He still wants more and more feelings wrapped in this pheromone.

He took off his coat anxiously … but it wasn’t enough, so he took off his clothes one by one. His head seemed to be drunk by this gentle pheromone, and his reason disintegrated inch by inch, so he could do these things by virtue of it.
I can’t even hear the milk in front of the bedside table crunching.
Shen Anguang/slipped/slipped/buried himself in the quilt.
He didn’t feel better until the ebony pheromone quilt cover could actually wrap his body.
But his body became hotter and hotter. He squinted blankly at the ceiling, and soon the ceiling appeared. That night, Fu Fengning came from the end of the alley.
Then he crouched close to himself …
He held himself …
Shen An felt that the glands became strange, as if several ants were biting him.
"Not comfortable …" Shen An eyes red and wet.
His body is getting more and more strange, and he wants to escape from this big bed again, because his body/sheets and body/being touched by his skin are like a fire …
Have a bad fever.
But he found that he didn’t have much strength left. He whispered for help, "Fu Fengning … I’m not comfortable …"
I can’t even hear myself clearly.
Fu Fengning opened the meeting for an hour and sent a WeChat to Shen An, "Will you feel chatting?"
They haven’t contacted WeChat since Shen An told him on WeChat that he would return his clothes.
Fu Fengning opened Shen An’s head and reflected in the lazy and soft silver layer.
I waited for a moment without waiting for Shen An to reply.
Ten minutes later, there is still no.
Fu Fengning is not a person who needs others to respond, but at the moment his brow is wrinkled in a subtle way.
Are you asleep?
Should not be
Fu Fengning knows and judges Shen An. When he leaves, he will honestly talk and play with his mobile phone in his lounge.
The second time was in the hotel. It’s not surprising that he was ill and slept.
This is the lounge of his company’s office. He looks very afraid that he is on the alert. I don’t think he is asleep.
Fu Fengning was a little uneasy.
He couldn’t resist turning on the monitoring equipment in his mobile phone.
One person in the office remains the same as when he left.
Switch the perspective to the lounge again.
In the lounge …
The clothes are in a mess, and the bed is everywhere …
Fu Fengning rubbed his eyebrows.
I was about to quit and felt wrong.
Then I took a closer look at the quilt, which was bulging and moved from time to time. It seems that Shen An slept restlessly.
Fu Fengning’s heart
It seems that the child doesn’t sleep honestly and it’s not a good habit to throw clothes around.
But it’s cute
But when I saw the broken cup and spilled milk all over the floor, Fu Fengning frowned almost consciously and immediately. "I have something urgent to excuse me, and then my assistant will preside over the meeting. I will look back at the meeting minutes after you continue."
With that, he took a rest in the conference room, and everyone got up and pushed open the seat and strode out.
You have something to say.
Do you want to be a double watch?
Chapter, chapter
Fu Fengning pushed open the outer layer of the office, and a strong/strong gardenia fragrance came to my face.
It’s heavier/heavier than he’s ever smelled it.
It’s not like blooming, it’s like bursting its banks and giving everything it has.
Fu Fengning’s face sank and he opened the door in three steps and two steps. Its gardenia pheromone was more like a collapse.
Shen An!’
Fu Fengning knelt on one knee beside the bed and propped up on one leg, and fished him into his arms together to release the soothing pheromone.
Shen An’s face was flushed with illness, and he consciously absorbed it with his mouth open like lack of oxygen. Suddenly, the ebony pheromone showed a little pink tongue tip.
"Shen An Shen An?"
Fu Fengning stretched out his hand to touch his forehead, body/body very hot.
Fu Fengning, who has always been emotionally stable, showed panic. His throat was dry, and he took out his mobile phone with one hand and dialed a message: "Lin Yu, my ega is sick, and the gland problem pheromone keeps leaking out. I can’t accept it. I am at the headquarters. Come here at once!"
He threw his mobile phone aside and felt his arms moving. He bowed his head and was stabbed tightly by the tears in the corner of Shen An’s eye. "Is Shen An very uncomfortable?"

"Well, I’ll contact you then." Smoke said and left.

After seeing the smoke leaving, Feng looked at the shimmering city and said, "I’m sorry, I’ve been very busy recently. Have you come to me for help?"
After hearing this, the shimmering city shook its head and smiled, "Not yet."
"Well, what can I do for you?" Maple nods.
"Well, my tutor asked me to get some fish oil shops. I have to go fishing, but I heard from my tutor that the fishing place is dangerous, so I came to ask Brother Yan for you." The shimmering city replied.
"Fishing? Do you have a fishing rod? " Feng asked.
"Not yet. I went to the store to see the fishing rod. It’s quite expensive. I didn’t buy it, but I’m rich now," said Twilight City happily.
"Well, let’s buy a fishing rod road first. You tell me where to go fishing." Feng nods.
But before he walked out of a few steps, the system suddenly rang.
"Someone is looking for you outside the game cabin."
PS continue to work hard to update! to be continued
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Surprise
After listening to the instructions, Feng said to the shimmering city, "Wait a minute. Someone is looking for me outside the game."
"Good" shimmer city nods
With that, Feng chose the line.
After opening her eyes, Feng saw that it was Ye Yulan and other outsiders in the game cabin. After the hatch was hit, Feng asked, "What’s the matter?"
"If you don’t pick up the words for a long time, you will come directly." Ye Yulan said after sitting on the bed, shaking his legs.
"After the game, you didn’t go out to surf for a few days? It’s not your character, "said Feng, sitting up.
"What’s the wave? Come back and play the game quickly, okay? My character has been established. Is it very literary that the ID is a melody?"
"Well, it sounds good. I’ll add your friends later. Wait … did you choose to be a big shot in that respect?" Feng asked.
"The mage! I have long wanted to experience the feeling of rubbing a fireball by myself, "said Ye Yulan excitedly.
"You really know how to choose … I forgot to wake you up before. If you choose a mage, you don’t want to see me for half a month." Maple laughed.
"ah! ? What? " Ye Yulan inexplicable way
So Feng gave Ye Yulan a lecture on the status quo of being a man. Ye Yulan pursed her lips after listening to it. "Well, I’ll study slowly alone. You must be better than you when I come out."
Feng laughed after hearing this. "I believe it. Although I think I should treat you to a meal now, congratulations on winning the championship, there is still a friend waiting for me in the game. I will replenish you after this meal."
"Ok, then I’m going to eat in Langman." Ye Yulan smiled and said.
"Hey eat big ah you …"
Langman is regarded as the most advanced western-style restaurant in Fiona Fang, the decoration and dishes are first-class, but the same price is also first-class!
"Yes" leaves orchid a serious nods.
"Okay, post tendril post tendril deal" maple nods.
"Hey, you agreed? Shouldn’t you have said that you would take me there after you sold your 100 Jin of meat? " Ye Yulan was very surprised and said
"It’s a rare luxury. My wallet is still affected. Don’t say you’re just talking casually at the moment. That’s it. Lang Man, I’m advanced in the game. I’ll add your friends later." Maple then lay back and re-entered the game cabin.
See the game cabin door after Ye Yulan smiled a "ah ~ this time it’s really quite sincere" and left the maple room with cheerful little steps.
After reconnecting, Feng found that the shimmering city was practicing shaking the bottle again and said, "You are really hardworking."
After hearing this, the shimmering city smiled and said, "Because it’s fun."
"Fun …? Your hobbies are really unique. Let’s go to the store, "said Feng.
"Well" shimmering city nodded and put the bottle back in the backpack.
Lu Feng learned that the place where the shimmering city is going to go fishing is called Moonlight Lake, which is not far from Mitte City, but I don’t know what the so-called danger is.
When I got to the store, Feng went to the counter and looked at the price of fishing rods. It’s only 5 silver each. It’s really not expensive, but it’s because Feng didn’t make any money before the shimmering city that she thought 5 silver was too expensive.
After watching it for half a day, Feng thought that if she went fishing with the shimmering city, she couldn’t just sit around, so she decided to buy one.
In addition to ordinary fishing rods, there are of course high-grade fishing rods in the shop, among which a blue bamboo fishing rod has aroused Feng’s interest.
Wote bamboo pole (fishing gear)
Excellent quality
Special effects The chance of catching rare fish is 5% higher.
Note: This bamboo pole smells wonderful.
Although I don’t know what rare fish are like, the concept that rarity equals good things is definitely unchanging.
After looking at other fishing rods and merchants for a while, Feng suddenly finished this store. When he first came here, he felt that the best merchants in the counter were also excellent, but they didn’t even shine.
"Alas, I blame myself for being too young and knowledgeable to treat this place as a treasure house." Maple said with a little sigh.
In the end, Feng finally chose this Walter bamboo pole, and its price was 1 gold. Although Feng thought it was dark, he bought it. After all, what can he equip to get this kind of life props by doing and fighting monsters? He really doesn’t know what other ways to get it at present.
Then the twilight city persuaded Feng to buy this fishing rod, an essential prop, which didn’t save money.
Just as the two men were preparing to leave with fishing rods, a pair of big hands suddenly patted Feng Shoulder and looked back and saw a familiar face.
"President Tim?" Maple surprised and asked
It was the right time to give him a "flash" photo of others, which surprised Feng.
"I saw you from afar. Why didn’t you let me know before you came to buy something? I can give you a discount." Tim laughed
Discount …? Huh? It’s been a long time, so this black shop is you! ?
I was surprised again, and suddenly I felt a little puzzled. He really never linked the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce with this store. He also said that the Chamber of Commerce is just as small as the Silver Sword Chamber of Commerce. I mean, it’s too hard for a big official like you to personally escort the goods.
Looking at Feng Bi, Sam smiled and said, "What are you here to buy?"

"I wipe! Robbery! " Sure enough, there is no shortage of robbery anywhere, but Li She is also unambiguous. Hurry and observe the attributes of this group of mountain thieves, the most powerful of which belongs to Korea. Others are wannabe, who is worth six or seven points.

Ming Ming Han sa
Small boss of professional shanzhai.
Force 1
Intelligence 4
This Korean sprinkling is also very arrogant with a meteor hammer in hand. Looking at Li She said, "Hand over the money and food and you can go. By the way, the two wolves and the wild boar also left the dog." This Korean sprinkling actually wanted to eat the big black, which angered Li Zhuang. Since the death of Fobo, it has left a big black to accompany himself. This Korean sprinkling actually wanted to eat the big black.
Dragons have scales, and they will be angry when touched!
Li Zhuang shot the wild boar with a treasure bow and three arrows in a row into the group of mountain thieves. The roots of the mountain thieves were targeted and died without even reacting. Han Sa was so scared that he quickly hid in the crowd and dared not show his face. Other mountain thieves also retreated.
Han Sa waited for a while, but nothing happened, so he walked out of the crowd and took a look. It was a great surprise and shouted, "He doesn’t have an arrow. Come on!"
Originally, there were three arrows just shot out in Li Zhuang’s quiver. At this time, as well as of course, Li Zhuang is not afraid of this group of mountain thieves. He is afraid that this group of mountain thieves will hurt Li She and dare not leave Li She’s side. At this time, the mountain thieves rushed over. Li Zhuang waved his bow and guarded Li She’s surroundings, but it would not kill the mountain thieves.
Li involved in Li Zhuang’s protection was unscathed, but he also knew that going to Li Zhuang in this way would definitely fail to see that the situation was very wrong. Li Zhuang roared, "Brother, let me handle it. I can handle it myself."
Li Zhuang turned his head and saw Li She’s confident eyes. He hesitated for a moment and said, "That’s a good little brother, be careful yourself!" So instead of taking care of Li, he rushed into the group of mountain thieves and waved the bow wildly as a stick. If the tiger mountain thief blocked it, he would be hurt and die. Mountain thieves avoided its edge
On the other hand, Li She is very difficult to resist. Now Li She is miserable. Just now, Li Zhuang hunted together. Although Li Zhuang killed her, Li She also scored 1 point. The experience value has just risen by two levels. At this time, it is already a strong little man with a force value of 5. However, Li She is still not enough to see everywhere in front of this group of fierce (relatively more than Li She) mountain thieves.
At this time, a mountain thief desperately stabbed Li She with a long sword, but Li She used the wolf corpse in her hand as a shield to resist this inferior long sword. How can she pierce and explain the wolf skin? At that time, the gas mountain thief’s nose and mouth smoked more crazily and attacked Li She.
Li Shegang is just fine, but the back is really unbearable. Either this wolf is a little heavy, and Li Shegang’s shoulders are getting sore. The mountain thief finally found a chance to look ferocious and stabbed Li Shegang in the abdomen. Li Shegang is not the wolf in his hand. If he is stabbed, it is definitely a hole and he will definitely die.
Moreover, the death cost of the village head involved in Li is very serious, which means that the village where Li is located will drop a grade, for example, the intermediate village will become a lower-level village, but the Tianmen village involved in Li is a lower-level village. What will happen?
Then there will be a result that the village will be delisted!
Li She can’t afford this price. All her hopes lie in this village. If the village name is real, Li She doesn’t know if she will jump off a building.
Li She seems to have seen herself down and out after the village was removed from the list, and the robber’s executioner’s face became more and more ferocious. Suddenly, the robber’s ferocious face solidified, and the pupil in his eyes slowly slackened and looked at his chest and fell to the ground and died.
It turns out that although Li Zhuang entered the group of mountain thieves, he always paid attention to the danger of Li’s involvement. Seeing that Li was in crisis, he was hurt by two swords and one knife. He pulled up the previously dead mountain thief and finally rescued Li.
Li She was sitting on the ground panting at this time, which was both tiring and frightening. Just when Li She felt that God would not let Han Sa, the small leader of Li She’s wishful cottage, wave a meteor hammer to kill himself, Li Zhuang’s hands and arrows failed to save him. Seeing that the barbed hammer was about to smash Li She, Li She also gave up her resistance and sat down to die.
However, Li She didn’t feel pain, but heard Han Sa, the small leader of the cottage, whine.
"Let go, you wild dog!" Actually, Li She has always had a grudge, and Da Hei saved Li She’s life by biting Han Sa and screaming angrily, "I’ll kill you!" Swing a hammer at the big black
"Big black!" In times of crisis, Li’s potential body seems to be full of strength. Throw away the wolf’s corpse in his hand, pick up the sword of the mountain thief who just died, and poke it at Korea.
Roaring skill was successfully launched. The small leader of the cottage, Han Sa, experienced a brief dizziness, which made Han Sa lose or have an opportunity. Li She’s sword pierced Han Sa’s heart and saved the crisis. The big black Han Sa’s blood was sprayed on Li She’s face like money. This feeling is too real. Looking at Han Sa’s unwilling resentment eyes when he fell to the ground, Li She felt deep fear from her heart.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You successfully killed Han Sa, the leader of the cottage, and gained 3 experience points. "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You are the first player to kill boss, and you will be rewarded with a drawing of the special building "Shennong Ancestral Temple", including one force plus one intelligence plus one hope and one experience.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You hope that the attribute has been unlocked, please check! "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You successfully upgraded to level 6 and got 1 point to allocate points freely. "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You successfully upgraded to level 7 and got 1 point to allocate points freely. "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You have successfully upgraded to get 1 point for free allocation of points. "
"ah! The leader is dead, run! " "Run!"
A group of mountain thieves have long been killed by Li Zhuang. At this time, seven people have run away.
"Little brother, are you all right?" Li Zhuang didn’t go after the mountain thief, but ran to Li She’s side and asked that his back and arm were still bleeding. This was just to save Li She and was injured.
At this time, wait for a while sat on the ground and didn’t reply. Li never killed anyone. This game felt too real. When Han Sa died, his eyes had been in Li’s heart for a long time.
Big black ran around Li She seemed very anxious and whined, and then licked Li She’s back.
Li she looked at the big black and her eyes suddenly became firm. Isn’t this the world I want? What am I afraid of? What am I afraid of? Thinking about it, I stood up and held my head high and said, "I can’t let my heart get hurt a little!" "

The dark shock wave was easily dissolved by the holy light of Tiancongyun, but the shock wave still had a strong impact. At this time, the stars and the sky slammed into the pirate ship.

"How are you? Stars! " The dragon soul asked on the deck and kicked a pirate Xuanyuan Excalibur who wanted to stab him from behind and stabbed the pirate in the chest.
"It’s okay." Wu Tianyin, the star, is a little sullen. Twist a head and see that the shock wave of the kid didn’t end. It’s a good opportunity for this attack. Xuanyuan Excalibur waved a frost wyrm towards the little girl’s ghost.
Frost wyrm’s instantaneous explosion made the little girl’s ghost hit hard before she dodged, and the little girl’s ghost was frozen for a short time, but it was enough for the star Wu Tian to sprint forward quickly, and then the body suddenly leaned forward and turned into a huge circle, hitting the little girl’s ghost at a very fast speed.
"The magic wheel star burst! 」
The stars and the sky are spinning rapidly, and the body and the sky are just right. It hits the little girl’s ghost body, and the speed of rotation becomes more and more out of control. The little girl’s ghost blood volume is flying down.
At this time, the Muppet Bear, who had been at war with the Blood Winged Dragon for a long time, saw that his master had been so strongly impacted. How could he sit back and watch the horse lose his sight and the Blood Winged Dragon rushed to the stars and the sky?
"Bear cake boxing! 」
The huge bear fist rushed from the side to the star Wu Tianxing Chen Wutian, which was still spinning rapidly. It was never expected that a Cheng Yaojin would be killed halfway, and this amazing blood-winged dragon with such high attack power in Cheng Yaojin looked at the star Wu Tian, and the situation was not good. First, a beautiful dragon tail slammed the Muppet bear to the ground, and then the ultimate treatment released the star Wu Tian, and the blood volume rose rapidly.
The flying dragon with blood wings can solve the problem of looking back, and the Muppet Bear can fight again. Although the Muppet Bear succeeded in saving the savior, it has been completely taken over by the flying dragon with blood wings.
The little girl ghost obviously doesn’t want her pet to lose like this. Suddenly, a huge doll-catching machine appeared behind her. The little girl ghost was very skilled in fuck. Although Wu Tian didn’t know what she wanted to do, she still had to stop her body from rushing to the little girl ghost, but she bumped into an invisible retaining wall.
"Big brother, you are so impatient. I really want to have fun with you." The little girl’s ghost voice suddenly came from the top of the head of the star Wu Tian. The star Wu Tian was dumbfounded and looked around in astonishment. I didn’t know where I was. There were dozens of plush dolls much bigger than the star Wu Tian in the glass cover. A shiny steel claw on the top of the head of the star Wu Tian was hovering, and the little girl’s ghost was manipulating and looking for the right doll.
"Big brother, you’d better not be caught by me. If I catch you, I’ll throw you into the shredder." The little girl’s ghost voice trembled above the head of the star Wu Tian, and the star Wu Tian could see that there was a square hole in the distance and a buzz. From the inside, it seems that the shredder is really there.
Star Wu Tian secretly swallowed saliva and carefully looked at the head steel claw’s every move for fear of catching himself. But the first time the steel claw fell, it didn’t seem to be aimed at the star Wu Tian, but a big white rabbit steel claw trembled and raised the white rabbit to the half head. The ghost of the little girl sighed, "Alas, it’s a pity that I didn’t catch the big brother, but it’s just my favorite fighting rabbit. Now go and help the bear fight!"
As soon as the little girl’s ghost made the stars fly, she saw a huge white rabbit jumping and rushing to the blood-winged dragon, and it was a beautiful spin kick that hit the head of the blood-winged dragon
"Shame!" Stars Wu Tian looked at the blood wing dragon embarrassment sample secretly scold a way.
"Big brother, do you still care about others?" The little girl’s ghost sounded in her head, and the stars, Wu Tianma, and the huge steel claws had changed their goals and rushed towards him.
It’s a shame that the star Wu Tian was caught like a doll for the first time. Seeing that the star Wu Tian has been forced into a dead corner by the steel claw, the star Wu Tian struggled to wave the sky and cut it into the steel claw. The two collided with each other, and generate sparked violently. The star Wu Tian took advantage of the steel claw to pause for a short time, and a hunched body quickly passed through the steel claw to intercept it.
The steel claw trembled again and grabbed a monkey-like doll. Then the star Wu Tian saw a huge monkey rushing to the blood-winged dragon outside the glass cover, and then the steel claw had stretched out again towards himself.
The dragon soul still can’t successfully master how to firmly establish the trick on the deck. He can swing around the deck by his own body and can’t find a support point.
In an instant, the dragon soul found that the star Wu Tian had disappeared into his sight alive. The dragon soul was sure to tell himself that the star Wu Tian was still in his sight one second ago until he heard the ghost words of the little girl.
At this moment, Rose-Purple suddenly shouted at the Dragon Soul, "Watch your back". Dragon Soul sharingan looked back. The pirate captain took out a musket from his waist and the muzzle was aimed at the dragon soul.
The dragon soul is in trouble, the rose-purple is still tied to the mast, and the sky has turned into a doll, and now it is still facing danger at any time in the doll catching machine. Crysal is still on the roller coaster. Can she successfully survive this robbery? How childlike and powerful the little girl ghost is, please continue to pay attention.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Knight Road or King Dark Bone Dragon Knight ()
"then what is our reward?" Coke with ice is still not at ease. Their reward is indeed. I’m looking forward to this reward when I’m done. Can you be at ease when I know it?
"If you defeat me, you will get" The dark-boned dragon knight’s black eye socket glows with a burning light, and the knight spear keeps pointing at them "Forget it, I’d better end your little wish. If I kill you, it is estimated that you will not die. It’s a blessing to resurrect in the same place without a priest after death!"
Everyone was shocked. I didn’t expect this guy to be willing to give up such a good reward. This ups and downs are worthwhile, but it is necessary to kill him to get it. This makes everyone more eager to fight.
"Are you Brother Chun?" Coke with ice suddenly brought a look full of worship on his face. It was only when Christians saw Jesus that he appeared. "Brother Xinchun was resurrected in the same place after his death. Are you Brother Chunge? No wonder you are such a man. "Say that finish with coke and ice, and suddenly a few heavy objects hit the ground."
"Brother Chun, your head!" Dark bone dragon knight’s eye socket lit a spark of anger, and the knight spear was ready to stab at coke with ice.
Although coke with ice was foolishly added, I never let my guard down. The knight spear stabbed me and took no time to release a frost toward the dark bone dragon knight.
How can a little frost limit the dark bone dragon knight, but it is enough to give the battle to the spokesman of death and the immortal sword forever, and to attack the dark bone dragon knight from both sides. The love affair helped several people to bless and jump back with coke and ice, and put their skills far away.
"Do you know the chivalrous spirit? How do you fight more and less? " Dark bone dragon knight shouted some uncomfortable, but the attack in his hand didn’t slow down a little. The knight spear was like a dragon coming out of a hole, so he pushed the spokesman of death into a corner. At this time, the immortal sword was always ignored. He released a sword tactic against the dark bone dragon knight
"Hum, you didn’t say that you attacked the ice first. Is this a chivalrous way?" The spokesman of death saw that the dark bone dragon knight was delayed by the immortal sword forever, and a horse launched the legs of Fengshen-catching the wind and catching the shadows turned into a sinister wind, and Hood escaped the attack of the knight spear.
However, at this moment, the immortal sword was in trouble. Although the sword tactic saved the spokesman of death, I didn’t expect the bone dragon to go. I turned my target to him. The bone dragon opened his mouth and released a black awn to attack the immortal sword forever.
Fairy sword is always killed, but I never thought that a bone frame could still send out shock waves and it was so powerful that I was shot up high.
Suddenly, a black shadow appeared on the right side of the Dark Bone Dragon Knight. Although no one was seen yet, a huge sickle was even unveiled.
"In order to gain strength, you even gave up your lifelong belief in chivalry," said the spokesman of death coldly. A cold light flashed across the blade of the sickle of death
"Death ten ghost chop! 」
On both sides of the sickle of death, two wings suddenly jumped out of the sky and screamed at the dark bone dragon knight. In the past, when encountering such a terrorist attack, almost all bosses would give in, but the dark bone dragon knight did not give in or make a statement, and everything was still in a strange atmosphere. The dark bone dragon knight has been motionless. "Is he going to take this move?" The spokesman of death took a mouthful of air conditioning, and no one dared to take the ten-style move of death with such confidence. This guy is killing himself.
"Don’t you want to see my chivalry? So that you can see how the knight treats you! " Suddenly in the dark bone dragon knight’s right hand, a piece of black crystal shield condensed, and the death spokesman ghost beheaded unexpectedly and abruptly hit the black crystal shield.
"Black Crystal Knight Shield can block all attacks." Dark Bone Dragon Knight is not proud and said that the spokesman of death looked at the cruel injury and was particularly dazzling.
"Now that you have appreciated my chivalry, it’s time for me to experience your chivalry!" Dark bone dragon knight seems to just remember that he still has such a chivalry to declare war on everyone, saying that his body bone dragon is also aware of his master’s fighting spirit and sends out a loud dragon song.
"Then let’s end the warm-up exercise and officially fight!" The dark bone dragon knight turned out to be a muscle, but the spokesman of death has even released the ten forms of death
"Drunk fairy Mochizuki Ayumu! 」
"Fairy Fengyun vitality! 」
Forever Fairy Sword instantly launched a busy place. Twelve Forever Fairy Sword tightly surrounded the Dark Bone Dragon Knight, trying to block his sight by sea tactics, and then everyone concentrated on dealing with his body bone dragon first.
Twelve busy people have a tacit understanding to tightly surround the Dark Bone Dragon Knight, and they have achieved the perfect fit. Although the Dark Bone Dragon Knight is trying to get rid of these hateful body double, these body double have received instructions to cover him. How can he be so easily dumped by him?
At this time, everyone can finally concentrate on dealing with his mount, the bone keel dragon, which is extremely fast. Although he is carrying a tall dark bone dragon knight Dahl, he does not hide his speed advantage at all. Many times, people can attack the ghosting image.
"Can you find out the law of his actions?" Coke with ice suddenly flashed to Cheng Lian’s side and said to her seriously that Cheng Lian nodded. "Although I can feel it clearly, I can’t keep up with it."
At this time, a dragon’s breath rushed towards the two men, and the ice wall was erected in front of the two men with coke and ice. The dragon’s breath attack persisted in the ice wall for one second and the ice wall melted away.
"Then I’ll slow him down as much as possible. It’s up to you whether I can seal him off or not." Coke with ice said this sentence and quickly rushed to Bone Dragon.
"Ice thorns! 」
This time, the ice thorns, coke and ice were deliberately adjusted to a wide range, and it was also a struggle for the bone dragon to avoid it. When the ghost of the bone dragon appeared out of the range smoothly, the bone dragon had successfully avoided the coke and ice attack, but I didn’t think that coke and ice actually appeared behind it.
"Frozen thousands of miles! 」
It’s not surprising that the Bone Dragon was caught in an accident at such a close distance, but it’s unexpected that the freezing thousands of miles actually slowed him down and didn’t seal its body like it did, but it’s enough time for tilting love to tie the Bone Dragon and its dark bone dragon knight firmly to the aperture.
And body double, the immortal sword forever, has successfully completed such a good opportunity, so let’s give it to everyone to launch mass destruction skills.
"So you want to limit me?" Dark bone dragon knight’s voice is full of ridicule. Although his body is now firmly tied in the aperture, he can’t move. "Hey, hey, although this is not in line with the dignity of chivalry, it is king that I can actually win after death!"
Chapter one hundred and sixty Knight Road or King Dark Bone Dragon Knight ()
Suddenly a burst of armor fell to the ground and brutally told everyone that Daryl, the Dark Bone Dragon Knight, had managed to escape in a strange way, and then a powerful force came behind him. Everyone’s back was heavily hurt. He never gave himself a blessing to protect himself, and his blood volume fell directly by more than half.
The horses looked back, but there was no trace of the dark dragon knight. At this time, even the original was still wrapped around the inclined aperture, and now the bone dragon disappeared. The people entered a blank state.
"In order to win by hook or by crook, this is called kingly chivalry. If it weren’t for the damn chivalry, I wouldn’t have died." Dark bone dragon knight sounds have appeared behind the crowd. Just now, the armor has miraculously returned to his body, and the bone dragon has become more ferocious in his body.
"After listening to what you told me, I have now firmly established a belief that if I want to win, then what else is the so-called success or failure? Before the rules, I was so stupid and silly to follow the chivalry. Now there is no spiritual limit of chivalry. I want you to have a good time." Dark-boned dragon knight’s eyes are like flames, and now everyone has swallowed their mouths secretly. This guy has become quite difficult. Now he has become desperate.

Li Cheng left, and the reporters looked at each other in the same place. This group of "crown kings" who have been walking across the country have run into a wall here. You know, in China, people who want to be interviewed by them can line up for several blocks, but they can’t line up without "meaning"

Especially a player like Wang He who wants him to do an exclusive interview can really squeeze his head. Has he been so angry?
"This small this small … sooner or later will pay with the price! ! !”
Chapter 14 intensified
Things are getting worse in China, Sung Jae Lee. Actually, it’s not just that the media is speculating on Jiang Xinghan and retaliating.
After the San Antonio Spurs game in Indiana Pacers, this situation seems to have become a bit out of control.
At the moment, Junasz is receiving a middle-aged man with a huge beer belly in his office.
"Why can’t Chairman Zhang Li play for the national team?" Junasz looked depressed and felt very humbled that the head coach of the national team could not freely choose the players he wanted.
The middle-aged man called Chairman Zhang looked at his shirt with a beer belly and worried about his shirt button. Without thinking, he said in a commanding tone, "This man has brought us no value and his arrogant personality is not suitable for the national team."
"Some geniuses have weird personalities, but that’s why they can be called geniuses. Besides, Li hasn’t heard of any discord in their dressing room in Indiana." Junasz felt a little sweaty after listening to the translation.
"He and Deng Liwei is not a contradiction? We absolutely can’t accept this. The player should know that his contract was determined to be handed over to the nba instead of our General Administration of Sports. At that time, we decided not to recruit him into the national team when we discussed it. "
"He is such a good player …" Junasz still wants to make a final struggle. Since he paid attention to Li Cheng, Li Cheng’s performance has been getting better and better. He has become more and more fond of this player, but … now there is no way to call him up to the national team. This really makes Junasz have something to say, and it is deeply felt.
Junasz himself didn’t say anything. He sat in his chair and shook his head and sighed, "Chairman Zhang, I will inform you first that I won’t renew the contract after the contract is fulfilled."
Chairman Zhang’s face became very gloomy. "Are you sure?"
Junasz’s eyes flashed a hint of disdain, which seemed to say, "What’s the matter with your face?" But he didn’t say it. He said "OK" in a more polite tone.
"all right! Then I hope we can have a good time in the coming period. "
"Happy together"
Disgust eyes stare at that middle-aged man with a slight resemblance to Jiang Xinghan left his office, and Junasz bowed his head to sort out the papers at hand as if nothing had happened.
After a long time, Junasz seems to have made some decision. He picked up the words and broadcast a call out "Lee? I’m Junasz. You should know who I am. I’m really sorry to call you at this time, but please forgive me for not saying something. "
Li Cheng naturally knew that it was Junasz who called himself. He replied, "Nothing, just say what you want!"
"You are a very good player, but I have some troubles here. I hope you can choose to enter the national team if you have an organic conversation," Junasz almost pleaded.
"No problem, I will. I can fight for my country."
The call soon ended. Li Cheng looked outside and fell asleep in the dark night.
After returning from San Antonio, the Pacers have a day off. After a day off, they will go to Cleveland to challenge the Cavaliers.
Li Cheng got up at 9 o’clock, although he had a rest today.
Granger went out last night, and I don’t know when he will come back. Now his door is still closed, so Li Cheng ignored Granger and ate something at will, and then went to the training hall for training.
The situation in Sung Jae Lee is really getting more and more difficult. His performance in front of the media was edited and revised, and he appeared in front of Chinese fans, who thought they had never seen such a shameless person as Li Cheng.
On the other hand, the famous reporter of Star Planning Society severely criticized Li Chengxing and wrote in his article that "Li Cheng threatened’ I will never join the low-level China men’s basketball national team, which is not worthy of my effectiveness’".
In later articles, he also pointed out that the reason behind Li Cheng’s refusal to play for the national team may be that he is seeking to join the American national team.
Wang He sent such an excellent assist here, and Jiang Xinghan turned it into a score there.
This article was widely publicized by Jiang Xinghan gunmen on the Internet.
"This force also want to join the American national team? Can he make the American national team? "
"I’ll tell you a joke-‘Li Cheng!’ "
There are all kinds of words such as treason that have been covered in Li Chengtou. It is notorious that all kinds of characters tacitly agree or deliberately agree with Sung Jae Lee.
Of course, such things will be known to American fans, but they have not expressed any opinions on such things. They just look at it with joy.
Yao made a serious phone call when China madly discredited Li Cheng.
"Manager Xu, didn’t I ask you to clarify Li Cheng at a press conference as soon as possible?"
Manager Xu is the general manager of Yao’s agent group-Yao Team. When he received Yao’s words, he knew what it was. He replied naively, "Yao! It’s not that I don’t want to clarify Li Cheng, but that President Zhang called me and asked me not to express my views on Li Cheng on your behalf. It’s really difficult for us! "
"This … how to disturb him?" Yao was so surprised.
"I don’t know about that, but I think we’d better keep silent about it!" A businessman naturally wants to maximize his own interests.
"…" Yao has a thousand words and finally turned into a sigh.
Hang up the manager Xu, Yao still dialed Li Cheng’s words.
"Li Cheng, are you … ok now!"
"Nothing, I’m fine", but his voice really doesn’t sound very good.
"Someone must be aiming at you in this matter. You’d better stop stirring up recently," Yao said worriedly
Li Cheng’s cold voice entered Yao’s ear through the telephone receiver. "I know this shit in the end, so don’t worry about it."
"alas!" Yao knows that Li Cheng’s character Li Cheng must have to tackle it head on, and he no longer advises him, "Be careful with it yourself!"
Chapter 15 Miracles
A group of reporters are gathering at the gate of the Pacers Training Hall. There will be a temporary press conference here today.
Li Cheng asked Miller to help organize this conference. He was not in the direction of Cheren in China, and he can’t tolerate it in the United States, which will make those people even more rampant. It’s hard for Li Cheng to tolerate his personality before. Now let him tolerate it? He can’t do it.
Just like on the court, Li Cheng never knew what retreat meant. Even if there was a high mountain in front of him, it would set him off extremely small, but he would not hesitate to hit it again and again until it hit through.
Li Cheng was like this when he faced the little emperor in Cleveland. He knew the gap between himself and LeBron, but he still hesitated to score against LeBron and finally he won.

Obviously, the development of ZG team was limited in the suppression of the top three countries, but they planned to find new ideas to find a new world in North America.

It is very doubtful about ZG team’s decision to land exhibition. Not everyone can adapt to leaving their hometown to fight, and there will definitely be some problems there.
However, Lu Zhan believes that with Meng Changjun in the ZG team, these problems will be solved. When ZG returns in half a year, it will become a brand-new team and a gold-plated team.
At that time, it was just the time when Lu Zhan entered the lpl League and made his mark.
The single player is very obvious, and Meng Changjun and Lu Zhan will have a battle sooner or later
I am very much looking forward to this team Lu Zhanyi. Although he is not a professional player yet, he will join in soon. He is looking forward to Meng Changjun bringing new ideas and tactics to the national competition circle.
"I don’t know if you want to join a professional team in a few days?" Guo Xinghua, captain of Huaxing team, brought back Lu Zhan’s thoughts for questioning.
Lu Zhan looked up and found that not the captain of Guo Xinghua’s enemy team was also looking at him.
Now Lu Zhan already knows that the captain of the enemy team is named Li Xin, and he is also a veteran candidate.
In fact, the professional competition circle is actually very short of powerful backup players. Teams like Huaxing and Bing Lin will try their best to ask if they can get a good seedling. Although it may not be able to supplement the first team, it will make the backup or second team more powerful.
"I’m sorry, I have a team to join now." Lu Zhan smiled and said that he can go to Huaxing Team whether RG or Ghost. He can’t see it yet.
"Oh," Guo Xinghua was somewhat disappointed. He asked again and looked at Xiao Chengjiang.
"Don’t look at me, I have a team!" Xiao Chengjiang put a prawn peeling with the wave and said
Guo Xinghua one leng, he looked at a win team with three people left. Since Xiao Chengjiang is so strong, his teammates should not be much weaker, but he doesn’t believe that everyone has an invitation from a professional team.
However, the fact is that the three men ignored him. Ayang bowed his head and sent a text message to his girlfriend. Bloom seemed to understand what he was saying every time, while Su Yueran looked up and smiled, bowed his head and grabbed prawns with Xiao Chengjiang. There was only one left in the plate.
Guo Xinghua is embarrassed. At least he is also the captain of the top league team in China. It makes no sense that these people can’t see it!
"Xinghua!" At this time, Li Xin quietly whispered to Guo Xinghua’s ear, "Do you know that Su Huanjen has a baby sister …"
"You mean?" Guo Xinghua’s eyes just opened and Su Yueran reported his name. Su Yuezhen, the name of Su Huanjen, now that I think about it, it turns out to be the way it is!
No wonder Su Huanjen’s sister thinks that his family has such a big backer as the ghost. He really can’t compare with it.
"What about the people left?" Guo Xing Hua Xiao Wen
"Don’t you think that Lu Zhan looks a bit like Liu Hong?" Li Xin went on to say
After he said this, Guo Xinghua realized that Lu Zhan and Lu Hong had made great achievements. It’s a bit like saying that. Is this person also the younger brother of the captain of the top three teams?
Guo Xinghua wiped his sweat. No wonder this team has such strength. It turns out that they are all captains of the top three countries with backgrounds. His younger brother and sister are much worse than the captain of the top three teams. Such a thought immediately made his actions low-key
By the time win team returned to the training base of Ghost Team, it was already past seven o’clock.
As soon as I entered the door, I saw that the team members of the Ghost Team were still training a few people around, each holding his own brain and playing very nervous.
"Come back! Where have you been playing? " Xia Lingyao seems to have been waiting for the landing exhibition, such as Lu Zhan’s heartbeat when he enters the door.
"Er … go out and have a casual turn" means to let Lu Zhan touch his head to the ghost team. As a result, several people played the game for a day and two professional team members made Lu Zhan laugh and cry.
When he finished, he caught a bad look in the corner of his eye. He turned to look, and Lin Wankuo had come back to sit in the single position.
The contradiction between the first two people has not been solved yet. Lin Wankuo stared at Lu Zhan with a little hatred, but Lu Zhan didn’t seem to see it easily and turned to talk to Xia Lingyao again.
Lin Wankuo wanted Lu Zhan to talk and then retorted, which made him even more resentful, especially watching Lu Zhan and Xia Lingyao talking and laughing, and his heart was full of anger.
"Why the undead medicine? The team battle is going to lose! " At this time, Su Huanjen couldn’t stand the sound.
Lin Wankuo immediately turned his mind and returned to the game, but he still kept on thinking about Lu Zhan.
Yesterday, he didn’t come back to the team today, and he found that Xia Lingyao was different. To say where it is different, it seems that everything is full of energy and not as tired as before.
He was still like this because Xia Lingyao was about to compete, but now he sees Lu Zhan and he suddenly realizes.
He has been chasing girls for so long that Xia Lingyao’s heart didn’t melt, but someone else beat him to it and made his teeth itch.
However, Lu Zhan is still looking at him. Lu Zhan has already included Lin Wankuo in the ranks of those who must be defeated in the post-career road.
Not to mention that Lin Wankuo is a ghost in the team. Single Lin Wankuo is his rival in love and has been harassing Xia Lingyao, which has made him very concerned.
But if he wants to know that he and Lin Wankuo are not going to take part in the contest now, he is not taking advantage of the situation, and he will choose to compete with Lin Wankuo after wg.
At that time, when he was a novice, Lin Wankuo seemed to help him, but revealed his hero. Now that he has a strong strength, he doesn’t need to bicker with the villain. It is very simple to decide the winner, just need to really fight once.
And now, after another month, he has such confidence that he can fight against Lin Wankuo!
Chapter 227 Enter the finals
Lu Zhan returned to his room early this evening. He didn’t watch the training of the Ghost Team any more, and let his players leave early.
"Well, that’s all for today!" When Su Huanjen said the closing words every day, the final training of the Ghost Team before the wg was over, and all the Ghost Team members, Xia Lingyao, omefeng and omeyi, held their breath, and it was time for them to clear their names.
The next day in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, the highly anticipated wg League of Legends project group match finally came.
The Wg League of Legends project consists of four teams, and each team has five teams, and the top two teams enter the strong team in a single round robin system.
The first battle of the League of Legends project of the host team is the Ghost Team, and the opponent is the DPK team from Southeast Asia.
Win team members didn’t have tickets before the final. It is said that the tickets have been sold out, and they didn’t go to ask the five of them to watch the first battle of the Ghost Team in the training base of the Ghost Team.
All five people came to Su Yueran’s room and planned to watch the game together like watching a game.
Su Yueran shouted that she wanted to go to the scene to cheer for her brother, but there was no ticket here, but she bought a lot of melon and popcorn and ate it while watching it, which was more comfortable than the scene.
"Feeding also just beer is how to return a responsibility …" Lu Zhan hand forehead he Bai Su yue ran can’t buy beer so beer can be bought by Xiao Chengqiang.
This is really like watching a basketball and football match. Lu Zhan shook his head and really didn’t know what to say to these players.
However, it turns out that it is very heart-warming for five people to watch the game together, and it is also very meaningful for everyone to talk and laugh while watching.
It’s very exciting to watch the game with people who have a common language.
In the first game, the ghost team solved the opponent in 25 minutes. This is the first time that Lu Zhan noticed that the ghost team played wild omefeng. He played wild bears fiercely, which made people stunned. From 1 minute, he kept appearing in every corner of the game. gank was amazing in efficiency.
In the second round of the group stage, the ghost team won the game in more than 2 minutes, but it was Lin Wankuo who made a name for himself. I have to say that Lin Wankuo played very well, and it was the singles that brought the rhythm.
In the third game, ad made efforts, and in the fourth game, it actually assisted in playing the rhythm and killing arry field.
Lu Zhan suddenly became white. This is the tactic of the Ghost Team. All five people are the core. All five people have the strength of arry. Su Huanjen has already swept his opponent before playing the Ghost Team. Such a team is really strong and terrible.
RG strength, he also knows that if the ghost can score 1 point, then RG can score at most, which is very different.
In this way, he realized how difficult it was for Lu Hong to lead RG to win the nether world in the s3 finals. At that time, Lu Hong’s tactical analysis ability was probably very obvious.
In the actual group stage, the four teams of the ghost team obviously hide their strength, and the opponents have not revealed the situation in the city, and the ghost will certainly not exert its strength.

Finally, Yan became frivolous. "Let’s all sit down!" When she said this, everyone was stunned. "Uncle Zhong arranged for everyone to sit down!"

"Yes!" Cai Zhong’s first two steps: "Everyone has heard the big lady give you a seat!" The main manager stopped talking, and the servants all found their places and sat behind them independently.
"You are all like the Shenyang family grew up in Shenyang! Although the master and servant have different surnames, I believe that you, like the Shen family, have regarded Shenfu as your own home for many years. There have been changes in Shenfu and changes in your home. I still feel that you should not hide it! " Everyone reacted differently to Yan’s frivolous remarks, but there was the same question: What happened to Shen Fu?
"You heard what I said just now! Before we left the house, we didn’t go sightseeing, but we were arrested for offending the king Mu. "Yan frivolous tone calmly shocked people, but because of Shen Fu’s strict family rules, we didn’t dare to answer the words."
Fortunately, the emperor was worried about the flood in Jiangbei, so he allowed Shenyang to donate some property to increase the disaster, and Shenyang just escaped. Yan frivolous said calmly.
But when people smell it, they still can’t help but draw a breath and donate the property of the Ministry. What’s the difference between that and property? If it weren’t for the strict family rules of Shenfu, I’m afraid everyone would have been whispering to each other by now. Although everyone has panic doubts, they are still sitting still.
"In a few days, Taidian will bring people to liquidate Shenyang’s property! At that time, Shenyang will become another appearance. "Yan frivolous said vaguely and finally someone couldn’t help it.
"Miss Da will also be taken away by then?" The question is silent. Wen Qing, a servant around him, looks honest in his early twenties. They have been serving Wen Qing for three generations, and most of them are working hard for generations.
At Wen Qing, Yan frivolous didn’t answer, "Shenyang has treated you well for many years, and I believe that everyone has some savings that should be enough for you to make a living." I’m afraid that people who go out from Shenyang are well-off outside because of their annual net income of 100 taels of silver.
Everyone is stunned. Does this big lady mean to drive them away? !
"Big miss! They are all born and signed the indenture to Shenyang. "Cai Zhong leaned down and wrote a novel in her ear.
Yan frivolous raise my hand, which she has learned from the family precepts, which is exactly what she wants to rectify. No one is born to be a slave, so it is a serious violation of the pedestrian! They also have generations of Yan family loyalty, but before that, they were willing to rely on a paper contract to keep people, not all of them sincerely.
"How much silver does Uncle Zhong need to redeem the deed of sale?" Yan frivolous asked if you have something, you will lose it. If you want to redeem the deed of sale, you have to pay something.
"This ….." Uncle Zhong hesitated Shenyang over the years, and it was not without resignation. Most of the students gave up "one thousand two hundred pieces of silver according to the rules of their ancestors" because the price of the deed of sale was too high.
One thousand two hundred is equivalent to Shen Jiabai working for ten years. It can’t be said that it is unreasonable. If it is not determined, people will not insist on paying this money. "Has anyone ever redeemed it?" If there is a precedent, it can be changed. If there is a precedent, then she can’t just break the rules based on fairness.
All eyes looked at Cai Zhong Cai Zhong hesitated and nodded.
Yan frivolous surprised "is it a person?"
Cai Zhong swallowed, "Miss Hui is a little girl."
Yan frivolous silence must have another story in this story. "In that case, the young lady can’t break the rules. Now the future of the Shenyang family is uncertain. If someone asks to leave, they can redeem the deed of sale at half price. For many years, the Shenyang family has tried their best. Shen Menglu’s ability is limited. Do you think that Menglu is unfair to you?"
Cai Zhong wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes. "Little people thank you, Miss Da. I feel that there is nothing wrong with Miss Da doing this." He can consider his mood and he is already very satisfied. Besides, it was his daughter who insisted on leaving that year, and the 1,200 yuan was also paid willingly.
"Father, do you think Meng Lu’s decision is appropriate?" Silence was suddenly leng yan frivolous question.
Father? This is the first time that she woke up and told his father to be silent. She was a little surprised. "Of course, you are a big miss. You decide your father … My father feels very good." This silence has never cared about these things. There is no concept at all.
"Father agrees with the dream, which is reassuring." Yan frivolous smiled and let the silent mouth consolidate her prestige in front of the dignitaries. "So everyone will think about it and discuss with their families separately after it is dispersed. If someone wants to redeem the indenture, they can register and redeem it at that time."
Everyone, look at me. I don’t think you know what to do.
"If Miss Da redeems the deed of sale, can she still stay in Shenfu?" This question is to serve Xie Wanzhen and Liu’s mother.
Yan frivolous gave her a look and Wen Qing a look. "After the redemption of the indenture, you are free men. You can go wherever you want. Even if Shen Fu changes hands, you want to stay here, which will not hinder the new owner from still needing someone to serve you." Everyone was silent.
"But what questions do you want to ask?" See everyone didn’t respond Yan frivolous gave a "there is no doubt that all dispersed! Let’s serve the Lord and rest! " Yan frivolous knows that everyone thinks when they need it, and the event comes suddenly and shocked, except that people even digest when they need it.
It’s too hard for the Shen family to have a grievance against Yan frivolous! Less than a day after they returned home, they were forced to face the cruel reality by this big lady before they came to feel safe at home. Can’t they just pretend to forget about the property for a while?
Everyone recognized the Lord and was ready to go back, but it was difficult to serve Liu Ruyun’s servant girl.
"What about Aunt Liu, Miss Big?" Cai Zhong carefully asked about this willow Ruyun and sat down to look pale.
"Didn’t I say that before?" Yan frivolous without mercy.
"Big miss, forgive me!" Liu Ruyun couldn’t help crying when she saw that Yan was frivolous and had not changed her mind. "Sir, look at my body serving you for so many years. Look at Gonger’s help!"
Silent face be reluctant, he now dare not provoke the eldest daughter, Shenyang, whose fate is in her hands.
"Aunt Liu is wrong, please give her a chance!" Mouth intercession is whether Shen Gongqing is his own mother. He can’t watch her end up in such a miserable situation.
"Gonger, you are going to join the army in a few days. Do you remember?" Yan frivolous facial expression
"Listen, remember! Kyoko will behave well when he knows that there is a mistake and punishes it! Please have mercy on Gonger and let Aunt Liu stay in Shenfu! " Shen Gongqing knelt down in front of Yan’s frivolous eyes.
Yan frivolous touched his head "It’s hard for you to be filial". Is it true that a 12-year-old child can improve his attitude towards Shen Gongqing? Yan frivolous is still satisfied. "I can forgive Aunt Liu once for seeing Gonger’s face, but you can’t recognize Aunt Liu when you return from the army. Do you have any opinions?"
Shen Gongqing was stunned. "Big sister means that there will be no mother after Gonger?" Although my mouth is called aunt, my heart is my mother after all.

Unless it is the same ten emperors, the root method will break through here.

What’s more, is it true that the Great Emperor will be subjected to extreme repression if outsiders enter here?
That’s why I’m suppressed here, because my father helped me get rid of it. "
Listen to Xuanjin Shenlong, Pang Xia looked at this piece thoughtfully.
Then he turned to look at Xuanjin Shenlong and said, "I can help you play these chains."
But there’s one thing you can’t do with me and the natives of this world.
Then you must help us deal with the eternal emperor. If we lose in the end, you can leave here at once.
Of course, if you don’t work hard, it is absolutely impossible.
If you can sign a contract with me in the name of Pangu the Great, then I will let you out now.
But if you don’t agree, there’s nothing I can do. I’ll leave here now
Want to come with four kinds of great source power, I can get rid of your entanglement and get away from here. "
Listen to Pang Xia’s words, Xuanjin Shenlong’s expression is dignified.
Pang Xia’s offer is really harsh, but Xuanjin Shenlong knows that he has no choice.
Once the world is broken and fallen by the eternal emperor, he doesn’t know how long he will be trapped here.
But if you promise Pang Xia to face the danger of the eternal emperor, Xuanjin Shenlong doesn’t want to face it
But after all, do you want to choose one of them to face the mysterious golden dragon or choose to help Pang Xia against the eternal emperor
Yu said to pretend to promise to go out before going back on our word.
Since the name of Pangu Emperor is to be witnessed, the mysterious golden dragon is still in the world created by Pangu Emperor.
Then it is impossible to go back on our word. We should have a slight idea of going back on our word.
It will be immediately suppressed again by the power left by Pangu the Great in the world.
And I’m afraid there will never be the possibility of turning over.
Thinking of this, Xuanjin Shenlong is better than regretting that he had nothing to do to provoke Pangu the Great.
But also a woman who casually broke into the world of Pangu the Great and suppressed herself for thousands of years.
Sighed again XuanJin dragon looked at PangXia nodded and said, "I agreed to what you said.
It’s no problem to witness our deal by the name of Pangu Emperor, but you can’t let me die on purpose.
If you let me die on purpose, then I might as well stay here, even if I don’t go out, it’s better than death. "
Hear XuanJin dragon say so Bai Pangxia nodded immediately.
Then he said, "I understand. Don’t worry, I won’t let you die.
Later, when signing the contract, I will add a clause asking you to die on purpose. You can leave at once!
I want to sign a contract in the name of Pangu the Great, and its fairness is not emphasized with you. "
Nodded Xuanjin Shenlong and said, "So let’s conclude a contract."
Since XuanJin Shenlong promised Pang Xia, he held out his hand and the surging black data quickly turned into a piece of Dan Jin Juan!
Then Pang Xia raised his finger and there was a trace of white data flow.
Then Pang Xia’s finger painted in the Dan Jin Juan and concluded a witness contract for the name of Pangu the Great.
See just now PangXia concluded Dan Jin Juan technique XuanJin dragon pupil shrinks slightly.
Because he knows very well how difficult it is to move the great source power as easily as just now.
And how powerful it would be to be able to do so. No one speaks more than he who is the source of the Zulong Emperor.
Chapter 17 From the Temple of War
Xuanjin Shenlong guided himself a little bit of source data and injected it into the contract.
Suddenly Xuan Jin Shenlong felt as if there were a pair of eyes watching him.
And those eyes seem to be able to see through themselves, even the thoughts in my heart will be seen through.
Take a deep breath, Xuanjin Shenlong, and ignore that feeling.
Looking at Pang Xiaxuan’s golden god Longkou, he said, "I wonder if I should be chained?"
Pang Xia nodded with a smile and said, "Of course, since you promised, you will do it, won’t you?"
Pang Xia’s voice falls, and four kinds of emperor source data flow at his fingertips.
Then Pang Xia’s right index finger went straight to the central connection point of Xuanjin Shenlong’s heart chain.
At this time, Xuanjin Shenlong felt a more dangerous qi activity, which made his hair stand on end.
However, Xuanjin Shenlong still forced patience to wait for Pangxia to get his own body chain.
Pang Xia’s right index finger points at the connection point of Xuanjin Shenlong’s chest chain and then quickly stops.
I heard the sound of "click" and the chain of Xuanjin Shenlong broke and fell to the ground.
Looking at the chain Xuanjin Shenlong that fell on his side, it seems that I can’t believe it. It’s a bit stunned
Seeing this, Pang Xia raised his eyebrows and said, "Why can’t you believe that these chains are so simple?"

At this time, he was at least 30 feet away from the ground, but soon the footsteps of Donglai continued because he felt that there was a mysterious and familiar voice calling him to go back to his world. "If you are willing to wait for me, when I walk through the end of the world, it will be my return time …"

Chapter one hundred and thirteen End
Chapter one hundred and thirteen End
Seven years later
Two figures appeared in the wind and sand.
"Old postscript, are you here?"
"Aren’t you here, Ling?"
These two men are Xu Ling and postscript Feng Han.
Xu Ling sighed, "I didn’t expect this place to be our gathering place."
L ‘envoi Feng Han sneered. "Zhong Shao is now an emperor, but it’s no longer the case that Zhong Shao forgot such a day. It seems that it’s really a matter of state."
Xu Ling didn’t answer but looked at the distant cliff.
At this time, there is a graceful figure in white and barefoot on the cliff of Canyon Mountain.
"She’s here, too."
Xu Ling’s eyes are a little blurred, sighing and remembering.
Postscript Feng Han said, "She didn’t come here, but she has always been here, but others didn’t find it. But the most bitter thing is not her, but the woman who has been waiting here with her children."
"ShangXiuXun ah …"
Xu Ling seems very sentimental today.
Just then Wan slowly flew to Lin Shangxiu-xun’s side.
A pretty little girl saw the bearer and realized that she had never known a horse and woke up to her mother.
Shang Xiuxun rubbed her daughters’ beautiful hair and said, "Sisi, this is your aunt."
"Hey, good!"
Make Sisi respectfully give a gift.
Wan Wan seems to make Sisi see the figure of a sad person, and her inability to speak will make Sisi hold her arms and her mind full of thoughts.
At this time, the sandstorm has long stopped, and I don’t know when it will sweep again.
When a sandstorm passed, Shang Xiuxun, Ling Sisi and Wan Wan suddenly had another person around them, a person they were worried about.
ShangXiuXun body if touch suddenly turned into the eye nature is the familiar figure.
Wan Wan was unusually calm and asked coldly, "Are you finally willing to come back?"
Let Donglai slowly walk out of the sandstorm without any dust, but his eyes are full of sadness. Looking at Shang Xiuxun and Wan Wan’s gaunt beauty, Donglai did not hesitate to open his arms and embrace them together.
At this moment, Shang Xiuxun and Wan Wan feel that it is worthwhile to wait for these seven years.

Xia looked in the direction of the gentleman and saw that he was covered in injuries. He nodded and said, "Then hurry up" and then turned to chase after the light thoughts.

Although Dannian is not in the ranking list, he doesn’t know what kung fu he has practiced, and his whereabouts are strange and his direction is uncertain. How can it be that the three heads are all too big to act well? Where can they still be seen when summer chases them?
The map of Huashan Mountain is very large, which almost restores the whole mountain and summer. She has been looking for it. This time, her good luck seems to have failed. After a long time, she didn’t meet anyone. She found blood in one place, searched for it for a while, and found traces of fighting and more blood in another place.
"Damn, who is that?" Xia clenched his fist and gritted his teeth to keep looking.
Summer is calling uncle. How could he be so angry that he was in a bad mood? Suddenly, these uninvited guests made him feel worse. A good pk turned into a chase, and he always let him want to swear.
They all don’t know that the first pool of blood that Xia saw belongs to the little Chinese family. Unfortunately, he was found by Dannian and cut his throat with a flying knife before he could react.
The difference between the afterlife online and other games is that if a master’s hands and feet are trapped and motionless, even a player who has just reached level 6 can kill him by attacking the key parts. The equipment such as goggles and neck rings in the afterlife supermarket has been selling well.
A chef in charge of a small family in China has long been overweight and too lazy to wear any neck protectors, so he was taken away by a knife that I don’t know how many levels of ignorance.
"Huh?" Light read frowned after killing Huaxia little take charge.
"What’s the matter …" His arms were pale and wheatgrass asked weakly. The flying knife almost hit her heart. She didn’t die for the time being, but she lost a lot of blood and kept feeding her blood medicine.
"Familiar" theory
When you hit it, you immediately left the scene, and you didn’t see the true appearance of the Chinese family. When you kill an inch of wood in the same way, you see a white light, which is a map sign that the player was killed.
"Teacher Yu …" Green grass wheatgrass weakly called a.
Light read suddenly a frozen staring at the bosom beauty but still expression "who are you? How do you know? "
Green grass wheatgrass smiled. "Teacher Yu, this is a game, not a reality. Please let me go quickly and don’t save me … you will affect your play."
Read silence for two seconds, and suddenly make moves to push the flying knife in the chest with the grass and wheatgrass all the time.
"eh!" Green grass wheatgrass pain hum a "teacher you …"
Say that finish the Imai Philippines appearance and then disappear into a white light.
"So it’s you". It’s faster to turn around in your arms and rush to the top of Huashan Mountain than before.
When Xia was still searching in the mountains, I thought about how Uncle Frost and Snow in Wu Gou could meet at the top of the mountain. How could Grandpa change into a silencer after encountering the enemy just now? Three people killed each other at the top of the mountain, but Xia was still in a hurry.
"Which school are you from?" Sudden thoughts come out.
Wu Gou frost and snow noodles don’t change color. How could the uncle say impatiently, "pk, pk, what do you check?" !”
"Are you classmates with those two boys just now?" I miss flying knives as dense as meteors, but I still have the spare capacity to talk to them.
How could the uncle’s eyes stare angrily and say, "Did you kill them?"
The face is silent. "pk is a pk casualty. If you are classmates, I advise you to commit suicide and quit unloading the game."
"Are you crazy?" Uncle how could a burst of shooting "we play games you what matter? Is your home? "
Do you want the school to inform your family to ban the internet in the final exam of the horse?
"You are the education bureau tube so wide? !”
How can the big ye contain the frost and snow in Wu Gou, and successfully approach the light mind? The two men cooperated tacitly to see that the wounds on the body were getting more and more pale. I didn’t expect him to sneer at a black pocket from his pocket and throw it out at the two men.
Black smoke billowed from Wu Gou frost and snow and how could it come out in front of the big ye? It quickly condensed into a tall monster. The monster roared, and the remaining black smoke in the pocket was condensed into a group of bats and attacked the two.
The light thought is that the figure flashes and I don’t know which tree to hide in for healing.
"The devil summons the bag!" How could the big ye exclaimed
"Devil’s Call Bag" has a small chance of falling from boss, which will randomly summon one or two kinds of demons. It is also the first time to see someone endow this bat with blood-sucking skills. His hp will soon reach the bottom, and the monster hatred is locked in his melee body. How can Wu Gou Frost and Snow shout, "I’ll take care of it here!"
Uncle, how could you unceremoniously turn the spear around and shoot at the surrounding trees? Suddenly, a shadow flashed and a raptor swooped down from the sky at him.
"There is no end!" How could the uncle shoot with his gun? Suddenly, when his chest ached, he bowed his head and saw a swinging small flying knife stuck in his heart.
At the same time, the direction of the raptor changed, and the beast bat converging attack overturned the frost and snow in Wu Gou. hp instantly cleared the white light almost at the same time and was sent out.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Destiny opponent
The biggest difference between the map of "Huashan Peak" and other pk venues is that players will not enter the waiting area after being killed, but will go directly to the club lounge.
Another point is that the death of team pk field will not "show its true colors", but "Huashan Peak" will kill Bicao Fangfei because it is different.
It’s really a despicable means to see each other by killing people, but it’s not a psychological burden to think about it, because he received her private conversation voice as early as Beegrass Fangfei begged him not to kill her.
After the maintenance of the afterlife online, the tone of "private chat" will not be heard by the third person, and I can see the mouth, but I don’t know that the green grass and wheatgrass are still very short.
Green grass wheatgrass said, "Do Jianghu people call Chu Shuai Teacher Chu?"
Green grass wheatgrass is very clever or despicable. She didn’t tell the party that "Jianghu people call her Chu Shuai", but told Dannian that because she was only six or seven, Jianghu people called her Chu Shuai root careless.
Later, the green grass wheatgrass accurately called out the name and occupation of Dannian, but it still didn’t introduce itself. Therefore, the mystery made Dannian feel disgusted, and I saw the green grass wheatgrass.
I can refresh the list of school flowers in the middle school affiliated to Dashun University as soon as I enter the school. Imai Fei can be said that everyone knows everything, and the original speculation about Huaxia’s small family and inch wood has also been narrowed to Class 5, Grade 1.
Actually, he wanted to keep her and ask more questions.
Miss Imai Feikou’s "Teacher Yu" Dashun High School Instructor is famous for his "cold feelings". Yu Wenxi deliberately suppressed his level and didn’t show up in the master list, but a flying knife made him superb and hit the nail on the head.
When the uncle was killed by him, there was a clear look in his eyes, but when he saw the frost and snow in Wu Gou again, he was really taken aback and frowned.
Just then, the branches behind him were "flapping". Before he came back, he felt a pain behind him. He saw something different in his left chest and looked down at it as a cold steel needle.
He doesn’t feel much about his "death" because his clothes are black and his blood flows away.
He stared at Tong Shi and remembered the name "Summer Xia Xia Rose". The other party didn’t seem to have much curiosity. When he saw him dead, he didn’t come to see him. He really wanted to turn back but he couldn’t.
Xia rushed to the top of the mountain as quickly as possible after hearing the monster roar. When approaching the top of the mountain, she saw two white lights but didn’t know who was killed. When she approached the battlefield carefully, she saw the man in black in the tree-Dannian.
Summer quietly touched the past and didn’t know what kind of skill was a big needle pointing at the back of the weak mind. At this moment, she suddenly found that there was an extra circle and a red dot behind the weak mind, just like a sniper rifle scope.
Summer mind moves, tries to move the red dot to the faint heart, hits the energy, and gently pushes the right hand …
The silver light flashed, and the needle of the "angel of the afterlife" flew out like a bullet and instantly penetrated the heart of Dannian.
If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I couldn’t believe that I still had a crossbow in my big syringe. When the white light disappeared, a one-minute countdown suddenly appeared in the center of my summer vision, saying that if I found the box lost in the world thousands of years ago before that, I would get unexpected gains.
Xia didn’t know that her good luck didn’t fail. Everyone was out, so she picked up a leak by mistake.
Since there is a leak to pick up, Xia will not be polite. She will take a closer look at the box, which is in a tree in the opposite forest, but if she wants to get it, she will definitely enter the monster’s hatred range.
Although Dannian was killed by Xia, he summoned the devil, but he didn’t disappear. Xia saw that there was a small part of the blood strip of the behemoth, but it was almost full, and several bats flew around them.
Xia feels that she can’t defeat two demons by herself, and she can find a way to rely on her speed. Fortunately, this box needs to be taken outside the game, so Xia doesn’t worry about being attacked on the way.
She silently glanced at the countdown in the field of vision and glanced at the opposite box and suddenly saw something familiar.
Is that-mushrooms?
By the way, fucking beast!