and Styx banshees and twilight souls. These monsters are generally more than 30% stronger than the monsters in the crystal channel, but this is also the case. When there are three months left, Chu Fei decided to maximize his experience. The experience value of these monsters is 50% or 60% more than that of the surface. These benefits are enough to make him see danger, and the frost dragon has just risen to a higher level. Now, the physical and freezing attacks have increased a lot, and even if the two-headed magic wolves help the dead, the frozen gas effect can cause enough damage. There is nothing to be afraid of.
"There are still three months before we return to Harrogas. In these three months, both of you will help me. With your experience, the upgrade speed will be three points faster than the reward. I will share my tips on projection with you. What do you think?" Chu Feisi took an examination for a while and decided to set his own conditions. If the two-headed magic wolf Maru Cosias and the magic spirit Elizabeth change jobs, the physical help will not only speed up the killing of monsters, but also reduce the danger and reduce the experience value. Since they are allowed to contribute, it is natural to pay enough to project the special ability of this ancient sweeping three realms hybrid. Chu Fei should study it enough.
"Ha ha, should I thank the world for its turmoil? I didn’t expect you to be willing to exchange projection skills. No problem. From the sky, I will let you see what the most powerful physical fighting capacity in the world is. Even if the twilight soul attacks monsters remotely, it’s a piece of cake." Marquis Maru Cosias of Hell is retelling to the magic spirit next to it. Suddenly, I heard that Chu flew out of the condition and couldn’t help but be overjoyed.
Projection is not very difficult for the once higher demon, and the trouble is to balance the spirit and soul. It seems that it is not very troublesome, but he knows that if he ponders it for decades, with Chufei’s guidance, he can easily master it, which is very effective for strength recovery.
"The know-how of projection seems that you are really in a hurry, but it is a good thing for me. I will try my best to help you upgrade in the past three months. But even though I have learned the know-how of projection, I am not strong enough now. If I can absorb some dragon souls or Lord demon souls like that, I won’t learn good things but I can’t transport them." Elizabeth, the demon spirit, said slowly with her eyes rolling.
"Well, if we have a chance to go out in three months, we’ll try to get those guys, whether they are angels, demons or dragons. I’m really fed up with eating this fucking world." Chufei secretly gnashed his teeth.
"Ha ha Chu Fei, you finally came in vain. How can we make rapid progress without devouring enough weight? We should have self-protection power before the three fiends get rid of themselves." The magic spirit ha ha laughed. She had long wanted to confuse Chu Fei, but he was too cautious before. Now the situation has finally stimulated this guy. The three of them actually belong to almost all special individuals who are free from the original class. If there is no strength, they will be crushed first.
The fourth volume Chapter 40 Gold skull transformation
All around, the ice-inlaid shield at the bottom of the bones floated around Chufei. He reached out and knocked and listened, making a muffled sound and smiling. This new skill was named Ice Bone Shield.
Chu Fei, the frost dragon, made up his mind to train this thug well, and he absorbed sapphire, and the double-headed demon wolf of the Marquis of Hell practiced with it in a linked way. In this glacier path, Chu Fei even acted as a miner. When Elizabeth, the demon spirit, detected the blue crystal Chu Fei, she tried to dig it out and then gave the frost dragon real experience. Chu Fei also gave up the experience gained by the frost dragon in killing monsters.
This kind of training method soon paid off. The Frost Dragon realized the ability of freezing armor similar to that of the mage at level 40, and then every night, Chu Fei had to have spiritual contact with it to guide it to further improve this skill. When the Frost Dragon successfully rose to level 42, he finally completed this skill, and Chu Fei was excited to name the Frost Bone Shield.
Chu Fei’s frost dragon is the world of Warcraft frost dragon and the ultimate arm of the undead. In this world, it is a frost dragon, not a frost dragon composed of keel and dead frozen air. This is really awkward, but it does not prevent this skill from being excellent.
The ability of the ice bone shield is very strong. First, the blessing state of the ice bone shield can be increased by 3% when the skill is displayed; The second point is the physical damage absorption effect. After all, the frost dragon is the undead white bone, and the ability of these white bones to absorb melee damage is limited to 3 points. The third is the reflection ability. In the face of long-range attack, the appearance of the ice bone shield has a certain chance of crystallization. At this time, the current probability of reflection damage is 15%, while when it cannot be launched, it is to block and launch ice bombs to fight back against long-range monsters.
This ice bone shield combines the advantages of white bone armor, ice armor and ice armor, which is a very excellent skill. Unfortunately, this skill can not be increased with the high level, which means that life skills need to evolve continuously to improve the skill effect, but it is already very good. With this skill, the Frost Dragon is stronger and can also bless this skill to fight behind others. Chu Fei intends to let the Frost Dragon bless this to the mutant skeletons, which can greatly improve their defense ability.
"It’s a tough guy. I have to admit that you have cultivated these little guys with the ability to surprise the devil. It’s not that there have been no bone dragons before this world, but at most, they have some curse skills to fight. * It’s just a physical attack. I didn’t expect you to have such a strong element. The cold force makes the keel have stronger physical damage. This is even if I didn’t expect it to evolve. This is a skeleton dragon. It’s really terrible. "At this time, Maru Cosias has been helping the frost dragon to practice in Chufei’s persecution. To be precise, this skill has also contributed to his success. However, he does not call the frost dragon but the frost dragon. He always thinks that Chufei is vanity.
Hum, hum, haha, where do you know that this is the most powerful undead ultimate unit in another world? Even Arthas needs to call it devoutly. Chufei’s condescension in his heart should actually be called Frost Bone Dragon according to this world view. After all, it is only seven meters long now, and the world’s powerful dragon has a huge body of 40 meters, and the strongest can change even more dramatically.
"Forget the Frost Bone Dragon, just Frost Bone Dragon. It is also said that it is not a dragon. It has been out for eleven months, and one month is a year. The supplies are almost exhausted. My necromancer’s equipment is almost exhausted, and it is time to return." Chufei looked to the side, and the image of a very sloppy man emerged in the crystal crystal.
The equipment needs to be repaired, the clothes need to be changed, and this beard looks very powerful, but it feels uncomfortable. This beard should also be shaved off. Since the dragon blood bath, this height has suddenly shot up by more than ten centimeters, and it looks more and more slender. It is better to gain some weight next.
"By the way, Xiao Jin, you come here." Chufei suddenly noticed the body lying behind him in front of the mirror organizer’s clothes. This is an elite hell banshee and fortunately this guy is still a mutant monster. If it is an elite leader, it is nothing.
The variation of the little skeleton gold has also gone through three times. Its power is not obvious. It is a very simple increase effect. It can extract a part of the strength of the original boarding monster body and give it to the newly occupied monster. Now the variation of the little skeleton gold is a variation monster that Sakaram sings and can make the lightning and hydra sea snakes. But after all, it is a monster of Kurast or not comparable to this hell banshee.
Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with the variation of the skull gold, which makes the hell banshee’s body uncomfortable. Chufei directly stretched out his hand and pulled out the golden skull from the singer of Sakaram. Then Sakaram sang the corpse and immediately fell to the ground and took out a sword to cut the hell banshee’s land. Now the variation of the skull gold can easily control the new body.

"I think everyone wants to try to hit pleasure in a game. Do you want to play an auxiliary profession and watch others play hard or do it yourself? Besides … Uncle really speaks out that everyone plays games. Of course, they want to be handsome and beautiful. The professional looks like a middle-aged man, and they are not liked. "Tianyu expressed his views.

"Ahem" Sitting in front of Tianyu, Dragon Butler suddenly coughed two times to indicate that he was an uncle …
If Yunyang smiled like a light, "I didn’t think about uncle’s appearance when I first chose a career."
"Yeah, but few people, few people, few advantages and few weapons are cheap, which is not like swordsmen and gunmen. Their weapons are better and they can’t even buy game coins, which is expensive to death." Erxiu said.
"Yes, there are only unpopular occupations and popular occupations. Although the occupations are similar, the essence is still related to the player’s own level." Tianyu went on to say
"There is no garbage occupation. Are there garbage players?" Two whew copied a network language replied.
Tianyu nodded and said, "Every profession has its own loyal players. Even if some professions will be strengthened into bug occupations in the future, some professions may be weakened into waterway occupations, but those professional players who can persist in loving themselves deserve our respect and will not give up."
"Silly bear, you know, it seems that many seem to be more than two wheezes." If Yun listens to Tianyu, he laughs.
"Silly bear, he played Korea, but he didn’t play now." Two whew answered for Tianyu.
"ah? This game and Korea ….. "If cloud surprised.
"Well, there’s still a day …" At this time, it’s not clear whether there is beauty in Tianyu, but there is definitely beauty in the future, and I heard that it happened later because the workshop in China is too strong.
"It turns out that dnf has such a big influence." If Yunyuan dnf is playing in China, I didn’t expect it to be abroad.
"Well, it’s just an agent. The update bases are all introduced from Korea … Business opportunities in the game are foreseeable," Tianyu answered seriously.
If the cloud nodded again.
Dragonfly all the way is to occasionally take a look at the corners of the mouth of the young master driving. "Young master laughs more than before. I don’t know if those two little guys can change the fate of the young master after getting home and driving."
After about 5 minutes, the black car drove into the villa area and stopped in front of a magnificent mansion.
"Master ~ Young Master is back!" A middle-aged woman looked at the iron gate and several people came from the car in a hurry to open the iron gate and then ran to the house and shouted
Chapter 19 Children play house
"Liuyi is still so careless …" If the words sound like a cloud, listening to the woman shouting in the room, shallow laughs.
Later, another person parked the black car in the garage, and the dragonfly took Ruoyun and three people walked towards the mansion.
Tianyu and Erxiu looked around at the lawn and were surprised that it was winter and there were green grass, and they didn’t know which kind of grass they were.
Two big solid wooden doors have been quietly opened on the ladder.
The glittering crystal chandelier in the room hangs upside down on the first floor ceiling like a multilayer cake. Looking into the room, a marble table comes into view, and there are several big sofas at the table. In the middle of the sofa, a middle-aged man is sitting.
The middle-aged man is wearing a black tank top sweater with a cigar in his right hand at the moment, and inside it is a warm coat with a white shirt, so what brand Tianyu can’t see clearly without glasses.
He is sitting there quietly, with a chubby face and round eyes. He looks a little old, but it makes people feel radiant. At the moment, wait for a while is staring at them.
"Dad, I’m back," Ruoyun said with his head down.
Master Yan took a puff at the cigar and spat out a sigh, but the cigar ash was a little long, but he didn’t move. He took another puff and spit it out gently, making his surroundings filled with tobacco smell.
I heard that Ruoyun said such a sentence and put the cigarette butt in a crystal ashtray next to a delicate wooden matchbox. He slowly looked up and said, "Aaron took the young master floor first."
"Dad, I know I’m wrong." If the cloud looks at the words, the master implores.
Master said stared his one eye and glanced at nearby Liuyi Liuyi almost shuddered and immediately walked to Ruoyun to hold the trail. "Young, let’s take a shower first and change clothes. You see that your clothes are so dirty."
Liuyi grew up looking at Ruoyun and her sex was strong-willed. What she said was also "presumptuous".
If the cloud is used to it, then I see Liuyi winking at myself and my father is not a good face. This time, I am in some trouble.
Tianyu and Erxiu saw this scene and knew that Dad was educating his son, but they didn’t reprimand him. Are they going to be under house arrest?
Master Yan glanced at Dragon Butler again and frowned when he saw that his arm was injured, but said nothing.
Dragonfly see master looked at his side immediately turned to look at if the cloud to see him a face of stubborn also gave him a wink.
If Yunnai knew that there would be no good fruit to eat if she were deadlocked here again, she turned to Tianyu and Erxiu and said, "I’ll come to you after taking a shower first."
Say that finish if the cloud is low head standing on the spiral ladder ran to the second floor.
Dragon housekeeper came to master Yan and bowed their heads and whispered a few words behind him, then looked at the two teenagers who had just entered the door with master Yan.
Master Yan pointed to the mobile phone on the table, and Dragon Butler knowingly picked up three mobile phones, two of which were Tianyu and Erxiu Yu Ruoyun. He gave it to Liuyi Liuyi, who took it to block Master Yan’s eyes with dragonfly flying and nodded slightly at the moment before running quickly to the floor to catch up with Yan Ruoyun ().
"You have things over there," said the master, pointing to one side of the sofa and the two main cabinets were cold and said.
Tianyu and Erxiu just took the dragonfly and handed it to the mobile phone, but they didn’t react. How could their mobile phone be in their hands? When they heard the master say so, they expected to go.
"I grass! This is the kidnapper’s nest? " Tianyu saw two main computer cases in front of a big vase, and a little further on the sofa, he found three bound men with white cloth in their mouths, and beside them were several thugs in black and gloves.
Because this pile of people stayed in the room without saying anything and in the corner of this big room, Tianyu and Erxiu didn’t dare to look around, but for the location of the two of them, it was really not easy to find something there.
"That a few people look familiar ….." Tianyu wondered.
Yu Erxiu’s eyes are nearsighted for 500 degrees, and his eyes are blurred until all around are golden.
"Take your things to leave," said the master without saying superfluous words, so coldly.
Tianyu and two whew heart in a surprised tianyu thought "it’s marching orders? How do you say that your children’s best friends come to his house to play, even if they don’t entertain them with fruit food, they won’t have to be thrown out before they are seated? Besides, if I’m not a cloud enemy or benefactor in a sense … How can this middle-aged man let me leave with Erxiu without saying anything? "
"That … Ruoyun’s dad, we are good friends of Ruoyun. Just now Ruoyun also said that he would come to see us." Tianyu straightened up and tried to control his tone and said with a smile.
"If cloud his dad …" Said master mouth again this call jokingly looked at Li Tianyu.

Hum, it’s impossible to find out! Lin Tian evil heart andao immediately took out a random scroll.

"No, he wants to run away at random!"
But it’s too late. Lin Tianxiao has made a random delivery scroll and disappeared in front of everyone.
Back to the small tower room, Lin Tianxiao found that the blood volume of the dark Woma leader had actually recovered to one billion, which was simply too powerful.
500 million incredibly, 500 million blood volume is another hurdle. How can we avoid the attack by attacking the root method?
In the same way, the blood volume of the dark Woma leader once again dropped to 500 million. Lin Tianxie immediately put away the five *oss and the ghost dragon small four, and his body kept avoiding the rapid attack of the thunder ball, staring at the dark Woma leader intensely, but the thunder ball was too fast. He escaped five and was bombarded by the thunder ball and returned to the resurrection corridor again!
How can we kill this dark Woma leader? Is this dark Woma leader setting traps to trap and kill players?
No, it’s a trap to kill players, but there must be a way to kill the dark woma leader!
Lin Tianxie kept thinking about the battle with the dark Woma leader, and suddenly he had a flash of light and thought of a fact!
The lightning ball was absorbed by the wall of the house!
Yes, that’s it!
Lin Tianxiao was so happy that he finally thought of a solution to this matter. Yes, this is indeed a trap for killing players and also a seal for the dark Woma leader. Because its walls can absorb the attacks of the dark Woma leader, the dark Woma leader can escape from this room!
Once again resurrected, Lin Tianxiao rushed into the small tower again, but after he came in, he didn’t attack, but hid aside and let the five *oss and the ghost dragon brother fight.
Draw out the dragon sword. Lin Tianxiao came to the wall, where there was a protruding stone pillar. Lin Tianxiao immediately split the stone pillar, cut out the dragon sword and tried it just right to put his body inside.
Show a satisfied smile. Lin Tianxiao killed the soul with the dragon sword, and split Lin Tianxiao’s melee. Soon, he killed the blood of the dark Woma leader to 500 million.
Lin Tianxiao immediately withdrew the five *oss and ghost dragon younger brother, and prepared the stone bucket toward the head before taking it out, and immediately put himself in the whole set.
Counting thunder balls and shooting Lin Tianxie, I feel that I am wearing my own stone bucket and pouring into it. There is a powerful force that makes a drumming sound!
Finally, the sound disappeared. Lin Tianxie faded from the stone bucket and looked up at the dark Woma hierarch. Finally, he was no longer furious and gasped. The original set was always flashing in its hands, and Lei Guang disappeared
"Good is now!"
Lin Tian evil growl a immediately summoned the five *oss and ghost dragon small four killed again four hundred and thirty-two billion one hundred million …
After ten minutes of evil, Lin Tianxie and the seven of them killed the blood volume of the dark Woma leader to less than 90 million! What kind of equipment will Lin Tianxiao give the old man after killing him?
However, things went wrong. He unexpectedly saw the dark Woma leader suddenly yelling, "Lei Yun came to the world!"
There was a black Lei Yun in the narrow room immediately, and a huge flash was walking in Lei Yun, and it was about to split up.
Lin Tianxiae held up the dragon sword at this time and also shouted, "Call the dragon Carl!"
Suddenly, a huge six-pointed star appeared at the top of the cave, and the dragon Carl fell to the ground in an instant. Lin Tianxiao shouted, "Kill the dark Woma leader!"
The dragon Carl shot at the same time, and the huge lightning of the thundercloud also fell. He split Lin Tianxie’s head and instantly Lin Tianxie took back the five *oss, but left the ghost dragon small four to follow the stone bucket towards the already smaller ghost dragon small four to take the mouth and also said a word in the ghost dragon small four ear!
Lin Tianxie raised his speed to the extreme, constantly avoiding the thunder attack. Although he wanted to live, it backfired. Finally, after more than ten seconds, Lin Tianxie was split into a pool of coke by a thick thunder!
In an instant, the evil spirits returned to the resurrection corridor, and on the other side of the battlefield, the outcome was beyond his control.
Carl, the dragon in the small tower, roared with a thunder attack and slammed it into the narrow room, which restricted him from turning around. Carl, the dragon, smashed the dark Woma leader with two fists and took away the 50 million blood of the dark Woma leader, so he was hidden behind him by the dark Woma leader.
Ray kept chopping at the dragon Carl, although he was a member, but he also hurt the dragon Carl, and he kept grinning, and he felt the pain in his bone marrow, even if he was a member.
"Hum, you are still a little young to kill me!" The leader of Dark Woma roared that it was obvious that this battle ended with his victory again.
Where do you know that his voice just fell and a thick tail snapped the dark Woma leader and flew to the wall and fell to the ground?
3.92 million
A huge amount of damage floated out of the head of the dark Woma leader. As soon as the dark Woma leader spit out one mouthful blood, he heard the dark Woma leader laugh!
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, finally is not my victory? Even if you are a dragon clan, let me win! "
Dark Woma leader just landed, and the dragon Carl’s body disappeared, but at this moment, a figure quickly rushed to the front of Dark Woma leader …
Chapter 16 Tianshi robe beautiful memories (in)
Two hours later, Lin Tianxiao came out from the resurrection point and just came out, he clicked on the random scroll and quickly rushed to the small tower and crashed into it.
The room was particularly messy, and there was nothing on the ground. The leader of Woma also disappeared, even the ghost dragon Xiaosi disappeared.
"How can this happen? Is Xiao Si also dead!"
"Xiaosi helped me collect the explosive equipment of the Dark Woma leader!"
This is the last sentence that Lin Tianxiao said when he put the stone bucket on the ghost dragon small four to shrink down. His imagination is very beautiful, because the ghost dragon small four can travel freely. After his death, the ghost dragon small four can still stay outside. When the leader of Dark Woma dies, he can help him collect it. In that case, he died six or seven times in vain.

Fortunately, Yang Guo soon returned to normal.

Yang Guo has always been a die-hard person. He believes that he will never give up no matter what, just as he believes that Guo Fu is the one in his heart. Even if Guo Fu throws cold water on him, he will still not give up.
After a short period of depression, the plan will continue. It is necessary to change the law. It depends on Wan Yanping’s cooperation. Yang Guo suddenly thought of a new strategy/
Generally speaking, Wan Yanping is similar to Guo Fu in that they are all very stubborn. Since she is determined to help Yang Guo, she will let him do everything according to Yang Guo’s arrangement.
Guo Fu went to the rice road alone and met Yeluqi. He casually asked him if he wanted to go together, but Yeluqi chose Guo Fu after dinner.
If there is an opportunity for you to stay with the right person, you should seize it anyway, right?
Guo Fu is naturally happy to have someone to accompany him, forgetting the strange feeling that just flashed in his heart, and Yeluqi is also happy to watch him.
Yeluqi people are very thoughtful and considerate, and they are like a spring breeze. They are obedient to her and pampered. This is how Guo Fu feels about him
In fact, Guo Fu has always wanted such a husband.
If such a person really appeared in front of her, how could she not be moved?
Maybe at the moment, the girl’s heart is budding.
Yeluzi is very sensitive to the fact that Guo Fu seems to be closer to him, which is a good thing for him. He looks more handsome with a smile.
However, the smile stopped abruptly when they went out.
Because Yan Yanping came to me and said that there were some important things to talk to Yeluqi, Guo Fu never doubted that he believed that people were worse. There was no problem with Yan Yanping’s reason.
Guo Fu smiled and asked Yeluqi to deal with his affairs, while he turned to the Wu brothers and played with Yelvyan.
Yeluqi Yan Yanping’s so-called important thing is that they hate each other in their former country, but they never expected to wait until it turned out to be a girl’s confession.
Yang Guo is always so eloquent that he reawakened Wan Yanping’s mind and told her not to leave a trace of regret in her life.
If you say something, you won’t feel regret for life.
Because of Yang Guo’s pleading and her own unwillingness, she really didn’t want to regret it for life, so she chose to tell Yeluzi what she wanted.
Yeluqi still has a good impression on Yan Yanping, otherwise he wouldn’t have paid much attention to her. However, all this affection stems from his pity and sympathy for her, not from the love between men and women.
Yeluzi is still very clear about this.
Sure enough, Wan Yanping was rejected, but she didn’t feel lost, but felt a worry.
On this side, Ye Lvqi’s problem of Yan Hong Ping was solved, and on the other side, Guo Fu successfully found Ye Lvyan. To be precise, it seems that Ye Lvyan has something to look for her.
Chapter 45 Chapter 45
Yeluqi knows that Guo Fu misunderstood, but it is not easy to clarify this matter. After all, it also involves Yan Yanping. He can pretend to be casual about it during Guo Fu’s conversation.
Moreover, Yan Hong Ping’s meaning is also very clear. She is about to leave Xiangyang, so Yeluqi knows fairly well. It’s time to tell Guo Fu.
"Miss Guo Yan Hong came to say goodbye to me a few days ago, saying that she was leaving Xiangyang. I was also wondering whether it was time to leave my sister who was running around in Dasong but never found a suitable place to stay.
In fact, I also think Xiangyang is a good place, and the people here are very good. "
Yeluqi didn’t finish his words, but he said that Yan Yanping, the scorer, was leaving, but they were not the same person, which meant that their roots were not what Guo Fu thought.
He also said that he wanted to stay in Xiangyang. Although Guo Fu didn’t recognize her as a nice person in his words, it didn’t affect her desire to let him stay.
"Yelv eldest brother, since you think it’s good here, you can stay with Yaner! It’s good to have us here to take care of everyone, isn’t it? "
The same enthusiasm to retain such words Guo Fu also said to Wan Yanping, but listening to Yeluqi’s ears is to be elated, because he thinks that the person he left behind is his heart.
This side of things is not due to Yeluqi’s reaction. It was Yang Guo who was cheating in the dark. He asked Yelvyan to explain to Guo Fu that he had made an own goal.
Yelvyan originally heard Yang Guo say where she knew the truth, so it’s easy to find Guo Fu and explain it clearly.
"Sister Fu, I’m sorry, I put my foot in my mouth. You don’t want to tell others that Sister Ping has nothing, and she is leaving soon.
It was the first time I heard Brother Yang say this. I was so happy that I didn’t come to ask my brother clearly, so I came to tell you. Don’t be angry! "
Guo Fu is not a narrow-minded. How can she blame Ye Luyan? It was after such a time that Guo Fu found out that she didn’t seem to care so much about Yeluzi
But even so, this does not prevent Guo Fu from going to Yang Guo to find out about it.
Yang Guo knew it would come out, but he didn’t expect it to be so soon and Guo Fu would come to ask him so soon.
"Brother Yang Yan Hong Girl Brother Yelu has nothing to do. How can you talk to Yan Er like that?"
In fact, Guo Fu didn’t blame Yang Guo, which means that she remembered Ye Luyan’s saying that she was afraid of breaking two people’s names, so she came to wake Yang Guo up specially, hoping that he wouldn’t be so excited and would say the hexagrams.
Of course, Guo Fu is not the kind of person who meddles, but because some people are involved in this incident, she will come to tell Yang Guo specially.
Who knows that Guo Fu didn’t say it’s a good thing that she said that Yang Guo felt that she had been stabbed in the lung tube.
In Yang Guo’s view, Guo Fu’s point is Yeluzi to question him.
How long have they only known each other? She’ll be fine. Did he question him?
"Oh, there is no smoke without fire, Fu Mei. When I said it, Ye Luyan believed it without even asking. That’s what she thought." Yang Guo sneered. "That’s nothing?"
Guo Fu really didn’t think of this. It seems that Yang Guo has a point.
"Even so, people don’t admit that you are not good at talking nonsense!"
Yang Guo got said, "Fu Mei, you’re worried, aren’t you?"
Guo Fu seems to have been poked in the secret heart and immediately retorted, "I’m not in a hurry. Besides, Brother Yelv, what if I read it?"
I never thought that Guo Fu would admit that Yang Guo felt that he was so angry at the moment.
Yang Guo’s tone is not good. "What if you look at it? You can’t marry him anyway!"
Guo Fu was annoyed and curious, "Why can’t I marry?"
"If you marry him, who will marry me?"
Yang Guo looked at Guo Fu’s delicate and charming as a rose and Yan Xin blurted out immediately.
Guo Fu didn’t react for a moment and repeated, "Who will marry you?"
"Naturally, you are going to marry me!" Yang Guo immediately then says
Guo Fu stare big eyes looking at Yang Guo red cheeks ashamed and annoyed also stretched out his hand and pushed the Yang Guo "Yang Guo who want to marry you! Dad said before that I wouldn’t care if you didn’t promise me! "
The words sound just fell and Guo Fu stamped his foot and people ran away and disappeared, leaving Yang Guo where he was, full of Guo Fu just talking.
In fact, at first glance, this is really like what Yang Guo heard when he was thrown cold water several times, but it seems that it is not the same thing when he ponders it again.
Clever as Yang Guo, his brain won’t turn around when he meets Guo Fu, but he just won’t give up on her!
Guo Fu said that he was just looking for Yang Guo to talk casually. Who ever wanted to talk about marriage in such a hurry? Besides, Yang Guo is really not thick-skinned. He can say that.
However, Guo Fu’s cheeks are burning and his heart is pounding. He is both proud and happy, and there are still many people at a loss.

Wind dance turned to look at the past when Zhang Xue also saw the wind dance.

"Good sister" Zhang Xue’s eyes wandered and he took the initiative to dance with the wind and shouted.
Zhang Xue clearly knows that she dances far better than NO FENG フウカ in Lingyun’s eyes.
And before meeting the bride, she danced on the right side of Lingyun and on the left, which shows that Lingyun wants to dance big.
After all, this is an era of respecting the left and respecting the right, and the wind dances on the left side of Lingyun. Although I didn’t say it at that time, I saw that everyone knew their status.
You need Lingyun to help Zhang Xue. She can’t let Zhang Xue compete for her position in Lingyun’s heart. She is willing to let the wind dance rank ahead of her.
Zhang Xue doesn’t know the true age of Fengwu. It seems that they are about the same age. This elder sister is very true.
The main reason is that the relationship between the two people was very good before, and they almost became girlfriends, and they almost might be bound to Jin Lan.
Moreover, Zhang Xue doesn’t have the concept of monogamy in his mind, so he doesn’t have the shame of recognizing himself as a mistress.
But two women and horses are going to sleep with the same man, which makes Zhang Xue feel very strange.
Zhang Xuexin is also not ready for this.
In other Zhang Xue’s mind, I don’t think it’s a problem. Getting used to polygamy is much better than wind dancing.
Zhang Xueji, who has a unified woman’s thinking and thinks that her husband is a day, will not object to Lingyun’s things. Lingyun is whatever he says.
In Zhang Xue’s view, she must be in the same room as Feng Wu. Lingyun arranged for her to accept it.
After that "elder sister" shouted out, Zhang Xue felt no embarrassment.
When I heard Zhang Xue calling her sister’s head, there was still some confusion. Zhang Xue replied, "Good sister."
Fengwu feels a little unnatural, but she doesn’t answer as if she hates Zhang Xue, and she doesn’t know what to say except this sister Fengwu.
Zhang Xue seemed to see the wind dance and said, "Lingyun … What happened to my husband?"
At this time, Zhang Xue also finished lifting his skull, which is no longer in the corner.
Two girls as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade got up and walked beside Lingyun.
Actually, Zhang Xue knew Lingyun was drunk without asking.
It’s alcohol when Lingyun comes into the room. She asked yes. It’s too embarrassing to change the subject and dance in the wind.
Together, the two girls put their hands on the table and Lingyun helped them back in the chair.
Looking at Lingyun and closing her eyes, both girls know that Lingyun must be unable to wake up tonight.
The original wind dance also hoped that Lingyun would get drunk and not wake up, but now the wind dance hopes that Lingyun will be awake.
It’s weird and embarrassing to have her and Zhang Xue in the room. Before talking, I had a lot to say to Zhang Xue. Now I can’t say a word to Zhang Xue, and I don’t know what I should say.
Fortunately, it wasn’t long before I remembered knocking at the door outside. Zhang Xue’s personal servant Tweety shouted at the door, "Miss, I brought ginger soup to my children."
It is Xu Fu and others who let people wake up the wine and ginger soup after leaving the horse. How can they watch Lingyun get drunk and not wake up?
Outside the door, except to send ginger Tang Cuier, Chui Fu Zhang Tong and others are all smiling one by one.
In particular, Zhang Tong has quietly told Xu Fu several people to wait for Lingyun.
Yu Chui Fu Li Hai several people are reserved is nodded without his own ideas.
When the door opened, Zhang Tongyin disappeared, and several people hid at the door without letting Zhang Xue see it.
Zhang Xue took the ginger soup from Tweety and the door opened again.
With ginger soup Zhang Xue spoon bite by bite to lingyun.
Because Lingyun was asleep, he drank slowly and flowed out while feeding into his mouth.
A bowl of ginger soup took less than half an hour for Lingyun Department to drink.
Zhang Xue took a few mouthfuls and a few mouthfuls for a change of wind and dance.
There is such a thing to do, even if I don’t know what to talk about with Zhang Xue, I feel much better than before.
Chapter 196 Can’t put it on.
After being filled with a bowl of ginger soup, Lingyun finally opened his eyes.
With his eyes open, Lingyun felt very dizzy, and then two beautiful faces appeared in front of him.
It’s fuzzy. Lingyun still feels beautiful.
"It’s strange how the wind dance has become two heads." Lingyun thought that he wanted to stretch out his hand and touch it to see which face was real, but he felt a pain in his head and fell asleep when he lifted his hand to half Lingyun.
This time, I really pretended that the blurred face finally became clear before Lingyun lifted his hand. Lingyun saw the two faces in front of him, one was dancing in the wind and the other was Zhang Xue.
Lingyun heart dark scold chui fook is not already told him how to send yourself to the wind dance room Zhang Xue also appeared here.
Lingyun didn’t tell others that Feng Wu and Zhang Xue were not in the same room.
Whether Huang Pusong or other people in the state animal husbandry house are arranged according to one room.
Moreover, Lingyun also marries two women at the same time. Many people think that Lingyun likes to sleep with three people.
Men think that the maids in Lingyun’s romantic mansion always blush here and feel that Lingyun is not serious.
According to their ideas and learning from predecessors’ practices, they all arrange a room.

For Ziyan, the whole process is simple, just like listening to other people’s stories. There is no danger at all. In fact, she can be famous in the underworld and have great fighting ability with her.

Finally, it is impossible for Qing Ji to dig out any wind and waves. This charming woman with pink Se skin is really ferocious now. Her face is full of blood, and then she feels beautiful. In fact, she has accepted her fate, but she is still struggling to resist because she doesn’t know what else to do except resist.
Looking at the purple Yan face calmly attacked her again and again at a certain moment, she finally gave birth to some regrets.
Before and after the purple Yan fought side by side, she was very purple Yan. How could those people be purple Yan opponents? Throw everything away, don’t talk about combat power and wisdom in combat. It’s simply outrageous! She has always felt that being the enemy of Ziyan is actually a very sad thing, because everyone looks so weak in front of Ziyan’s strength.
But since then, I have become the enemy of Ziyan? This time in the face of purple Yan is no longer someone else but herself …
Before, she felt sad for her opponent, and now it’s her turn. Who came to feel sad for her?
Sad? !
No! Since the moment when she decided to betray Purple Yan after careful consideration, she never thought about sadness.
At that time, she thought that herself, Louis and Xiong were not much weaker than Zi Yan, and it was a piece of cake to kill Zi Yan. After killing Zi Yan, she could get many, many reading opportunities, such as the status of a volume of Twelve Volumes of Monty’s Work … The most important thing was that she sat on the biggest mountain after bringing down Zi Yan, and she was no longer comfortable.
At that time, all she thought about was stepping on the body of Ziyan.
Just before today, she was successful. Even if Zi Yan came back, even if Y and N died, Louis, she still felt that she could kill Zi Yan completely with her existing advantages. Her mentality had already changed unconsciously, and she could look down on Zi Yan from a commanding height.
And her greatest reliance is not on Lan Xuan, but on her real strength.
She is very confident that she can defeat Ziyan alone!
This confidence comes from reading the article "Twelve Volumes of Monty’s Skill", in which the practice of dragon wings and fierce fighting demons are all at a loss, but after initial confusion, she suddenly realized something, and then she will learn it without moving Se, making it the key for her to quickly improve her strength.
It’s the eye of heaven!
One-on-one, she beat ZiYan, but two-on-two she and Lan Xuan lost badly instead …
After all, her cooperation with Lan Xuan is not as tacit as that between Zi Yan and the small celestial body, and she and Lan Xuan didn’t expect that the small celestial body would have such amazing means.
"bang! ! !”
Qing Ji was hit again. Black at the moment almost fainted.
In a daze, watching ZiYan attack again, she suddenly remembered the current events that she just decided to join ZiYan camp many years ago.
At that time, Zi Yan, who had just saved her, sat side by side with her at the top of a mountain and looked at the horizon. "I don’t like men because I look down on their strength. They naturally dominate women in this world, so they should be their vassals … Even the least man in this world will pretend to be the pillar of his family in front of his woman. Everyone thinks this is a man’s world."
Qing Ji looked at Ziyan’s side face with great interest and asked, "Isn’t it?"
Purple Yan didn’t turn to look at Qing Ji, but looked at the distant world and smiled. "I know that from now on, I am stronger than a man I have ever contacted. I don’t know when I formed such a lattice, but I am afraid that this life will not change. I want this world to bind me no longer. I want to stand in my way. Previous people, both men and women, worship at my feet."
Qing Ji, who was struck by lightning, knew for the first time that Zi Yan had such a heart, and at that time she felt ashamed. "Sister’s ambition is so great."
Violet Yan immediately shook his head. "This is not an ambition, but it’s just a matter of heart. But don’t worry, Qing Mei, I will treat one of my own people, especially women with sincerity. You respect me a foot and I respect you less. If I have a good day, I will never let one of my own people suffer."
Purple Yan is a strange promise, but one thing is really important, that is, once you are with Purple Yan, Purple Yan will not be the first to abandon her hand, which means that she is not afraid of being betrayed by Purple Yan.
Qing Ji would have been tempted to continue to seriously look at the purple Yan, waiting for the purple Yan to personally attract it.
And Ziyan did not disappoint her, and soon she said again, "So, Qingmei, are you willing to fight for our own world in this man’s world with your sister?"
Yesterday, Ri’s words are still ringing in my ears, but now they have reached an irreversible step, and what will happen is that she took the lead in rebellion …
Qing Ji heard a soup and felt a huge force enter her cranial cavity through the skull, and she completely lost consciousness.
Purple Yan finally stopped. She shot Qing Ji, but left her body.
Then, without hesitation, she collected the ninety thousand bodies of Qing Ji and fled to the distance together.
During the flight, she directly praised 90,000 "90,000!"
"Hehe" At this time, 90,000 is a little embarrassed. "Where’s Sister Ziyan and my brother?"
"Wait, I’ll call him."
"Hey, how’s it going?" Purple Yan immediately asked Xiao, who was floating in the brain, to ask the soul.
"I still have no idea. Can you help me?"
"All right, you go to the soul mark now and let’s work together."
All this has been finished. Purple Yan is very easy for ninety thousand people to take flying places and put all J and jīng gods in their heads. Isn’t it a piece of cake that she wants to get Xiao Wen’s soul back?
Then a cup of tea passed without success …
A stick of incense has gone, but it hasn’t succeeded yet …
Two hours later, 90,000 people have stopped in a valley with them, and they still haven’t succeeded …
"I’ll go! Can you do it or not? " Xiao asked the first unbearable angry tunnel
"What does this have to do with the old niang? You can’t come back now and depend on me? !” In fact, purple Yan has long been guilty. At this time, she can roar back with folded arms.
Sure enough, Xiao asked. "Didn’t you call me first before I came to help? !”